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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

BJP Poll prospects in Rajasthan

Please see chart and sigs below:

6th CSL is Rahu. Rahu signifies 5 8 12, which is complete defeat. Has no positive houses at all. BJP will face a defeat in Rajasthan. Possibly a big defeat.

DBA relevant for results is Ju-Ke-Mo

Ju signifies 5 12, that are winning houses for opposition. (12th house is 6th house  for 7th, 5th is 11th for opposition)

Ke signifies moderate positive houses.

Moon also signifies 5 12 houses which are negative for the incumbent.

Conclusion: BJP will lose Rajasthan.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

BJP's poll prospects in Madhya Pradesh

Yesterday even as the voting was drawing to a close, I was inspired to investigate the prospects of BJP in the state of Madhya Pradesh. I cast the following chart:

6th CSL is Rahu, which is signifying 3 6 10 11 and no negative houses.

DBA during results is Me-Mo-Sa

Me signifies 1 2 3 6 10, which is positive.
Mo signifies 10 11, in fact solitary 11 at sub level
Sa signifies 1 6 which is also supportive of a win.

Conclusion: BJP will win in MP.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Esoteric meanings of Hindu scriptures

The interpretation below is as what was revealed to me by the Grace of Ma Bhairavi and Hanumana. It does not come from any scripture, and I have no authority of a scripture for this interpretation. I only have my experience. It is crystal clear to me. If others wish to disagree with this, I completely understand. But I cannot deny what I have seen.

This post stems from some messages I sent to like-minded individuals on a Twitter Group chat which discusses spirituality.

This can also be considered to be a follow-up to an old blog post I had written on the esoteric meaning of the origins of Sri Ganesha. 

My words on the group I mentioned earlier were to the effect that Hindu stories or scriptures like puranas or itihaasas reveal themselves to the reader based on his or her own spiritual knowledge or progress. To someone who approaches them as a story, they will seem like stories. To someone who approaches them as a seeker, they will reveal the most fascinating truths. 

The specific story I mentioned to my fellow Group members was the Ramayana. I will mention the salient points here.

The Ramayana itself can be seen as a story of enlightenment. Sri Rama can be seen as the Purusha, and Ma Sita as the Shakti. Their union is enlightenment. 

Ma Sita is in Danda-karanya, with Rama and Lakshamana. The spine in yogic parlance, is known as the Meru - Danda

A beautiful deer distracts Sita and she asks Rama to go after it. Then she sends Lakshmana, or Lakshya-mana behind Rama. She doesnt heed to the advice of Lakshya-mana to stay behind the Lakshya-man rekha for her protection.

People who know any Indic language will surely know what Laksya means, it means attention or focus. Till Ma Sita  was behind the wall of absolute focus, of Laksya, even the mighty Ravana who had lifted the Kailasa was not able to touch her.

But loss of focus led the her being abducted by Ravana. There is an esoteric meaning behind the names Raa-ma, and Raa- VaNa as well, but I will leave that for some other time. 

Where did Ra-va-na take Sita Ma? He took her to Lanka. For the story reader this is a geographical location, but for the seeker, it refers to Lum-kara, or Lum-ka. "Lum" is beej mantra of the Mooladhara chakra where the kundalini resides in an un-awakened state. 


Even if you look at it geographically, the topmost point of Bharat desha is the Kailasa, where Shiva resides. Lanka comes at the lowest point below the current political entity of India. It loosely mimics the energy system of a body in that sense. Interesting isnt it?!

With whose help does Raama set about recover his enlightenment, to recover his Shakti? With the help of Maruti, or Hanumana. 

Who is Hanumana? He is the son of Va-yu. He is known as the Va-yu putra. He thus represents the Prana-vayu in this interpretation. The prana is the string using which the kundalini or Shakti, meets Shiva. 

Another incident in the Ramayana is where the army of Vanaras is assembled in the south of India wondering how to cross the ocean. This is the story, the yogic truth follows.

The Va-naras are standing at the manipuraka chakra. But are confused on how to cross the Swadishthana chakra to reach the mooladhara.

Swadhithana chakra is located near the sexual organs. It is of the element of water. It this watery chakra that is worrying the Lord's army. Being associated with sex, many will get entrapped here. 

