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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The twist of the 10th! (career nuance)

This will be a short post highlighting how a small twist in the 10th house/cusp can change the exact complexion of a native's career.As regular readers may know, the 10th cusp determines a native's professional reputation and generally how he or she is perceived in the world.

Now below  are the screenshots of two native's 10th cusp only. Note that both native's have their Ascendant in the same rashi ie Kumbha:

In terms of nature both the natives will follow Kumbha (Aquarius). Kumbha comes under the rulership of Saturn, Saturn gives slow movement, patience, deliberation. Saturn ruled people are ideal for huge projects that take a long time to complete. 

But Kumbha is also of the vayu tattva that gives such individuals admirable dexterity and stability of mind in research and similar exploratory avenues.There are three rashis that belong to the vayu tattva. Gemini (Mithuna), Libra (Tula), and Kumbha. Of these Mithuna (ruled by Mercury) and Tula (ruled by Venus) due to the fast movement nature of their lords, manifest their creativity differently.

Mercury is budha, or buddhi (intelligence) and so Mithuna is seen in things like literature, mathematics, and mundane scientific matters etc. Venus is concerned with money and so the creativity of Tula is more related to business.

Kumbha ruled by Saturn gives research in innovative or non-ordinary topics.

Now note that the location of the 10th cusp is virtually the same for both natives, around 10-11 degrees of Scorpio, in the Anuradha nakshatra (ruled again by Saturn). Scorpio is the 8th rashi of the natural chart and thus gives professions related to the underground, occult, detective work etc. This also ties in with the 'research' indicated by the Ascendant. 

Now the interesting bit. The first picture has Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction inside the 10th house. These will also influence the profession. The 10th house also has a Neptune in the chart.

Jupiter will deal with knowledge, teaching, philosophy, dharma, vedas, places of worship. 

Uranus is an explosive planet, extreme outburst of energy, revolutionary, different ideas. It causes changes to status quo in a very quick manner. Uranus is concerned with subjects such as mathematics, astrology, and philosophy. Uranus explodes the karakatvas of the grahas it influences by aspect or conjunction. It is worth noting that Uranus aspects Jupiter in the chart of Albert Einstein who gave us an explosively different perspective of the universe. Uranus is conjunct with Ketu (the moksha giver) in the chart of Swami Vivekananda.

Neptune is also concerned with subtle topics,that are considered occult, like astrology. Due to its highly sensitive nature Neptune will also deal with topics such as art, poetry, extreme creativity, energy work carried out by spiritualists. 

The second chart has a similar combination except the Jupiter is replaced by Venus. What is Venus the karaka of? Venus is the karaka of Moha, of sweetness. It rules beauty, physical attraction, sex, luxuries, of shringaara, of arts and entertainment.Notably, Venus in conjunction with Rahu, Ketu, Uranus or Pluto can cause sexual aberrations as well. It is also a possible indicator of homosexuality (of course rest of the chart is also to be taken into account).

The native described by the first picture is a market research analyst whose job is to talk to several people and do independent research into competitors by using skills that would put a normal detective to shame. Additionally this person is involved deeply with a religious organisation that works towards imparting knowledge of esoteric yoga to the public and in fact a qualified teacher of the same.

The native described by the second picture is also into research. But this person's research is into transgender people, and people who are living with sexually transmitted diseases! There is a Saturn also in the 10th for this person. Saturn is the farthest planet from the Sun and this usually indicates far flung things. These research subjects are indeed far flung from usual research!

How the change of literally one graha in the 10th house completely changed the complexion of the exact nature of research. Even though both houses are good for indepth research, one native studies the market and works in a yoga school, the other works with people who are dealing with some manner of sexual differences or diseases!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Karnataka BJP win?

Will BJP get full majority in Karnataka 2018 assembly polls?

Chart and significators:

I had decided to not make political predictions but now that Karnataka polling is over and exit polls are about to start I became curious about the outcome. That BJP will have table thumping positive results seems to be the consensus (and one that I hope is correct). So I cast the chart to confirm, but unfortunately the chart does not seem to support my thesis.

6th CSL is retrograde Saturn and signifies houses 4 and 12 instead of signifying victory houses of 6 10 11. 

Even DBA lords, Mercury, Ketu and Saturn are not any better. Mercury has 6 8 countered by a solitary 11, which is not enough. Ketu signifies 4 5 12 at strong nakshatra and sub lord level. And Saturn is negative as seen earlier.

Thus I have to conclude that BJP will not be able to win a majority in Karnataka much against my wishes. 

Using Ruling Planets theory, I think that BJP will win between 51-75 seats. This is a sharp improvement over the 42 seats they currently hold but well below the required 112 and also well below what I would have wanted them to get.

