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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The curious logic of hate

I recently watched one of Derren Brown’s shows: Something Wicked This Way Comes. The Show is the usual hotch-potch of Derren’s tricks and magic. The most interesting thing for me was that right at the beginning of the show, Derren had written down a word and handed it in confidence to an audience member (who hadn’t opened the envelope). The after all the evenings festivities, Derren handed out a bunch of different newspapers then the audience chose a random paper, a random page and on that page a random word. At each seemingly random stage, Derren asked if the audience wished to change their choice of newspaper or page or word, but no one budged. Then Derren grandly unveiled the word he had written down at the beginning of the show and it was the same as this seemingly randomly and freely chosen word: INFLUENTIAL.

A grand end to the show with Derren revealing that he had even written down the name of the newspaper (Daily Mail) and the page number (14) that would be chosen. He then went on to reveal how he did it. He had subliminally planted the words “Daily, Mail, page 14, influential” repeatedly and surreptitiously. Then when the time to choose came, people chose exactly what Derren wanted them to. People chose what they felt deep in their hearts was ‘right’. But they were being brainwashed to not only choose what their handler wanted, but also brain washed to forget they were brainwashed.

Coming to the blog. It is this show that somehow explained to me how otherwise apparently intelligent people hate Narendra Modi. In fact, a lot of prior engagements have taught me that people will make a complete fool of themselves in digging for a logical basis to hate Modi. While there are several examples on my facebook page, I cant be asked to dig all of them out. So here is a recent discussion on Twitter that exposes the circuitous logic of the ‘programmed’. I am of course hiding the identity of the other side, because that is not relevant. This is basically the thought process of almost everyone who hates Narendra Modi for no reason. Just like it was for Derren audience. Remember, Derren had about an hour to program his audience and it worked. Our MSM and cocktail party gang has had over a decade!

It started with this tweet:

XYZ @xyz

The hatred and Ram Mandir is also diverting attention from more important issues like our economic mess. Any discourse on that? No? ok.

Presumably this was expressing anguish at a recent visit of Amit Shah to Ayodhya to pray at the Ram Mandir. While the case for a temple has pretty much been vindicated in the court, BJP’s stand has been than only through, court order or consensus or legislation will a temple be constructed at the site. So I am unsure why this person thought visiting a Ram temple is hateful or why each temple visit diverts attention. His “any discourse on that? No? Ok” implies that this person believes that all discourse on economics has stopped.

To which I replied:

namo has been talking development last 10 years. No one listening? Ok.


XYZ @xyz

What's his plan to get India back to 8% growth? sorry if I missed that part. Seriously.

Ok, now this person is intelligent. He knows he has been caught out on the discussion of economic issues. So he quickly changes the goal post. He now specifically asks if Namo has spelled out his plan to get India back to 8% growth. From “Any discussion on economics” to an answer to a very specific question is now the new standard.


Odd you dont demand that answer from congress. Khair. Modi has done wonders with guj if u see the ideas he presents in various fora

can be applied to india at large. Broadly: use IT to curb leaks, create infra, set institutions etc. Pick out 3 of his conclaves.

At this point I am thinking this person is genuinely unaware (versus deliberately uninformed or ignorant), so I am still giving answers which are quite self explanatory. I am saying Namo outlines his plans in various fora and a lot of his state-level ideas can be applied to the country at large.

XYZ @xyz

LOL. I demanded that answer from Congress and look what they've done.

This is a classic tactic by Modi haters. After the recent spate of boo-boos by this government, they are ashamed to publicly acknowledge themselves as Congress voters, hence they try and write them off immediately, so that THEY don’t have be answerable for anything, but are free (in their mind) can come out with a litany or pointless questions.

XYX @xyz

that all is structural change which will take time to show gains. It is required no doubt. But what about next 1-2 years?

But he cant ignore the facts that I have placed before him. So the goal posts change a second time. From only discussing economic issues, now this person puts the additional condition of a time limit! This has begun to now get ridiculous.


only reason he is not explicitly saying I can apply this for india is obvious. He isnt official pm nom. It wud be political stupidity

This is actually disconnected from the original messages I was typing. How can Namo be expected to talk of a national policy when he has not been anointed as BJP’s national candidate? This political reality should be clear to a 5 year old who follows Indian politics and knows the compulsions of coalitions and Namo’s opponents in his own party. But...