So who comes to the rescue? It is none other than Bajrang Bali, the eternal brahmachari! Who else but a true brahmachari will be able to cross an ocean of lust without getting entangled in it? So the prana can help you transcend the pitfalls of Swadishthana as well!

 What about the other Va-naras? They crossed with the help of Ram-naam. Even a stone with the name of Raam on it floated on this water and took the army across. Jai Shri Ram!

And what did Hanumana do with Lum-ka? He burned it. He purified the chakra thus preparing the ground for the progress of the shakti. It is also interesting to note that he used his tail in burning the 'city'. Because the vestigal tail is what is referred to at times as Kundalini and it rests behind the 'monkey' bone. In other words the prana-shakti burned the impurities of Lum-kaara. The impurities were gold, in other words attractive. But he burned it to purify.

In fact Hanumans depiction as a monkey or va-naara is itself very interesting to me. A monkey has complete control over his tail. In other words, Hanumana has complete control over his Shakti. He can move it at will to where he wants. This is also the esoteric interpretation of the symbolism if Hanumana.

I've been told to not reveal somethings publicly, but yesterday this came out in a flow when talking with some like-minded people and I feel I can put this in the public domain. 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

What is justice? The OJ Simpson case.

There has been some consternation about my recent comments on social media where I said that however apparent the guilt, certain politicians will not go to jail as their chart/ kundali did not have the combination of jail. The caveat has been that I am assuming the birth details of the said politicians available with me are correct.

Anyway, as this was going on, I happened to watch an excellent TV series on Netflix called "American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson", on the famous, or should I say infamous case where a star American athlete allegedly murdered his wife. The 10 part series details how the case ebb and flowed and eventually how OJ Simpson was found not guilty. The series (in my opinion) seems to suggest that his acquittal was caused more by 'other' considerations rather than evidence. Well, there was irrefutable DNA evidence that was ignored by the court in making its decision! What are the chances of that happening?! Anyway, I will let you watch the series and enjoy the performances yourselves.

So I thought to myself, what a crazy chart this person must have! As luck would have it, the birth data for OJ was available with a high reliability rating. So I cast his chart and the significators are as follows: 

The houses/ cusps that need to come into play for imprisonment to happen are 2 (worry to family), 3 (away from house), 8 (insult, loss of reputation), and 12 (primary house of confinement). To prove that I am not making this up and retrofitting post facto, these houses have been first mentioned by me in this post

Of these houses, the 12th house is the primary house for jail. 12th house is called Vyaya sthan, or house of loss or house of expenses, because is the 12th house or negating house to the Ascendant. Generally, anytime a person's movements are restricted or he is unable to be with his loved ones whenever he wants, the 12th house is is operation. So 12th house will also signify being in a foreign land, it will signify being asleep, it will signify being hospitalized, etc. 

Now see how various combinations revolve around 12th cusp to give nuance in types of confinement.
2 + 3 + 12, will give political confinement. Why is 8th absent? Because being confined or political reasons does not harm your reputation. In fact in many cases your fame may grow. Hence immediate confinement is often used as a tactic by powers that be, to foist someone they want as a hero upon the masses.

3 + 4 + 8 +12 will cause a person to go 'underground'. Why is 2 absent? Because the family usually knows where the culprit is, so they are not worried. Why is 4 present? Because 4th is the house of secrets. For more details on the 4th house significance see this research article by me. 

4 + 8 + 12 will give house arrest. Why is 2 and 3 absent? Well the culprit is at home with his family. Why is 4 present? Because 4th is the primary cusp of your residence. 8th will also be there because there is still an element of insult if you are under house arrest for some wrongdoing.

Anyway, now the reader will see how nuance around the the 12th house allows us to differentiate between different types of confinements.

Now look at the timeline of  the case (taken form wikipedia):

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death
(DBA: Ve-Ve-Me)

On July 22, 1994, OJ arraigned and was in jail for the duration of the trial, through he was taken into custody a little earlier.
(Ve-Ve-Me/ cusp of Ke antara)

On October 3, 1995, Jury found OJ not-guilty

The Moon Bhukti started in just a week (Oct 12 1995).