This would be the kind of thing that would also support my earlier post on Rahul Gandhi becoming a force to reckon with.

Needless to say I hope this is one of the few I hope I get wrong.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Some you get wrong...exam result

While I have stopped seeing charts, this pertains to a chart I had seen for a friend who was giving a exam and wanted to know if he would clear. The chart is a prashna chart and as follows:

Since the result was this week, the relevant DBA was Mo-Sa-Ve.

If you look at Moon, it signifies positive houses 4 and 9. It has no negative houses.

Saturn has positive houses of 4 11  and a solitary 8, that is unlikely to cause much harm.

Venus has a positive house of 9 and a single negative 12, but at a very weak planetary level.

An overall look at the chart also shows that it is a generally positive one.
Ke has positive of 4 and no negative houses
Sun has negative of 6 8, but matched by positives of 10 11
Mars has positive of 4 6 10 11, no negative houses
Ra has positive of  4 9 11, a solitary 8 cannot do much harm
Ju has positive of 5 11, no negative houses
Me has positive of 10 11, single 8 wont do much harm.

So looking at the overall positive nature of the chart I told my friend that he would clear. I was wrong. The result declared suggested that he did not get through.

I analysed why I went wrong and the thing that strikes me is this:

The exam he gave was super competitive with only a handful of candidates selected from the 100s of 1000s who apply for it.

For such a competitive examination, it is not enough for a chart to simply be positive, it has to be table thumping positive.

So, either the relevant DBA contains the full combination of 4 9 11 with no negative houses, or 6 10 11, with no negative houses.

As regular readers may remember, 4 9 11 is the combination that gives the A+ result and 6 10 11 is the combination of a massive victory. So whether you look at the exam as a test of academic brilliance or you look at it like a competition, the combination has to be clear.

While the current chart would have sufficed for an exam with a less stringent selection criterion, it simply did not for such an elite contest.

So I clearly misread the chart, and this will certainly be a learning for me to apply in the future. I am also sad that my friend did not get through. Though the question remains that even if I had read this chart correctly would I have told him he would not get through and broken his spirit before the exams?

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Heinous crime, is news true

There was heinous crime that happened in one of the northernmost regions of India. One particular community that is in minority in that state has been accused of carrying out this crime. I asked a prashna whether it is true that this community is responsible for the crime?

The chart details are: 12/Apr/2018, 14, Pune, 12:43:01PM.

Shahasane says that if the 3rd CSL is retrograde then the news is false (ie this community was not responsible for the crime, in this case).

As one can see (after casting the chart), the 3rd CSL is Mercury, and Mercury is retrograde.

Notably, Mercury is placed in Uttara Bhadrapada which is owned by Saturn. As per KSK, in his book on Horary page 171, it says if the 3rd CSL is placed in a constellation owned by Saturn, the report is false.

As such the chart is indicating that the community being vilified for carrying this crime out is not guilt of it. This is a falsehood that is being spread.

I wonder if the truth will be revealed when Mercury that is retrograde turns direct on 15th/16th of April 2018. 

Chart of the perennial youth leader

Long time indeed. But I am back because someone sent to me, what is claimed to be the hospital recorded birth details of an singular political leader in India who for the past almost 50 years has been considered as a youth leader. Names are not important, lets just quickly jump into the chart and have a look-see at what it says:

The native is born under Ketu nakshatra of Moola. Moola nakshatra natives usually have a sub-optimal life and I have often seen them making several wrong choices. The advantage of those born under a Ketu nakshatra are that such people have had their lives cut short in a previous birth due to some accident etc and thus if they take a little bit of care of themselves can live a long life. However, these people are also obsessed with thinking about death and mishaps. Of course this is a very general take and one would need to look at each individual chart to come to any conclusion. so don't get worried if you are born under Moola. Anyway, this is non-testable and as such it falls within the realm of traditional jyotisha. Only the native can tell us what he thinks. So I'll get right into the meat of my analysis:

The first thing that stands out is that the native is extremely undisciplined. There is very less 'determination' in this chart and as such though the native may have very strong feelings towards whichever country or religion he considers his own, he is simply unable to put in the necessary hard work needed to have his way. Basically the lack of determination has made his belief system impotent.

This indiscipline or laziness or whatever you want to call it has led to the native literally squandering away the period that was absolutely golden for his career. The dashas of Sun and Moon were exceedingly good for a career in politics. These dashas ran from March 1996 to March 2012. The combination of 10 11 is the combination of a walkover type of win. ie doors opened for the native, and he won stuff without taking efforts. The presence of  8 + 10 11 in the Moon dasha (March 2002 to March 2012) was the golden period for the native in reputation and making 'unearned income' through various sources (more on this in the para below). However, one can remember this ambivalence in plunging into the rough and tumble of politics at that time. In this laziness and fear, he wasted the chance of a lifetime in making his mark in career. Its like missing that one Olympic swim meet where all your opponents have pulled out due to the flu and all you need to do is to complete the lap to get a Gold. And our boy says...naah...dont feel like swimming today.

