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Monday, 7 September 2015

Was Gumnaami Baba the same as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?

Subhash Chandra the leader of the Indian National Army and one of the most prominent true freedom fighters of India disappeared abruptly in a plane crash. The files regarding his disappearance have been classified as top secret and no body knows what happened to him. A tragic loss for the country indeed. 

There have been persistent rumours that a ascetic living in Uttar Pradesh called Gumnami baba who might have been the great Netaji in disguise. In fact I read this article about him today:

So to check if this news is true (ie is Netaji the same as this Gumnaami baba) I asked the question and chose the seed 196. A chart was cast at 14:56:29 at Pune on 7/Sept/2015.

The ongoing Dasha was RA-KE-KE. With all malefics, it suggested that the answer was in the negative. But I decided to check further.

For the news report to be true the combinations would have been 3 11, 3 10 11 or 3 6 10 11. 

But, RA signifies 3 6 8 12 at the Sub level. Ketu signifies 3 6 8 12 at the planet level. The indications are extremely clear that this news is incorrect and that Gumnaami baba was not the same as Netaji.

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