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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Who killed Sheena?

Indian media is currently rife with news of the killing of a girl Sheena allegedly by her own mother. No wonder the news has gone viral, the more sensational it is the more coverage it will get from the media. 

I decided to examine this question. Let me say at the outset, this is an astrological study and first of a kind that I have ever done. Rely on it at your own risk. This is for my own education and not for any legal purposes. If it helps, consider this entire blog as hypothetical. I accept no responsibility for actions supposedly stemming from this post.

Anyway, getting back. I cast a chart at 22:17:20, Pune, Aug 30, 2015 using the seed 85 and asked the question: Who killed Sheena?

The ongoing DBA was of JU-KE-RA. Both KE and RA are first rate malefics and rule sudden actions like murders, for example.


Jup 1 5 9                            Ke  1 2 3 5 8 9 11         Ra  2 3 11
Ke  1 2 3 5 8 9 11              Sat  4 6 7 8                    Su  1 2
Sat  4 6 7 8                         Me 2 3 11                     Ke 1 2 3 5 8 9 11

This was quite odd as I had expected to see a lot of 7 8 12 combinations here.but there are none. Since we know for a fact that Sheena was infact murdered, lets take 7 8 combination as enough of a significator of aggression. It may also suggest that the murder was not a result of someone 'losing his/her head' but a planned activity and hence the full combination of aggression is lacking.

Only two planets of the DBA are exhibiting the 7 8 combination, so we shall ignore Rahu for now.

Ketu is a planet that usually refers to someone is so-called lower strata of society. This may refer to the person who actually carried out the crime. Notably, Ketu also refers to the neuter gender. Since the police has actually gotten hold of the driver of the main accused (who is also in custody) I will not spend too much time analysing Ketu.

It is the Jupiter which interests me. It denotes 7 8 at a stronger level than Ketu ie. at the Sub level. Jupiter generally refers to a very well respected person in society. Jupiter is conjunct with Sun in Leo Ascendant in the chart. Sun is the natural significator of the Father. In addition Jupiter is aspected by Saturn who is the 8th lord and Saturn is also the natural significator of death. Most interestingly Jupiter is also receiving the 7th aspect from Neptune. Neptune is known amongst astrologers as the planet of illusion. Magicians and illusionists are said to have a powerful Neptune.The more negative manifestations of Neptune include deception, trickery, deceit etc. Its quite possible that the killer, represented by Jupiter has skillfully woven a net of deceit and seems to be sitting pretty behind it  for now. On another note, 'Jupiterians' are known to be well built or large people.

So I decided to check if what the media is carrying as news of the killer (allegedly the mother) is true or not. The third house cusp is owned by Saturn. Saturn is also posited in the star owned by Saturn. So whatever we are seeing is not the truth as of today. Note, the third house governs news and communications.

Based on this,  I feel that the crime has been carried out by only males, one of whom is in a very respected position, perhaps 'father-like'. While the mother may have knowledge of the crime at worst, I do not see a woman as a killer based on this chart at least. 

Lets see how this unfolds!

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  1. A quick point that I thought I had mentioned in the analysis but seems to have been missed. Neptune that is creating the deception is currently retrograde. So I am using the logic that if a retrograde Neptune is hiding the killers identity, then a direct Neptune might cause the cloak to fall away. Neptune goes direct on 19th November 2015. Any further true revelations may only happen around or after that date.