To be fair, the native did enjoy the perks of power in this period. Power without responsibility. But he could have achieved so much more. Both Sun and Moon are natural significators of government are are the best grahas for career in his chart. I cannot overstate the importance of what this person has wasted. Alas. In fact this may also be the issue with this person. Anyone who gets too many walkover wins, loses the will to fight and achieve. This would fit perfectly with how the public perceives this youth leader as well.

The prevalence of the 8th cusp in the chart (its literally scattered everywhere) is not surprising, given that the native lives on unearned income. As such he has earned no respect. Unearned income could mean anything from income earned by spouse to bribes taken to extortion to inheritance. Unfortunately for the native, the 8th house also gives obstacles, insults, delays, accidents, etc. Have you noticed a corrupt politician who may be a billionaire gets no respect? Have you noticed people do not speak highly of those who make unearned money (inheritance, lottery, etc)? 8th house always carries a sting, and this person has been stung in several areas of his life it would seem. 8th is also the house of the underground and people who make money using illegal means also have a lot of this house in their chart.

Now coming to his career going forward. The native will be done with his Mars Dasha by March 2019. He will pose formidable competition to Narendra Modi, as he moves from the Mars(dasha)-Venus (bhukti) period he is in currently to the Mars-Sun period from April last week and then into the Mars-Moon period from September 2018 to March 2019. 

Mars is giving him results of 6 11 combination, which is a thumping victory and as powerful as 10 11. In addition Sun is giving him 2 10 11 + 8 which suggests victory using underground techniques. The period from September to March 2019 will truly test Narendra Modi's destiny as it will be the when this guy's flame burns the brightest. Moon and Mars are the two best planets for a career for the native and they will be firing on all cylinders together. The 8th house is also signified suggesting no move will be off the table and the native will do anything to win. The natural characteristic of Mars is also to wage war, and all will be fair in this war for the native. Narendra Modi will be tested. Any complacency on part of Namo or Amit Shah will be punished by this chart.

The reason I feel that the native will not succeed in defeating Narendra Modi, apart from Modi's chart being powerful, is that after March 2019 the native does not have a strong chart. In fact he does not get reputation nor gain after Mars as neither the 10th nor the 11th house is represented in the dasha of Rahu. As such it is difficult to see him as even the head of opposition. But his chart is potent enough to make him the leader of the final assault till March 2019. Its quite funny, but Rahu has the combination of 1 6 only, which is what I call a "moral victory". People who follow politics in India will know why it is funny.

Coming to his personal life, the native is not very bright. The chart neither is good for education nor does it suggest that the boy is intelligent. The primary house of education is the 4th. The 4th CSL is Saturn which itself suggests obstacles. Saturn is signifying the 4th house, but it is an even stronger significator of the 8th and 12th houses which suggest severe problems in academic life. The native may just about be able to complete his basic education in pass class. This is rumoured to be the case as well. In fact the native's education life must have gotten over in the Venus dasha itself (which ran till he was 26). Venus is uninterested in education and it would have reflected in the native as well. He may be interested in creative pursuits though and I would not be surprised to learn that he writes or paints or sings or something like that.

The abundance of the 4th house in the chart suggests that the native is extremely secretive. The left hand doesnt know what the right is doing. There is a possibility of having secret affairs as well, but they will never be exposed enough to create a scandal. Only rumours at best. The native is likely intuitive as well. In fact he relies heavily on his 'gut' to make decisions. As a Libra Ascendant who relies on his 'gut', he is easily swayed by people around him

The native is likely to remain single all his life as the chart is quite ordinary from the marriage point o view. Marriage happiness is seen from the 7th cusp's sublord (7th CSL) which is Venus. While Venus is the natural significator of love and pleasure it predominantly signifies marriage negative houses. So while the native may have his share of relationships they are unlikely to culminate in marriage and if they do, married life will be extremely tumultuous and unhappy. The weakness of his chart to give marriage can be seen from the fact that even though Mars is very good for marriage for this politician, and Mars dasha is going on it has not delivered marriage to him. Mars dasha will end in March 2019 and after that it is unlikely that the native will get married. If the native is serious about getting married, his best chance is from now to May 2018, or in August 2018.

Health wise the native looks vulnerable in the head and heart department, ie. 1st house and 4th house. The native must not ignore any nervous system or mental issues. Mental issues can be something as simple as headaches as well. 4th CSL is Saturn which governs coldness, so native may be frequently troubled by bronchitis, or other lung related diseases and cough. Saturn gives long lasting illnesses and may also cause blockages in the chest region. These are the two areas that the native must not ignore.

