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Monday, 8 June 2015

Will Russia host the 2018 FIFA world cup as scheduled?

There was some news out today, saying that if allegations of corruption during the bidding process are found to be true, then Russia and Qatar may lose the offer of hosting the 2018 and 2022 football world cups respectively.

I have already dealt with the Qatar question earlier, and decided to try (at Jessica Adams' encouragement) to see if the horary chart for Russia shows a similar result.

The chart and significators below:

The first thing I checked was the schedule of the 2018 WC. While I could not find the detailed schedule, I did see that the world cup would end on July 15, 2018, presumably the last day would be the final. The DBA operating as on that date is Ra-Ra-Ra. Rahu is a first rate malefic and it is indeed surprising that this question should throw up the DBA exclusively of a first rate malefic as was the case with the similar question asked of the 2022 Qatar cup!

As per page 241 in Prashna: A Contemporary Treatise, Umang Taneja says "Readers should understand that when DBA is of first rated malefic exclusively then the type of question which comes in front of astrologer is worst and the answer to the question is also adverse most of the time."

However, an important point is that a single planet cannot deliver any result, so while I was kind of expecting a negative answer to Russia's world cup hosting ambitions, I decided to look at the Nadi combinations a little closer, and therein lay a surprise.

Rahu signifies 4 11 in both the planet as well as Sub. There is not negative combination of 6 8 12 at all. This indicates positive answer.

So I looked at the prime cuspal (4th) sublord. It is Venus. Venus signifies 5 8 12, this is indicative of either a love scandal or a financial this case it would likely be financial irregularities as are being alleged. However I cannot say that the venue is negated, as 6 8 12 does not exist here. I would love the guidance of a senior astrologer on this point.

Next I looked at the 11th cusp of desire fulfillment. It is Saturn. Again, Saturn is squarely signifying 4 11 at the sub levels.

Lets look at the current DBA, it is Mars-Sun-Jupiter. Interesting as Mars is the chief significator of the game of football (Page 74 of Dictionary of Significators in Astrology by Umang Taneja).

Mars signifies 6 11 combination in the planet an star and 4 11 in Sub. 6 11 indicates win over rivals and 4 11 indicates the Venue will remain the same.

Sun has a negative 3 8 12 combination. 3 is 12th to the 4th cusp, 8 is the prime house of insult, disappointment and difficult and 12th the the cusp that signifies loss.

Jupiter, again signifies 6 11 and 4 11, which are positive combinations for the venue to remain unchanged.

So it appears that Russia has a better chance at retaining the world cup for 2018 than Qatar has for 2022. However, the presence of malefic Rahu in the DBA for during the world cup will likely have an impact. It could mean that the full prestige of hosting a global event like this may not accrue to the country. Lets see!

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