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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Broken heart

This chart is of someone who has couple of months back broke up with her boyfriend and wanted me to check if they would get back together

The matter was rather delicate where the lady was having a love affair with someone who was more than ten years younger than her. The affair had now gone sour and she asked me if they would get together again.

The ultimate destination of lovers is marriage, whether they admit or not. So I first decided to check if love marriage is destined for the native.

Now this was a tricky question to solve. Generally speaking, if the 5th cuspal sublord (CSL) is the significator of the 7th or 11th cusp without signifying the 6th or the 12th cusp, then there is success in the love affair. By success I mean the couple is able to get married or live together. In this case, the 5th CSL is Rahu and  Rahu is a strong significator of the 7th house. So this is a positive sign for the native asking the question.

However, the other rule is that the 7th CSL must signify the 5th cusp to allow the possibility of a love marriage. The 7th cusp sublord is Moon. Moon must also be the significator of the 5th cusp (love) to allow the possibility of love marriage. Moon is situated in the 6th house and owns 11th. Its star lord is Rahu which is situated in the 2nd house. So the 5th house is not being signified by the 7th CSL. As such the possibility of a love marriage is almost non-existent.

So now which rule should be given more importance? To resolve this conundrum (in fact even if both rules had agreed I would have to check this next step) I looked at the Dasha and Bhukti lords. The dasha and bhukti lords have to signify the marriage houses of 2/7/11.

The dasha lord is Mercury. Mercury is in star of Mars and sub of Saturn. Mercury is only a weak significator of the 7th house (through aspect) and a stronger significator of marriage denial houses of 1 through occupation and 10 through ownership. I next looked at the sub of Mercury, Saturn. Saturn is a strong significator of houses 6 and 10, which clearly deny marriage.

So apart from the love not fructifying into marriage, I am unsure if the native will get married at all.

This same exercise was seen more easily through Nadi. The Nadi significators are as follows:

First, I find it hard to see a love affair here at all. Atleast a 5 11 is needed. But I see a 5 10 in just three planets. Even assuming a 5 10 is enough to cause love, at least partially, the ongoing Dasha of Mercury clearly shows no marriage with full combination of 1 6 10 being represented. In addition we can see a combination of 5 6 8, which signifies love break.

So I can only suggest to the native that this is not meant to be and one should move on and look at other pastures.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Child birth...when?

This is from another friend who interested in knowing when she would be blessed with a child. This is birthchart and KP significators:

First I checked if child birth is promised at all. The 5th CSL is Saturn. Saturn signifies the 5th house through ownership of its starlord. Saturn itself owns 11th house. So child birth is promised.

Current Dasha is of Mercury. Mercury signifies 11 through both its and its starlord being posited in the cusp. Mercury is in the Sub of Venus, Venus signifies 2nd house through is ownership thus Mercury dasha is favourable for child birth.

The ongoing Bhukti lord is Mars. Mars is posited in the 11th cusp. Mars is in the sub of Saturn. As seen earlier, Saturn allows child birth.

I decided to then look at transits. We need to look for a Mercury-Mars sign-star combination. This combination occurs in both signs owned by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo). Sun will traverse the combination in Virgo in October of 2015, so we must ignore it. The next one is in Gemini from 0:00 to 6:39 degrees. That is the period that we need to look at. This transit will happen during 15-30 June 2016. That is when the child could be born.

Note that the 5th CSL is Saturn. Saturn is malefic planet. Moreover, there is presence of Mars in the DBA. In addition, Saturn signifies 4 and 10 along with 5 and 11. Hence I advised the native to be very careful of her health and not ignore any complaints .

Monday, 28 September 2015


This is the horoscope of someone I know whose marriage has been delayed for sometime as per Indian standards. The native is a good person and I hope the best. Troubled with this thought I decided to look at the native's horoscope this evening.

First I checked for the promise of marriage. The 7th CSL is Venus. Apart from being the natural significator of marriage, Venus is also signifying the 11th cusp by ownership. So marriage is promised for the native.

The ongoing Dasha is of Moon. Moon signifies 3 5 11 4 1. Moon is in the sub of Venus. So Moon is a strong significator for the marriage event. 

The ongoing Bhukti is of Saturn. Saturn is significator of 7 through ownership of sign. Saturn is in the sub of Mercury. Mercury is in its own starlord. Thus as per Shri Shahasane's rule the sublord (Venus) will play the role of the star lord. Using this rule we can see that Mercury also signifies the 11th house through Venus' ownership. 

So Dasha lord and Dasha lord's sublord are both allowing the marriage. So the native should get married in this Dasha itself.