Now lets see what houses each of the DBA planets signify:

Ve 4 11                    Me 3 11              Ke 4 10                Su 1 2 11        Mo 8 12
     4 10 11                     3 5 9                  6 7 8 12                3 5 9                 3 5 9
     4 10 11                     4 10 11              4 11                      6 7 8 12            4 10 11

The biggest savings grace for OJ was that his Dasha lord Venus was wildly positive for him. 10, 11 combination with absolutely no negative houses. This Dasha was slated to run till June 2011 so it was unlikely to be found guilty of an offense of the level of double homicide. Note the number of 4 11s in this chart. 4 11 is a MUST HAVE combination for publicly beloved personalities, which OJ was.

His troubles began when he was picked up after a now infamous car chase that happened in Ve-Ve-Me or on the cusp of Ketu antara. Rahu or Ketu is a required presence in a DBA for an arrest to happen, because both of them are unabashed malefics and also responsible for sudden and unexpected events.

If you notice the full combination of court case and litigation (6+8+12) is present in the Ketu Antara, The presence of 7 8 12 (7+ 6 8 12) in Ketu is supportive of the cause of litigation being murder related.

From October 1994, the Venus Bhukti ended, and the Sun Bhukti started. This went on for a year till October 1995, when OJ was released after being found not guilty. then the Moon Bhukti started.

If you notice, Sun is the only graha in which the full combination of jail exists, ie 2 3 8 12, along with the combination of litigation for murder (6 8 12 + 7 8 12). There is just a solitary 11th cusp that is the favourable cusp for the native but it cannot stand the negative force of a combined 8 12 coming in different forms.

However even though a massively bad Sun Bhukti was able to bring OJ to his knees, reputation wise, financially, career-wise etc, the spotlessly positive Venus Dasha ALWAYS protected him at the last moment. In fact I can confidently say that had it been the other way around, ie had Sun been the Dasha and Venus been the Bhukti, there would have been NO WAY OJ would have been found not guilty. But this was not to be. 

Finally as Sun Bhukti ended, and Moon Bhukti began, look at the houses signified by Moon. It has he victory houses of 10+11 in the strongest sub level. It has 8 12 but at the weakest planet level. It does not have the combination of Jail, it does however have the combination of 3 4 8 12, which we have seen is the combination of going underground. Which OJ did, after his win. Due to various financial troubles, his legal dream team deserting him, his friends deserting him, OJ simply became a recluse for sometime, just effectively "going underground".

As such, had OJ consulted with me then, I would have said to him, there is no way you are going to jail for a long duration (since neither Dasha lord Venus, nor Bhukti Lord Moon allows him to be in a physical prison). Unlikely as it may seem, unfair as it may seem, there is a higher justice at play and sometimes the punishment that metes out, is worse than any trial or jail we have made on Earth.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Will Sabrimala sanctity status quo be restored?

I am extremely disturbed by the events of the past few days and weeks. With due  respect to the Supreme Court, I humbly disagree with their judgement on the Sabrimala Ayappa temple niyamas. These niyamas are not discriminatory in nature, but made as per the Agamas used to consecrate that specific temple. When truly devoted women do not have a problem in waiting. why would the court entertain pleas based on western ideas of false equality and filed by those who do not even intend to visit the temple out of devotion, is beyond me.

I do not wish to revisit the horrific incidents and the various attempts to allegedly storm the sanctum using state resources, as they will only further distress me. In this mental state, probably it isnt the best thing to see charts, but I could not resist and asked the question in the title of this post. The seed number was 26. The chart and significators have been cast below:

The current DBA is Me-Ma-Ju. It is amazing how the grahas responsible to the issue feature in the DBA (Jupiter stands for courts).

Mercury contains the full negative combination of 6 8 12, but is countered by a stronger presence of 10 11 at the sub level. This suggests that this will be an EXTREMELY hard fought victory, but a victory nonetheless. Having 7 8 12 in Mercury suggests that there might be some unrest and I pray to Ayappa to keep his devotees safe as they try to defend their place of faith.

Mars, is extremely positive, with a straight 1 6 11, which means an outright victory. There will not be any ambiguity after an extremely gruelling fight. 

The Antara of Jupiter is extremely negative. It has a straight 6 8 12 with no 10 11 to help it overcome. This makes sense since it is only the Courts (Jupiter) that have given this judgement. So there is no chance of the status quo being restored till Jupiter Antara is over. This will  get over on November 10,  2018. Which is fine and not too far away.