Lastly, will he go to jail? No. The native does not have combination of imprisonment as per his chart. Nor will he escape to Europe. 

Saturday, 16 December 2017

So long folks!

Hello folks, 

It has been sometime since I wrote on charts. It has been a wonderful journey and I have met amazing people who considered me worthy of sharing their life issues with me. I learnt from them and hopefully my advice or reading of their charts helped them as well. Some have become good friends and topics with them evolved beyond jyotisha, into life, spirituality, family, etc. They are hopefully reading this and they should know I cherish their friendship.

However, I have to announce a short break from reading charts now. Honestly, I was not able to keep up with the charts asked and with Moon in my Ascendant I am not able say 'No' to someone who asks for help. Having my normal commitments along with reading charts stretched my schedule no end. So before I started to wane in my accuracy and bring discredit to the science of Jyotisha, I have decided to take a break.

When I return, I will hopefully be rejuvenated and happy to share analysis of newer charts. But for the purposes of consultation then, I will only take charts from only some of the people I have worked with earlier. I have had too many experiences with frivolous questions and non-serious querents which disappointed me no end. 

I may continue to write on jyotisha on the blog (so I am not stopping blogging!) to share whatever little knowledge I have, and any new discoveries. 

My hope is everyone keeps reading my past posts and continue their jyotisha learning journey. May it prove as exhilarating for you as it has for me. May Ma Bhairavi give all of you, whatever is best for you. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

KP never fails

A businessman contact was recently interested in going into a food venture with a Russian company. The idea was to set up a type of western breakfast food stores across cities. My contact went for several meetings with the Russian company's management and after everything was finalised contacted me to check when the final contract signing would happen and whether the business will be profitable for him. 

Chatting over whatsapp he gave the seed number 407.(!!!!)

I immediately knew that the answer is negative. For he knew fully well that the seed should be between 1 and 249 (having consulted with me about a million times before) and yet he gave a number out of the range. This is an omen that all is not well. Students should note that if this happens 9 times out of 10 the answer to the question being asked is unfavourable.

Anyway, not wanting to disappoint my friend, I asked him to give me a new number. In fact this new number would corroborate how correct the omen was.

The new number he gave was 131 and I cast a chart at 19:41:52, Pune on October 31, 2017. I am not putting the chart here as I am working on a very slow net connection. But diligent students would already have a software right? :)

First thing I checked was the 3rd CSL as it will determine questions like "Will  I get the contract?". The rule is simple, if the 3rd CSL signifies the 11th house the person gets the contract. The 3rd CSL in this case was Jupiter. Jupiter is in the star of Rahu. Their significations are as follows:

Ju 1 3 6; 

Ra 10;
Conjunct X
Aspect X
Sign lord Moon: 5 10; Ju 1 3 6
Star lord Me: 1 9 12

Jupiter aspects 5, 7 and 9

As one can see there is no connection between the 3rd CSL and the 11th house. As such I told him, according to me you will not get the contract. 

This was quite shocking for the querent who had expected to hear more on how the business would run and risks etc, but here I was saying that the contract which was in the final stages or crossing Ts and dotting Is will not materialise at all.

He pushed me saying "There and only grammatical errors that we are working out. We have already paid them a token. And honestly they cannot possibly back out, they've been working on this project for 3 months now!".

I replied: Look I have been wrong once or twice. So maybe I am wrong in my prediction here. But my dharma is to honestly interpret the chart based on the rules of interpretation. Since 3rd CSL does not signify 11th cusp, I cannot say that you will get the contract.

The conversation ended there, with him prodding me and I sticking to my stand of contract not materializing. What is the point of analysing the health of a non existent business. This is the strength and the weakness of stellar jyotisa. The strength is that most times, especially to a serious question, the answer is crystal clear. Which is why, like Vedic astrologers I do not have to delve into obscure puranic stories and how x planet is friendly with y and who is whose son and which is whats wife etc. But this becomes a weakness when a client insists on wanting to hear a story instead of a clear yes or no. People would rather that the jyotisha be wrong but give them a great story, instead of simply being correct. Alas, that cant be helped. We all carry our own burdens :)

Anyway, I was travelling for 10 days after that and in between on 6th Nov received a message from the querent, "Ur prediction was right the agreement is not going through. The guys had ulterior motives and it cannot be worked out on the terms they are now offering".

My reply was simple: Brother, I take Rs 1500 per question, how much did you spend on travel and not to mention the interest lost on the million odd you gave as token. Wouldnt it be cheaper for you to ask me these questions before you commit so many resources instead of after? I havent received a reply yet.

Verily, who cares about the doctor once the illness is cured.