The Bhukti lord is Saturn, Saturn signifies 7th cusp through ownership and in fact aspects 2 7 11, all the cusps required for marriage. Mercury's starlord aspects the 11th house and also owns the 11th house. 

So Bhukti lord and Bhukti lord'ss sublord are also allowing marriage. So the native should get married in this Bhukti itself (up to Oct 13, 2016).

The ongoing Antara is of Ketu. Ketu signifies 3 9 8 none of the 2 7 11 required cusps are indicated. So marriage not possible till Oct 8, 2015 till current Antara ends. Thereafter Venus Antara begins.

Venus is not only a natural significator of marriage it is also signifying the 11th house through ownership. Venus is in the sub of Mercury which signifies 11th cusp through ownership of its starlord. Therefore fixing of marriage is possible this this Antara which runs till Jan 12, 2016. So now the prediction time frame has been brought down to about 3 months.

Now we need to fix the exact date using transits. For KP transits it is said that "when any planet transits the sign owned by the Dasha lord and the star owned by the Bhukti lord, the event fructifies". Since Sun is also one of the "any planet", KSK considered Sun as the planet to be considered. 

However, I am going to consider the original statement of "any planet".

The Sign-Star combination of Moon-Saturn is available in Cancer from 3:20 to 16:39 degrees. So I have to examine if any planet transits this region of the sky between Oct 9, 2015 to Jan 12, 2016.

Since all planets are already on the other side of this cusp, the only planet that can do so is the Moon. Moon does so on:

2 Nov 2015, 30 Nov 2015*, 27 Dec 2015.

* Notably, on this date 3 planets that can offer marriage Mercury, Saturn and Venus are transiting their natal positions and also transit Mercury is within one degree of Natal Mercury. So both Nadi as well as KP conditions of transits are getting satisfied. 

So this is a set of three days that I have identified for the native's marriage getting fixed. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Clearing examinations!

The wife of someone I know is shortly slated to appear for a competitive examination. Worried about the result the husband contacted me and asked me to check if his wife would clear the examination. He gave me the number 242 to cast the horary horoscope.

I cast the horoscope at Pune, 16:0:05 with the seed oon 24-9-2015 and then rotated it to make the 7th house the ascendant (since the question pertained to his wife).

The ongoing DBA was of Mo-Sa-Sa. The 6th cusp is the prime cusp for competition and the 11th cusp is the cusp for fulfillment of desires. The sublord of the 6th cusp is Saturn again. 

Positive significations (desc order of strength): 6 11, 4 9 11, 4 11, 5 11, 2 4 5 9, 2 5 9
Negative signification: 6 8 12/ 3 6 8/ 3 8 12/ 8 12

Nadi significations are as follows: 

Moon: 5 11, 5 11, 2 5 6; Saturn: 2 5 6, 2 5 6, 1 10

As the DBA planets signify positive houses there is a high probability of the wife passing the examination. 

Even looking at K.P. methods, the sublord of the  6th house is Saturn which signifies 2nd house through occupation and 6th through ownership. Saturn is neither retrograde nor installed in a star owned by a retrograde planet.

The sublord of the 11th house is Moon. Moon signifies 11th house by ownership. 

Overall I felt that the stars are inclined at helping the native's wife to clear her examination.

Lost my bag - help!

The query came from a friend of mine who lives abroad but was in India on a brief visit to his family. Travelling in an auto rickshaw he managed to forget his knapsack (which he liked very much) in the small storage area behind the seat. His wallet with some money and his international credit cards was also in the bag. After the ritual calling banks to cancel cards, filing case with the police etc he posted his predicament on a friends group. I privately asked him if I could use astrology to check if he will recover his bag. He agreed. Given the specific nature of the question I asked him to give me a number between 1 and 249, to which he replied 91.

I cast a horoscope at 16:06:04 (Pune), on 23-9-2015.

The prime cusp of movable property is 2nd. The 2nd cuspal sub lord is Venus. 

Nadi significations of Venus:  3 10 12, 2 11, 1 2 11. Thus the prime cuspal sublord is indicating very strongly that property will be recovered.

The ongoing DBA was Su-Ju-Me. Significations of Su-Me-Ju are:

Su: 1, 1, 2 11; 
Ju: 1 5 8, 3 10 12, 3 10 12; 
Me: 2 11, 5 12, 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 11 12

The combinations for recovery is: 2 6 10 11
The combinations for disappointment: 6 8 12

As we can see the Dasha lord is very positive for recovery. The Bhukti lord is slightly negative, it has 10 at sub and star level but it also has a 8 12 combination. The Antara lord is very positive at planet level, negative at star level and mixed at sub level. Again we have a 8 12 combination. 