The next antara is of Saturn. Saturn is a rigid graha and usually refers to customs that are strictly enforced. Its a hard taskmaster. Saturn is also signifying the positive 10 11 combination. However, Saturn does not appear in the Ruling Planets as I am seeing the chart, so I will let it go as well. If it happens during the Saturn Antara (11th Nov to Jan 7th 2019), I will be happy, but I need to be conservative and when in doubt, take guidance from the RPs! They are:

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter Mars

Now Mars is in the sub of a retrograde Venus, so I excluded that.
Jupiter is outright negative, so I excluded that.
Mercury antara (8th Jan to 27th Feb 2019) and Venus antara (21st March 2019 to 20th May 2019) are both promising.

Moreover seeing Mercury in the RPs  suggests that this will require several iterations. The court will have to review this matter multiple times before it finalizes its decision. Seeing Venus in the RPs suggests that a woman will have a strong role to play in reversing this decision. Seeing Jupiter in the chart means the decision change will come through courts only, and not through any government action like law or ordinance. The Mars suggests struggle. Mars is the god of war and fights. I only pray and hope that my fellow devotees remain protected.

So my final reading is that the status quo at the Ayyappa Swamy temple will definitely be restored. It will not happen soon and will either happen near February 2019 or April 2019. In the meanwhile, keep praying!

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Swami Nithyananda, an analysis

First of all my pranaams to the Guru tattva and to all living and passed-on Gurus who are manifestations of it. The blog is written to better understand the chart of a Guru, and inadvertent mistakes or mis-characterizations that may happen are my mistakes and I seek forgiveness from them, and specifically from Nithyananda ji.

I got the data for the chart from net searches and from the following video:

One of the first things I noticed was the dominance of the 4 10, or the 4 11, or 4 10 11 combination in the chart. This is a requirement for the native to enjoy popularity among the people.

Additionally, one notices the prevalence of the following grahas and the houses signified in the nadi significators:
Venus 2 3 9
Ketu 4 6 7 9
Mercury 1 3 10

In addition the 10th cusp for worldy reputation is posited in Gemini, Punarvasu star (owned by Jupiter), and Jupiter sub part. This makes Jupiter a very imporant graha from the point of view of analysis:

So, Jupiter 4 7 9

Now, lets see how each of these aspects has played an important role in the life of Sri Nithyananda ji. 

The 2nd house,  is the house of speech. The cuspal sublord of the 2nd house is Jupiter signifying the houses 4, 7, 9. Jupiter is the graha that signifies the guru tattva and deals with things like temples, priest hood, educational institutions, teaching, justice, healing etc. Cusps 4 and 9 also deal with education and teaching. 9th house is also the house of spirituality and pilgrimages. It is also note-worthy that,  the "reformer" Uranus, the graha of explosive, revolutionary thought is posited inside the 2nd cusp. Now at first it might seem confusing that how a "convention busting" graha like Uranus is there in a guru's cusp of speech. It is because if one listens to his speeches, he is very publicly vocal on the need to retain the Hindu identity of various rituals and of yoga. While saying things like "yoga has nothing to do with religion", has become the norm, Nithyananda's Uranus in the 2nd house has made him vocal about saying things like "there is no ritual in Hinduism that is not spiritual", and "yoga is Hindu, though the fruits can be enjoyed by anyone". So when anti-ritual has become the convention,  a pro-ritualistic person becomes the reformer. This was particularly interesting for me to see. 

The 3rd house is the house of communication, primarily written, and also of courage. It is posited in the cusp of Venus. Venus is the karaka for beauty, artists, arts, music, make-ups, refinement etc. If anyone has seen and heard Nithyananda ji speak, he speaks with a very melodious voice, and I have seldom heard him speak ill of anyone. The dominance of Venus also has resulted him in speaking, sitting on what appear to be royal-like thrones and bedecked with jewelry, and pomp. To be fair, when questioned during an interview, he cited religious injunctions that require him to gold covered holy rudraksha beads. But this is exactly the point, it is Venus that has caused this situation to arise where the exact agamas he follows require him to do this.

The 4th and 9th house give education and higher education. Whilst Nityananda ji may not have had a conventional schooling or education, he is well versed in scriptural knowledge of vedas and agamas. In fact the 9th house is the house of the Guru and spiritual pursuits.

