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Friday, 7 August 2015

The first time

This question came from someone in a fledgling relationship was curious on when it would be consummated. An unusual question for an astrologer, but the student in me could not resist a crack at it. The chart and significators are as below: 

Love can take many forms. Within even the context of opposite sexes, we could have platonic love and love with a physical component. 
The combination for platonic love is 5 11. The 5th cusp is governs love and ones heart and the 11th cusp is fulfillment of desires. When planets signifying 5 11 are in operation, a person falls in love. 

The physical component of love is 5 8, 5 12, and 5 8 12. The 5th cusp is love, 8th cusp deals with sexual organs and the 12th cusp is for pleasures of the bed. Usually 5 8 12 signifies scandalous love, something that society frowns on or an affair that is talked about. 

If the 4th cusp is signified along with 5 11, 5 8, 5 12 or 5 8 12, then the affair is secret from the world. The 4th house is the house of secrets. 

Coming back to the question at hand, we see that three planets signify the relevant combinations: 

Jupiter: 1 2 5, 7 12, 9 12 Venus: 7 12, 1 6 11, 1 2 5 Moon: 9 12, 3 4 11, 1 2 5

Jupiter is directly signifying sexual activity (5 12).

Venus is showing 5 11, 5 12 and 5 6 12. So sexual activity and love is indicated. The 5 6 12 combination suggests a break-up between lovers, BUT, the presence of 11 means the break is likely to be only temporary.

Moon also shows 5 11 and 5 12, so love and sex. 

The native is currently in DBA of Venus-Moon-Ketu. VE and MO are in agreement for physical relations. Ketu doesn't have a explicit combination. I am not aware of any denial combinations for sex and usually the D and B lord prevail over the A lord.

But, seeing the 6 8 12 combination of Ketu, I don't see it as likely. In fact it is better if the native does not indulge in this activity at this time either. The reason is: The combination for physical activity when one is not fully in agreement requires Venus and Rahu/ Ketu (RA/KE deal with sudden or unexpected incidents) in DBA with 7 8 12. As Ketu is signifying 7 8 12 and the Dasha swami is Venus, its better that the native is sure of what might transpire in the heat of the moment before putting himself/ herself in a position of vulnerability (and guards self against it). This Ketu Antara ends on August 31, 2015. 

The key dates when So for the consummation I would look at the next Antara, which is Venus, beginning from 1st September 2015. On 8th October, Moon, Venus and Jupiter conjoin in the Leo sign in the 6th house. This goes on through the period, 8th, 9th and 10th October 2015. This would be the period to suggest the consummation of the relationship. I wished the native well. To do what feels right in the head and heart. Not break any laws and yes, carry protection!

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