XYZ @xyz

political stupidity? He can engage in a debate, express his views in media. You don't have to wait. See in the US

This person disagrees. Which is fair. He wants Namo to dance to his tunes, its not illegal to expect people to do what you want. Only illegal to force them. This person who probably will never vote for Namo wants Namo to plan his strategy they way he wants it. While Namo wants to frame his strategy as he himself wants. This is a disagreement, but a fair one. Which is what I humbly point out next:


hw he outlines his plans is upto him. Unfair 1 shud ask for a years plan. If he had given a years plan ud have said where r structural


changes! He does engage in debates watch them! Go on youtube. Check his q/a wuth raghav bahl!

To be fair this was a bit of a jibe from me J to tell him I realise what he is doing, that he will continue to change goal posts. But I also kindly tell him where he can find a economics based debate with an anchor if he so wishes.

XYZ @xyz

and I think the UK has a concept of Shadow Cabinet as well. He can easily find a way, he's that smart (I mean in a good way)

From first asking for a US style debate, now the example of UK is given. An attempt is made to insult Modi as well. Which is ok, this is his opinion and he is entitled to it. However stupid it is.

XYZ @xyz:

no, I wouldn't have said that all. Structural stands irrespective. But structural takes min 3-5yrs to show gains

XYZ @xyz

boss those are all debates on Ram and stuff. The media plays that card because that's what sells.

But again he can’t ignore the facts I have pointed out so then tries to dismiss them. So he takes on the structural jibe of mine from my last tweet.  Then he lies about the debate. He could not have watched in between the time we were tweeting. But he categorically says that the debate with Raghav Bahl is on “ram and stuff”(I wonder if he would have the guts to say “<insert secular god name> and stuff”). Now that is a lie. This is what I mean, from looking like fools that change goal posts to lying about debates they havent watched is quite pathetic in my book. Brainwashing coming into play. But he cleverly tries to blame the media for this thinking I would let it go.




I think after 10 years of congress 3 years to waise bhi lagna hain

thats not true. If I send you youtube links where non ram issues are being discussed will you change your stance?

shadow cabinet has been suggested to him by many incl me. But only he can decide his strategy not u/I na. Unfair want him 2 do exactly

as we want. Next what quarterly projections? !:))

I followed it with a few tweets that basically stated the fact that for a country with 1200 million people, with mismanagement for the last ten years, three years is not a long time for changes to be visible. I offered to then send him links to debate where “ram and stuff” is not being discussed. Also, I agreed in principle that perhaps its time for a shadow cabinet with the caveat that while he and I may feel this (one more genuinely than the other perhaps), but its unfair to expect Namo to do exactly what we like. Especially when you keep changing the goal posts.

XYZ @xyz

obviously! send them, but they should have specifics of policy (fiscal deficit, CAD, etc).

Now he takes advantage of the help I offer to saying now I should sort out the videos to specific issues. Again when confronted with truth, the goal post changed from non “ram and stuff” issues to two specific issues.



in fact 4 10 yrs namo spoke only dvlpmnt n media did hindu Muslim. Nw if amit s mentions ram u say why ram talk dvlp. Wow.

At this point, I point out the hypocrisy of his clique.

XYZ @xyz

next is debates and discourse. I get that Hindutva is required for votes. But Hindu pride alone won't get 8% GDP growth

Now this person again tries to be condescending but saying “Hindutva is required for votes” and trying to surreptitiously forward his point that only Hindutva is being discussed. But then makes the mistake of lying again. He implies that Namo is suggesting that Hindu pride alone will get us 8% GDP growth. So I ask him for the source:


do u have a quote from namo that says only hindu pride enough for 8% growth. Or has his work in guj been so for u to infer this?

he has done nothing like this. This is msm story playing.

prhps he has a plan ready. I think he does. You and I want him to reveal it today. He might be waiting for poll call. Who knows?

my ltd point is broad brushing that namo is only taking religion when what he us doing is almat exactly opposite is wrong.

I gently point out above that what he is saying is the MSM (main stream media) programming playing through him. I also point out that he is lying when he says that Namo is talking about religion when he isnt doing so at all.