Both Jupiter and Ketu are signifying the 4th and 9th house. While we have seen the significance of Jupiter earlier, Ketu is the natural karaka for moksha. Ketu gives the characteristics of mantra-tantra, adhyatma and extreme penance. Both Rahu and Ketu, not being physical presences but mathematical points in space, both these grahas signify things that do not have a material existence. 

Neptune in Scorpio is also indicative of the love of occult, deep thought, and interest in alchemy and chemicals. In fact Neptune is in conjunction with Mercury (and Mercury is not afflicted) gives intense intelligence, great memory, self knowledge, philosophy.

Thus the most prevalent houses and grahas in the chart signify things like, education, teaching, temples, religious rituals, spiritual pursuits etc. This will indicate how Sri Nityananda became a Guru. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The twist of the 10th! (career nuance)

This will be a short post highlighting how a small twist in the 10th house/cusp can change the exact complexion of a native's career.As regular readers may know, the 10th cusp determines a native's professional reputation and generally how he or she is perceived in the world.

Now below  are the screenshots of two native's 10th cusp only. Note that both native's have their Ascendant in the same rashi ie Kumbha:

In terms of nature both the natives will follow Kumbha (Aquarius). Kumbha comes under the rulership of Saturn, Saturn gives slow movement, patience, deliberation. Saturn ruled people are ideal for huge projects that take a long time to complete. 

But Kumbha is also of the vayu tattva that gives such individuals admirable dexterity and stability of mind in research and similar exploratory avenues.There are three rashis that belong to the vayu tattva. Gemini (Mithuna), Libra (Tula), and Kumbha. Of these Mithuna (ruled by Mercury) and Tula (ruled by Venus) due to the fast movement nature of their lords, manifest their creativity differently.

Mercury is budha, or buddhi (intelligence) and so Mithuna is seen in things like literature, mathematics, and mundane scientific matters etc. Venus is concerned with money and so the creativity of Tula is more related to business.

Kumbha ruled by Saturn gives research in innovative or non-ordinary topics.

Now note that the location of the 10th cusp is virtually the same for both natives, around 10-11 degrees of Scorpio, in the Anuradha nakshatra (ruled again by Saturn). Scorpio is the 8th rashi of the natural chart and thus gives professions related to the underground, occult, detective work etc. This also ties in with the 'research' indicated by the Ascendant. 

Now the interesting bit. The first picture has Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction inside the 10th house. These will also influence the profession. The 10th house also has a Neptune in the chart.

Jupiter will deal with knowledge, teaching, philosophy, dharma, vedas, places of worship. 

Uranus is an explosive planet, extreme outburst of energy, revolutionary, different ideas. It causes changes to status quo in a very quick manner. Uranus is concerned with subjects such as mathematics, astrology, and philosophy. Uranus explodes the karakatvas of the grahas it influences by aspect or conjunction. It is worth noting that Uranus aspects Jupiter in the chart of Albert Einstein who gave us an explosively different perspective of the universe. Uranus is conjunct with Ketu (the moksha giver) in the chart of Swami Vivekananda.

Neptune is also concerned with subtle topics,that are considered occult, like astrology. Due to its highly sensitive nature Neptune will also deal with topics such as art, poetry, extreme creativity, energy work carried out by spiritualists. 

The second chart has a similar combination except the Jupiter is replaced by Venus. What is Venus the karaka of? Venus is the karaka of Moha, of sweetness. It rules beauty, physical attraction, sex, luxuries, of shringaara, of arts and entertainment.Notably, Venus in conjunction with Rahu, Ketu, Uranus or Pluto can cause sexual aberrations as well. It is also a possible indicator of homosexuality (of course rest of the chart is also to be taken into account).

The native described by the first picture is a market research analyst whose job is to talk to several people and do independent research into competitors by using skills that would put a normal detective to shame. Additionally this person is involved deeply with a religious organisation that works towards imparting knowledge of esoteric yoga to the public and in fact a qualified teacher of the same.

The native described by the second picture is also into research. But this person's research is into transgender people, and people who are living with sexually transmitted diseases! There is a Saturn also in the 10th for this person. Saturn is the farthest planet from the Sun and this usually indicates far flung things. These research subjects are indeed far flung from usual research!

How the change of literally one graha in the 10th house completely changed the complexion of the exact nature of research. Even though both houses are good for indepth research, one native studies the market and works in a yoga school, the other works with people who are dealing with some manner of sexual differences or diseases!