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Saturday, 7 September 2019

When will communication with Chandrayaan 2 lander be re-established?

A short one, please see the chart attached. I will use the Nadi combinations alone for this one as I find them to be very clear for prashna charts.

The ongoing DBA is Ke-Ra-Ve, and the Ra bhukti will be followed by Jupiter, and then Saturn bhukti. This will go on till December 2021.

As one can see that Ketu has 6 8 but also 9 11, even though 6 8 at sub and planet level is stronger than the 9 11.

The Bhukti of Ra denies the event through 3 6 8 12. The 7 8 12 suggests a violent end to the lander.
The Bhukti of Jupiter has 3 6 12, which is again a denial.
The Bhukti of Saturn has 3 6 8 12 again, which is a clear denial of the event.
The Bhukti of Mecury takes it to Dec 2022, which also has a broken 3 6 8 12.

In other words it is highly unlikely that communication with the lander will be re-established for at least till Dec 2021 and even till Dec 2022. So for all practical purposes the lander vehicle is appeared to be lost.

My salutations to the ISRO scientists that came so close to the Moon. I have no doubt that our braves will succeed in the next lap.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Is the Coffee king alive?

A entrepreneur went missing today after leaving a note that suggests he could have escaped or committed suicide. I decided to examine the matter using a prashna chart:

Since I do not know this person, I have rotated the chart to make the 9th house as the Ascendant. Let us first look at Nadi significators:

The ongoing DBA is Ju-Ve-Su, and the B-A lords clearly signify 6 8 12. In fact the entire chart shows that 6 8 12 and 4 6 8 12 dominate indicating that that answer is negative, ie the coffee king is sadly no more.

I next use my own significators to examine the question:

The D lord Jupiter is signifying the 1 3 6 4 7 houses. Of these 4th house is from the moksha trigon of 4-8-12. 7th is the badhaka and maraka sthan.The results of even positive houses of 1 and 3 are being diverted by 4 7 8 in the sub significations.

The B lord Venus is signifying similar houses but it is even more negative at the stellar level signifying 1 4 7 8 at both stellar and sub levels.

The A lord Sun is also similarly negative.

On balance I have to say it does not look good. 

All three DBA planets are in watery signs, and I expect him to be found in a similar space, a fresh water (cancer) guttery (Scorpio) place. 

Monday, 29 July 2019

Will this person divorce?!

This is an odd question. But there is a married person who is seeing a friend of mine. The married person has 'promised' to divorce current spouse soon. I being worried about my friend wondered if this divorce would actually happen, or is it a lie.

First lets analyse this person's personality. Asc CSL is Mars, Mars is posited in the star of Sun. Sun is placed in Pisces. Pisces is by nature a cowardly sign among the zodiac, and such people avoid confrontations. Also it is a sensitive sign, and what they will consider an insult is a mystery (same for Cancer and Scorpio, but they react in a different way).

There is Moon in the Ascendant, so the nature is very sensitive. Coupled with the nature of Pisces, this makes the person super sensitive, and indeed this person is unable to handle even the slightest criticism. 

I find Nadi significators better when gauging nature, so lets put them up here:

There are various combinations of 2 1 6 8/ 2 1 6 12/ 2 1 8 12 as can be seen from the yellow highlights. This is a classic sign of depressive tendencies. And this person is indeed quite volatile in this department. 

Jupiter/ Moon conjunct with Venus or Ju/Mo aspecting Venus gives rise to brand conscious personalities. People who like to show off. In the above chart you can see Ju has aspected Venus. 

Saturn in the second house signifying 6 8 12/ 8 12/ 6 8/ 6 12 makes one prone to lie.  This person also has demonstrated this ability several times, in outright lying or twisting of the truth with no real guilt.

Now let us look at my significators for their predictive ability.

The 7th CSL is Rahu, in the star of Moon. Neither have any connection with Jupiter or Mercury or any dual sign. But as we have seen in the last blog this does not mean that a divorce will not happen. Rahu signifies 7 which is pro marriage and 1 12 which are anti marriage. Rahu also signifies 3, (but no connection to Ju/Me).

So 7th CSL does not negate the chances for divorce. So I turned my attention to the dasha. The person got married in the Mercury dasha, which as one can see has no marriage positive houses. But the person was in a relationship from the end of  Saturn dasha - Jupiter Bhukti which strongly signifies 2/7/11 at stellar levels.  

One can believe that this persons Mercury dasha was not ideal for married life, though it did produce two children. The person also had affairs during this time (Me shows multiplicity and signifies 4 + 5 8 which is hidden affairs), which resulted in married life being strained. 

But despite such heavy opposition to marriage, divorce DID NOT happen.