Since both the combinations exist in the chart, I judged that part of the property stolen/ lost will be recovered. It is also understandable, since I doubt my friend will be seeing any money from the wallet again whoever recovers the bag.

I also decided to apply Krishnamurti Principles for recovery. Chandrakant Bhat says "If the cuspal sub lord of 2 or 11 be the significator (in the star of the occupant or owner) of 2 (movable article which is lost or stolen), 6 (loss to the thief, being 12 to the 7th -thief) or 11 (regaining), movable property will be regained during the joint period of the significator of 2, 6 and 11."

The cuspal sublord of 11th cusp is Jupiter which does not signify any of  the above houses. However, the cuspal sub-lord of 2nd (Venus) signifies 2 and 11. This satisfies Shri Bhatt's principals of recovery. In fact the divergence between the cuspal significations of 2  and 11 may also support the Nadi conclusion that the property may be only partly recovered.

The aspect of Mars to the 7th cusp suggests that the police will be successful in tracking the current possessor of the goods down.

The 7th CSL is the prime cusp of the thief. The 7th CSL is Jupiter and Jupiter is posited in Leo. A male planet in a male sign suggests that the thief is male. Jupiter being the 7th CSL suggests that the person is middle aged. Jupiter is strong significator of the 12th house. This suggests that the person is very poor or at least someone who regularly flicks stuff.

Now when can my friend recover his bag? Again using Nadi I tried to figure out which are the most promising planets.

The Dasha lord Sun is very positive for recovery. The Bhukti lord is slightly negative, so we need a strong antara for the recovery. Mercury may suffice for the recovery or then the native will have to wait for Venus and Sun whicn begin from 10th Nov to 12th Jan.

Other planets that are very positive for recovery are Venus, Sun and Saturn. Mercury and Rahu are neutral to recovery and Moon, Ketu, Mars, Jupiter and not supporting recovery.

I expect recovery to happen sometime between 20th Oct to 11th Jan when Nadi and KP transit conditions are satisfied. Yes it will take time, but that is what I am getting. For now I told my friend a montn to month and a half.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Reconfirming fears - BJP in Bihar

Way back in July I had put forth an astrological prognosis for BJP's Bihar election prospects. To my much surprise (disappointment, rather) I got a BJP seat win of between 50 and 60 seats. They have more seats than that currently! I did not believe those results and only documented them on this blog as a faithful student of astrology.

Last weak the election dates were announced followed by BJP and its allies seat sharing agreements followed by list of candidates fielded by BJP.

The seat sharing agreement gives BJP 160 seats. While 50-60 on 160 is much more understandable than 50-60 on 243, it is still very surprising giving the Modi effect throughout India. Anyway, this does prove my first prediction correct, from my original blog on the subject that BJP won't get a majority on its own. I mean, getting 122 seats from 160 contested, would require a win ratio of 76%. BJP doesn't have that in Gujrat, arguably its strongest state.

So I decided to do a seat by seat analysis to figure out which seats from the 160 BJP would win to re-check the 50-60 seat prediction. It was an hours and hours long exercise spread over three days, but finally managed to finish it now. Note, from the first three lists, BJP has issued 153 names. So this analysis is for 153 and not 160 seats.

I will not put up my seat by seat analysis now, but I will summarise it as follows:

48 seats are sure-shot BJP seats.

12 seats the charts were extremely unclear. 

Even assuming that all the 12 'unclear' seats go to BJP, the party will be at 60, which is in the original 50-60 seat range predicted by me. Lets assume that the unknown 7 seats are declared by BJP and they also all go to BJP, that takes seat tally to 67 seats. So at best after a seat by seat analysis I would tweak my prediction to BJP winning 50-70 seats, instead of the original 50-60 seats.

It worth noting that I used ruling planets to figure  out how many exact seats based on the original range of 50-60. The answer was 57.

So my general prediction would be 50-70 seats; and gun to the head specific prediction will be 57 seats for the BJP out of its allocated 160. Hope the BJP leadership manages expectations appropriately.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

A cursed or 'baadhit' horoscope?

This is one strictly for record purposes. Nadi and KP astrologers, in my limited experience, are quite rigid when it comes to some things. Only a few I have met are open to impacts of things like Saturn's 7.5 year cycle, efficacy of remedial measures and few other matters that were elucidated by traditional astrologers. Which brings me to the question of cursed or baadhit horoscopes. I have no experience with them but I was pleasantly surprised to read about these in a book by Suresh Sahashane ji. 