XYZ @xyz

the ram is all over Mumbai - that's what I'm talking about. Even Modi knows Ram sells more than development

Again, he refers to Lord Ram in a flippant manner trying to make me lose my temper to give him some semblance of victory in a debate that he has lost several tweets back. Notably, what he tweets is again a lie. In fact I had bet him to post a photo of Modi extolling “the Ram” on any hoarding outside his window, I would have won the bet. I think what he was referring to is Namo’s comment that went something like: “I am a patriot, a nationalist. I was born a hindu. So by that logic you can say I am a Hindu Nationalist”. This statement was made by Namo in reply to a specific questioned asked by an interviewer and not on his volition. A few of his supporters had put up a few posters praising Namo for this comment. But it certainly wasn’t all over Mumbai and the posters certainly were not put up by Modi himself. In fact Modi did not make that statement with a jingoistic mindset, with the interviewer who had asked him his question herself clarifying this. Also, now this person is actually telling me that he knows what Modi knows. I do not profess similar powers of clairvoyance and thus resist to give my opinion on this.

XYZ @xyz

I don't have a quote from Namo saying *anything* is enough for 8% growth, leave alone Hindu pride. Don't mix Guj in this.

no I don't want him to reveal it today. He can reveal whenever. I want him to give just a few ideas out of that plan.

Interestingly, now he doesn’t want me to talk of Namo’s work in Gujarat. But he is the CM of that state. How can I not use what he does in this ‘debate’. Its like saying I can easily knock out Mike Tyson. But only if you tie his hands and legs and chloroform him and give me a hammer.

Next he actually reaffirms that he was lying when he says he has no quote from Modi on anything. But so far he was so sure about what his debates were about. Even what Modi knew. Then he makes an even more startling observation that he doesn’t want Namo to reveal his specific 1 or 2 year plan that he wants today. Huh? If you don’t, then what were you complaining about in your original tweet? Its like a child complaining about the taste of his next dinner when he isnt yet hungry enough for his breakfast yet! But then he says, he wants Namo to give a few ideas to him.

XYZ @xyz

Gujarat is only one state and that he's done a great job is beyond doubt. Accepted. What next?

Huh? That didn’t even make sense.

XYZ @xyz

I'm not asking for an exact, precise, Budget and a policy. He can give an idea, some suggestions, just a few action points

Importantly he has now lost his debate for a 1-2 year plan. He now asks for “an idea, some suggestions, just a few action points”. In my naivety I suggest a few things that Namo has done, to my limited knowledge:


in what area? Judicial reform? He has done it. E governance he has done it. Power sector mgmt he has done it. You haven't listened!

he has mate. Haven't you seen hos rural development m wastewater management idea he gave a study to the pm on?

XYZ @xyz

waste water management? seriously? yeah ok, got it. Thanks.

Again, the weapon of the defeated, a one last stab at condescension. Ok, one more stab, as below:

let me try this again. Imports? Subsidies? Food Security? Manufacturing? Labor Laws? Taxation? Oil pricing? Gas pricing?

Implying that it is I who has not understood that this great person has to try again. But again he lies. He asked for “an idea, some suggestions, just a few action points” now when I point out several, he picks out one he thinks is silly to try and ridicule me. Ignoring the ones that he cant ridicule without looking more foolish himself. In any case, I think his curiosity should be satisfied when Ive given him 3-4 examples when all he wanted was “An idea” (ONE). Another change in goal post.


2 mins back you said some colour on some national policy is good. Now I pointed it our ur saying not enough.

"an idea, some suggestions. .." your words not mine. Mate I get where ur coming from now. It's ok.

At this point I thought there was little point in continuing this conversation. What I mistook for genuine curiosity was nothing but hate which felt ‘righteous’. In the quest for what felt ‘right’ this otherwise apparently intelligent person changed goal posts multiple times and even lied on a few occasions. I realised that much as I would want him to change his stance or even just acknowldge the truth, it won’t happen, but a certain stand felt right. I could answer all the questions and conditions, but would be met with new ones, new goal posts, new lies. Why? Because that just ‘felt’ right. Just like Derren’s brainwashed audience.