Now look at current dasha of Ketu. Ketu strongly signifies 2nd house of family, and also 6th house (of divorce). But 2nd house is stronger, and it receives support from 7 11 from the sub. A lone 10 at sub level may not be enough to bring the divorce about. Though Ketu is a separative, my expectation is that the person will not actually divorce current spouse. 

The remaining Bhuktis are of Sa and Me. Sa is marriage positive with 2 and 7 signified at stellar and sub levels. There is a chance of divorce happening when Me Bhukti comes between 4 june 2020 to 1 june 2021. But my moot question is that if Me was unable to bring about divorce when it was dasha lord, why would it be able to do so as a Bhukti under a marriage positive Dasha?! Chances are slim, at best.

Lets look at the next dasha, Venus. Venus signifies absolutely no marriage negative houses at the stellar levels. It signifies 7 11 at sub levels. Leading me to think that this person will not actually pull the trigger, and my friend is being intentionally or unintentionally misled.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Documenting divorces 1

I decided to use my significators to check if I can try to see how the marriage will be or will result in divorce.

There have been quite a few cases in my personal knowledge, and I will document them below and see if a pattern.

Lets take up the first chart:

The 7th CSL is Mercury (signifying multiplicity/ duality), Me is in star of Ketu. Me is posited in Dhanu, a dual, fire, dharma, male,semi fruitful sign. Ketu posited in Aquarius a fixed, air, kaama sign, male, barren sign.

Notably, Shahasane says that 7th CSL must somehow be related to Me/ Ju and signify the 3rd house for legal separation to happen.Basically some amount of duality/ multiplicity must be introduced to the 7th cuspal sublord.

Lets look at Me in the above chart. It is signifying 11 (marriage favorable) and 6 10 12 (unfavorable) houses at the stellar level. So straight off we know that both results will be given.

Notably the 3rd house is not signified, and here is where I differ from Shahasane ji. He sees 3rd as the sole cusp of deciding documentary matters, but I propose that we can even consider the 10th cusp as the a substitute given that it stands for government authority (and it is govt authority that grants a divorce isnt it?!)

So 'how' will the results of the marriage favorable house be diverted? Look at sub sigs of Me. 1 6 8 10 11. 1 8 (fights), 6 10 (litigation/ govt interference/ court), but marriage will sustain for sometime (it lasted for about 10-11 years) due to the 11th signification.  

The divorce same through in the DBA of Ju-Sa-Ju. Ju dasha started in early 2015 and thats when the problems between the spouses began. In fact due to circumstances beyond the control of the couple, they had to live separately since then. 

Look at Jupiter. It has no strong signification of 2/7/11 at star level at all. It does weakly signify 2 and 7, but strong significations are needed for a marriage to sustain. It signifies 6 10 (litigation/ official process) at stellar level, which will result in documentation (3rd sig at sub level) and sub sig of 1 which is the maraka of family house 2. 

Look at Bhukti of Sa. Not only is Sa a separative planet (RA/KE/SA/SU being the separative planets) it signifies 6 8 10 at the sub level again indicating the end of the marriage.

On the date of the divorce decree the transit position was as follows:
Ju in Scorpio-Me-Ve
Sa in Sagi-Ve-Sa
Su in  Cance-Sa-Ke
Mo in Aries-Ke-Sa

Now lets look at the chart of the spouse of the above person:

7th CSL is Saturn and it is in its own star and sub. In such cases Shahasane says one should consider the sub-sub as its star lord. Now I feel this doesnt make sense. We cannot question the divine will which placed a planet in the unlikely position of being in its own star and in its on sub in that star. So in this case, Shahasane's condition that the 7th csl must have connection to a duality is not being fulfilled

Lets look at what 7th CSL is saying, it is giving results of 7 11 and 6 12, so equally balanced between pro marriage and anti marriage. It is also signifying 3rd cusp. Notably, it is giving results of 3 9 12 along with 7th, and indeed the family lived abroad almost since marriage and the break happened once the family returned to India. it appears that the 12th house was being utilised for being abroad and when in India it began to act as opposition of marriage.

Notably, the value addition of my strong significators versus traditional Nadi significators is becoming clear now. The original significations are extraordinarily strong for marriage with no negative houses. But the strong significators show that all is not well, and they better reflect reality.

Now results will be delivered by DBA. The relevant DBA was Ra-Ve-Ve.  Notably Ra is a separative planet. Ve is in a dual sign, and in rapt conjunction with Mercury. So does this satisfy the duality condition?!

The sub lord of Rahu is clearly showing that the outcome of the houses in its stellar signification is in the form of the 4th and 10th house. 10th house which goes towards litigation and authority figures. If you note the Venus sigs you will see that Venus does not signify 2/7/11 strongly at all. This is remarkably similar to the condition of the spouses' chart discussed earlier. 