Let me first put the charts and significators up (Nadi and KP):

This friend of mine is facing several health issues for the past few years. Started with an accident involving a animal, followed up by weight loss, viruses that were dormant from childhood getting reactivated, loss of appetite, menstrual issues etc etc etc. At point point the native was rushed to the hospital as the doctor feared a brain tumour but nothing was found (thankfully). But you can imagine the wide range of issues the native is facing. The worst part is that doctors in two different countries are unable to diagnose the native's problems for the past several months. Most treatment appears to be a 'hit-and-trial' sort.

The native is currently in the Dasha of Rahu. This makes diagnostic confusion, that is normal for the planet's nature. So I was not surprised with the doctors initial confusion, but after several months, this is getting ridiculous.

Even looking at it Astrologically, Rahu does not signify any major illness, that left me perplexed as well. Certainly not enough to cause the native to be effectively bed ridden for months. Even though medical astrology is not my strongest suite, this was beyond even the most basic understanding.

Lost in this thought, I happened to flip to Page 396 of Suresh Shahasane (SS) jis book (Phaladesh Khand) on KP. Chapter called Rahu Ketu - Phala aani Upay (Nodes - results and remedies).

SS talks of  completely weird problems that people have brought to him over the years and how they could be related to the horoscope being 'cursed'. To ensure that the problems are genuinely due to such a horoscope and not just in the imagination of the native, SS gives us some rules to check.

Primary rules are:
1) At the time of examination of horoscope, Rahu/Ketu must be the Dasha lord, OR
2) Whichever planet is the dasha lord should be in the star owned by Rahu/Ketu, OR
3) Rahu/Ketu must be conjunct with the dasha lord, OR
4) Kalsarpa dosha ie. all 9 planets on one side of the axis formed by Rahu and Ketu, OR
5) Rahu/Ketu conjunct with Sun/Moon/Lagna lord

Any one of these rules being satisfied will be the first check that there indeed exists a curse from a prior life. In my friends horoscope, two conditions are being satisfied: 1 and 5 (Ra conj. Sun). 

If above is satisfied then SS recommends a second check. At the time of examining horoscope:
1) Ascendant star lord should be Rahu/Ketu OR
2) Moon star lord should be Rahu/Ketu OR
3) Moon or Sun or Lagna lord should be conjunct with Rahu/ Ketu OR
4) Kalsarpa dosha in the time/ prashna kundali.

Condition 3 can be seen as satisfied with with Sun being conjunct with Rahu in Virgo. So SS has examined the truth of the curse from not only the birth chart but also the chart of the time and place when the said birth chart was taken into examination by the astrologer. Only if both these charts agree can we say that there is indeed something specially wrong with this horoscope and its native.

So if there is a problem, isn't there also a remedy? Well...yes and no. 'Yes' because remedies do exist and 'No' because they will not work in certain cases. Either the individual will refuse to do them, or they will be done improperly or irregularly or something or the other will cause the remedy to fail. If such failure is seen from the horoscope, then there is no point is giving a remedy to the native at all.

SS gives us another set of rules to apply to check if the remedy will be effective or not and only if atleast one of the below is satisfied that the astrologer should even venture to suggest a remedy:

In the natal or prashna horoscope:

1) 9th lord or Jupiter should have aspect on 6th house OR
2) 9th lord and 6th lord should be in conjunction OR
3) 9th lord should aspect 6th lord OR
4) 9th lord should be posited in the 6th house OR
5) 9th CSL should be significator of the 6th house

We can see from my friend's natal chart, that Jupiter has its 7th aspect on the 6th house. So one of the conditions can be satisfied and a remedy can help.

What can be the possible remedies? Usually the native is advised to worship that form of God that represents the planets in the 9th house. If multiple planets exist then exclude those planets that are lords of the 8th or the 12th house. If still more than one planets are in consideration then cast a chart for the time of examination and use the planets in the that prashna chart's 9th house to finalise which form to worship.

However, in this case the 9th house has no planets in the natal chart at all. In which case we choose the 9th lord planet (Moon in this case) to figure out who to worship. SS suggests that an even better option is to worship the deity that represents the 9th CSL (Saturn in this case). The various deities are as follows:

Sun - Gayatri/ Surya;  Moon: Shiva; Mars: Ganapati; Mercury: Maruti; Jupiter: Dattatreya; Venus: Devi; Saturn: Maruti; Rahu: Shiva; Ketu: Ganapati

So based on the two planets in this case, Moon and Saturn, we have two deities for my friend to worship: Shiva and Maruti. Hindu Philosophy considers Maruti to be an avatar of Shiva himself, so we are not too far off.

