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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Another senior minister's educational degree is false?

My last prediction came out correct, so much so that the court refused bail to the said minister and he is still in confinement. Today, imagine my surprise, to read a news that even the deputy chief minister's degree might be fake.

Hypothetically speaking:

Surely, this must be a rumour, I thought. I decided to check what the stars suggest, is the rumour true or false.

The query was: There is a rumour that this particular minister's degree might not have been earned by him ie. it is not a valid degree. Is the rumour true? Seed was 63.

The chart and significators is as follows:

Page 130 of Astro Secrets and Krishnamurti Paddhati says clearly, "According to the technique of Krishnamurti Paddhati, if the 3rd cuspal sub lord is Saturn, then the rumour is false. If the 3rd cuspal sublord is Mars, rumour is mischievous. If the 3rd cuspal sub lord is connected with Jupiter then the rumour is true, but if the third cuspal sublord is in the star of Saturn it is false.

Let us examine the 3rd CSL. The 3rd CSL itself is Jupiter! Further, Jupiter is posited in the star of Mercury. Moreover, Jupiter signifies 11th house through the occupation of its star lord and the 3rd house through the ownership of its star lord.

Krishnamurti Paddhati, has absolutely clearly indicated that the rumour is true.

Let us now check with Nadi methodology.

The 3rd CSL is Jupiter. The ongoing DBA is KE-VE-VE.

If the rumour is true, the combination 3 11 should be specified. If it is false, the combination 3 6 8 12 needs to be specified.

Jupiter specifies 3 11 at both star and sub levels.

Ke specifies 11 at sub level and Venus specifies 11 at planet and sub levels.

The negating combination of 3 6 8 12 is not specified at all.

Even Nadi is suggesting that the rumour is true.

It would do well for the relevant authorities to probe the said minister so that the truth is out.

Note: The post is a study of an amateur astrologer. It is not intended to malign or defame anyone. I do not represent the post as infalliable. In any case, this is a matter where only one authority's opinion matters: the court.

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