For this person, the marriage started and ended in the Rahu dasha itself. And Rahu is saying that in its sub level significations. Its stellar says thats results of 7 will be available, but they will be in the nature of 10th house (in sub). As per usual stellar astrology, I would have predicted that marriage will not happen at all! But stellar sig means it will happen, and it will happen in the way shown by the sub.

Now why did the divorce not happen in the bhuktis of Ra, Ju, Sa, Me, Ke.  Look at the stellar level significations of all these grahas. Ra and Sa signifies 2/7/11 at the stellar levels. So marriage sustained. In Ju, there is no stellar signification of 2/7/11 at the strong level, but there is no opposition either, ie no marriage negative houses (1/6/10) are signified. In fact there is  weak signification of 2 (you can see in the Nadi column). As such the marriage survived then as well. In Me, the stellar significations of 2/7/11 ceased AND negative 10th was signified. Interestingly Me bhukti started around August 2015, which roughly coincides with the marriage negative Ju dasha of the spouse in the earlier chart which began in Feb 2015 and problems and separation began. Isnt it fascinating how the bad marriage period for both spouses approximately coincided.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

New avenue of research, no marriage at all

This is a gentleman I know who never married in his life, he is nearly 65 year old currently. I want to see how my new way of looking at the role of stellar and sub significations fits in with this person's life. Ill put charts and significators first.

First, lets check the 7th CSL. It does signify 11th (from the 2/7/11 marriage positive houses) and therefore marriage is not denied to the person.  It must be noted however that Rahu is strongly signifying 1 6 10 as well at the stellar level which are marriage denying houses. But as per my ongoing research, the results of 11 will also be given.

As luck would have it, this gentleman reached the marriageable age during the Rahu dasha. So we have to see if Rahu allows marriage. Rahu is giving results of 11th, which means there is gain. But gain of what? That will be shown by the sub level significations. At the sub level significations we see that there is no 2/7/11, but infact has marriage negating houses of 6 10. Now normally, under the traditional rules of stellar jyotisha, I would say, "see this explains why no marriage, as Sublord decides". But my new thesis (under research) says that sublord does NOT decide, he only re-directs. 

Lets examine this in detail. Native till get the 11th house results during Rahu dasha, ie he will gain. Now "gain" is a generic term. Now I believe that since marriage has to be signified, there must be signification of the 7th house. Now note, this is slightly different from the first case I examined under new avenues. In that case 7th was signified at the stellar level, so there was no doubt that the results of the 7th house were being delivered. But in this case, we have 11th, so we need an explicit 7 signification.

Now we know marriage is always going to be a problem area for this person. The 7th CSL signifies 1 6 10 along with 11 so there is always going to be discord or delay or some such issue. Now the sublord signifies 5 6 8 9 10 houses. Their cuspal sublords are as follows: Ju Ve Ve Ju Ke, so we have to examine Ju Ve and Ke.

Now Ju, Ve, and Ke HAVE to signify 7th house through their STELLAR SIGNIFICATIONS, and only then can we say that 11th will cause gain of spouse after much difficulties (6 10). Now look at the significations in the table above. Ve and Ke has outright 1 6 10 and no 7. Ju has 2 11, but not 7. So gain of spouse is NOT signified in this dasha. So marriage did not happen till end of Rahu dasha till the native was 32 years old.

Then the Jupiter dasha started. He is getting results of 2 and 11. and the results are of the type 4 5 11 (sub significations). Now what are the CSLs of 4 5 and 11? they are Ve and Ju. Ve as we have seen has 1 6 10 and no 7 in its stellar significations, while Ju has only 2 11 and again, no 7. Therefore we cannot say that this gain (11) and addition to family (2) is in the form of a spouse. The native remained unmarried till the age of 48, after which he stopped looking for a spouse (he had infact stopped  several years earlier).

I will need to test this on several charts to check if its working though. This blog series is part of those experiments. 

New avenue for research (child birth)

Continuing on from my previous blog, let us see how (if at all) we can apply my revised understanding of the SUB's role in child birth.

This is the chart of friend who has been trying to get pregnant, but has been unsuccessful so far. Let us examine the reasons. 

Note the 5th CSL is Saturn and it signifies 2 5 9 11, the full combination at the stellar level. So child birth is not denied. 

She and her husband began trying for a child around September 2014. That was in the DB of Su-Ve. Sun shows 5 11 at the stellar level, but Venus does not. Hence during the period of roughly a year, the pregnancy did not happen.

Now Moon Dasha has started. Notably, the thrust of the pregnancy attempts was using medical intervention. Lets see if the Dasha indicates this. Both Sun and Moon show 2/5/9/11 at the stellar level, but show 6 7 at the sub level.