But this horoscope presents a unique problem. The 9th house lies in Cancer at 29 degrees 59 minutes 49 seconds. So literally even a few seconds ahead would push the 9th house into Leo thus changing the deity to be worshipped as not only the 9th lord would change to Sun but 9th sublord would change to Ketu. Also the native is not Indian, so the obvious issues of mispronunciation were also deterring me from suggesting this remedy.

The other solution would be to ask her to wear stones, but it has been my personal experience that this remedy is not the most effective especially for someone so harassed by fate. SS says that for people with Rahu conjunct with Sun and Mercury and facing dire circumstances wont be helped alone by prayers and chanting.

Towards this end, my final recommendation to my friend will be to conduct a Maha Mrutyunjay Jaap. As she herself cannot do it, it can be done in India. The nature of Maha Mrutyunjay Jaap is itself health augmenting and would thus be appropriate in this case all the more. Let see, what happens. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

My Inheritance?

Someone I know was worried that his inheritance was in danger of misappropriated. To be clear, it had in fact already been misappropriated and the ancestral property sold without his permission being taken into account of his rightful share been given to him. His question was: Will I get my share of the property sales value? The seed given was 149.

The following chart and significators were cast:

The primary house for inheritance is the 8th house. The 8th CSL is Mercury. Mercury is itself retrograde but thankfully not posited in the star of another retrograde planet. This suggests that the matter will not resolve till at least Mercury becomes direct (10th Oct 2015).

8th CSL is Mercury is signifying 8 11 and  8 12 it is not denying the receipt of compensation share from inheritance. 

Since property is already sold the compensation being looked for is likely monetary. So the houses in concern 2 8 11. 2 - wealth, 8 - inheritance and 11 - gain.

Looking at the Nadi significators we can see that all of the planets are fairly positive signifying 8 11. The Dasha lord is Jupiter, while Jupiter does not signify 8 11, it does signify 2 at the planet level (weak). It does have a 12 at the sub and star levels but a single 12 does not hamper the matter. Only a 6 8 12 would deny the matter. So Dasha lord is neutral.

The Bhukti lord is Venus. Again Venus is signifying both 8 11 and 8 12. So its neutral to slightly negative (since 11 is at star level but 12 is at sub level). 

So we need a strong Antara to really resolve the matter. Current Antara is Venus it self. So tough.The next Antara is Sun. Sun is an extremely strong planet to give the native his desired result. This is from 15th Feb 2016 to 4th April 2016. Sun shows 11 at planet and star level and 8 11 at sub level with absolutely no negative houses signified.

Another thing I noticed is that the character of Mercury is to give in smaller quantities. This coupled with the neutral nature of Dasha lord and 8 12 in the bhukti lord, suggests that the native may be getting an amount that is lower than his expectations. Mercury may result in even that amount coming in through installments. 

So I suggested that the best time to bring about the compensation amount related discussions is during the Antara of Sun itself. Since Sun is so positive that it might reduce the gap between actual receipt and expectations. The initial broaching of topic can happen earlier of course. 

Another thing that one can notice is the presence of 5 or 9 or 5 and 9 in almost every planet. This suggests that the final settlement will happen only through negotiations and out of court. While the native may pursue a court case if he wishes to pressurise his unscrupulous relatives, the final settlement will happen only through negotiations.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

DUSU Elections

On the 11th the Delhi University Students elections are slated with 4 students unions vying for 4 posts in the University. It is my prediction that the ABVP will win all four posts. Lets see.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Was Gumnaami Baba the same as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?

Subhash Chandra the leader of the Indian National Army and one of the most prominent true freedom fighters of India disappeared abruptly in a plane crash. The files regarding his disappearance have been classified as top secret and no body knows what happened to him. A tragic loss for the country indeed. 

There have been persistent rumours that a ascetic living in Uttar Pradesh called Gumnami baba who might have been the great Netaji in disguise. In fact I read this article about him today:

So to check if this news is true (ie is Netaji the same as this Gumnaami baba) I asked the question and chose the seed 196. A chart was cast at 14:56:29 at Pune on 7/Sept/2015.

The ongoing Dasha was RA-KE-KE. With all malefics, it suggested that the answer was in the negative. But I decided to check further.

For the news report to be true the combinations would have been 3 11, 3 10 11 or 3 6 10 11. 

But, RA signifies 3 6 8 12 at the Sub level. Ketu signifies 3 6 8 12 at the planet level. The indications are extremely clear that this news is incorrect and that Gumnaami baba was not the same as Netaji.