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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Will Namo ask for a bullet proof glass enclosure tomorrow?

Aug 15 is India's independence day and is marked by a speech from the Prime Minister. Since 1985 the PM has made this speech from behind a bullet proof glass. Last year, Namo broke away from this custom to make his point without the protection of the enclosure.

There are rumours in the main stream media that Namo will this time opt for a protective enclosure. I decided to check if these rumours will turn out to be true.

I cast a chart in Pune at 12:10:23 noon, 14th Aug 2015, seed 75.

The ongoing DBA is Me-Ma-Ma.

Me signifies 2 3 12, 1 4 11, 1
Ma signifies 5 10 12, 4 7 8, 1 4 11

I feel Namo will not opt for a glass enclosure. But the presence of 7 8 12 suggests that he should take adequate measures for security. He is very important for the stability and progress of the country.

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