Now as per traditional rules of stellar astrology, child birth will not happen in this period. But based on my experimental system, we have to see the CSL's of 6th and 7th, which are Moon and Jupiter respectively, and then see their significations. Both Moon and Jupiter signify the 2/5/11 houses at the stellar levels. So I will say that child birth is not denied, but the results will be in the nature of 6 and 7.

6th is the sthan for disease. It is also the vyayasthana for 7th house (of husband). Indeed it is the case that there is some issue with the husband's semen that is causing the delay in the pregnancy. The 7th house is also signified, 7th stands for husband or partner, and sperm as well, it also stands for contracts with other parties. 

Now how do I interpret this? That medical help will be required for impregnation. And will husband's semen not work and a donor will be needed. (6th is husband's loss).

Anyway, the period I think this will be done best is ongoing Bhukti of Jupiter, which strongly signifies 5 11 at stellar and sub levels. Jupiter is also the natural karaka of child birth.  Jupiter bhukti will run till Nov 11, 2019. Of these Moon, Mars, and Rahu antara are pending. Of these Moon is the best antara (till Aug 2 2019), then Mars (till Aug 30) and then Rahu. While Rahu does not deny the event, it signifies the 9th house by aspect of its starlord hence weakest among the three. But I hope that a strong bhukti will carry this pregnancy through.

Based on how the pregnancy happens, I will be able to refine my interpretation. But at least I cannot reject it completely due to non support at sub level as I would have done traditionally. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

New avenue of research (using a marriage example)

I came across this chart recently. I had made several correct predictions for this person earlier using my Nadi knowledge. But some interesting facets came out when I applied my strong significations methodology here that may suggest a new avenue for research on the role of the sub. I will put up 

I have given the Nadi significators under the heading "All" and my strong significators under the heading "Strong".

I will give the cuspal sublords as a separate table for ease of reference below:

Now the interesting bit.This native got married in the Ra-Ra period (it was a love marriage), and is now getting divorced in the Ra-Ve period. Ie for married in 2008 and getting divorced in 2019. 

Look at Rahu. As per traditional understanding of stellar theory, this native should NEVER have gotten married at all, isnt it? While there is a strong signification of 7 at the stellar level, the sublord completely negates marriage by showing 4 10 at strong levels. 10 is a marriage negative house belonging to the 1 6 10 grouping. 

So I thought, if this person would have asked me, "When will I get married?" just before the Rahu dasha started, I would have said clearly, "not for the next 18 years" (Rahu dasha length). (oddly, the Nadi system does not negate the marriage, but hints at its weakness). My system would say its a clear no, and I would have been wrong.

This led me to question the foundations of how we view KP astrology. It is repeatedly hammered into our brains that the Sub lord is most powerful, SUB decides, SUB speaks, etc. etc.

But in reality, I feel (and what KSK also says in some of his earliest works, if i recall correctly), that the SUB diverts results. In other words, neither is the sub more or less important than the stellar signification, but both are playing different roles.

Now Rahu is saying 7th house result will come. How will it come? through 4 and 10. For us 10 is relevant because it is this that is negating the possibility of marriage under the traditional understanding. 

Now I propose, that we need to see the CONTENTS of the 10th cusp, by examining the 10th CSL's stellar significations. We can see the 10th CSL is Ketu, which is in the star of Jupiter, and they signify 7th cusp very strongly. (Interestingly the 4th CSL is also Ketu, so do not want to repeat it here)

So the way I will interpret the Rahu dasha is this. 7th house results will come (as long as the 7th CSL signifies 2/7/11 at its stellar level, then marriage will happen). But the quality of the results will be bad since, the primary result is that of the 10th house which is a marriage negative house. In addition, one more thing that is noteworthy is that 10th house also shows government, official seal, etc. and hence suggests that divorce would happen.

This also explains the conundrum. Lets say a beggar has 10 11 in his chart. and Bill Gates has 10 11 in his chart. Now 10 11 for a beggar may mean getting Rs100, while 10 11 for Bill Gates would mean getting US$1bn. The quality of 10 11 will be gauged from the cuspal sublord of 10 11 and thus the contents there of.

So when would it have been a no marriage? When the Dasha lord had not signified 2/7/11 at its stellar level. Because a sub lord cannot give what is not promised, it can only show the quality of it.

Now look at Venus (the bhukti in which the divorce will happen). Note that Venus bhukti just started in March and matter precipitated immediately thereafter. Venus signifies 4 10 at the stellar level. Now here I propose, that we do not examine the 'contents' of the 4th and 10th house. Because stellar significations role is to only point us to what house to look at, not the quality or nature of those houses.  

There is another person's chart re child birth that I would like to study using the above insights and see if it its. Thats another blog post though. But this would indeed be a more detailed way to look at a chart, ie instead of looking at blanket denial, a more nuanced approach. Its validity will be proven only over a period of time as we apply it to more charts.