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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

To bribe or not to bribe, that is the question!

The entire post below is hypothetical:

It seems I have been blessed with a few unusual questions off late to sink my teeth into. This question came from a person whose father is being harassed/ threatened by someone in power. Of course the threat will go away if a sum of XX is paid to him as a bribe.

So the person asked me to check if the father should pay the bribe will the problem go away as is being promised. The seed given was 127. I cast a chart on 11th Aug, Pune at 18:27:18. As the question pertained to the querist's father, on whom the querist is no longer dependent, I rotated the chart to make the 10th house as the Ascendant. If the questioner was dependent on the father then I would have rotated it from the 9th house.

The ongoing DBA is: RA-MA-RA

Rahu signifies: 2 3 12, 1 2, 4 1 11
Mars signifies: 1 5 10, 5 7 8, 2 6 9

I would have like to see 6 10 11, 10 11, 6 11 for success but Rahu gives a solitary 11. Mars gives 6 8, 5 8, 7 8...nothing really positive.

I remember that Shri KSK has tackled a similar query on page 241 of his sixth reader. In it he says, 

"whosoever you approach is to be judged from the 7th house. 11th house shows the benefactor and and the fulfillment of ones desire. It also shows success.

If the lord of the 7th house is deposited in the constellation of the planet signifying the 11th house then, you can straightaway buy him. But if the significator of 5 or 8 or 12 happens to be the lord of the constellation in which the sublord of the 7th is situated then he will receive the money and cannot or will not oblige you."

In the rotated chart, Jupiter is the 7th CSL. Jupiter is posited in a constellation owned by Ketu. Ketu is occupant of the 9th house. Ketu is posited in the star owned by Saturn. Saturn owns 7th and 8th cusp and is posited in the 5th cusp. So Ketu signifies: 9, 5, 7 , 8.

Since Ketu signifies 5 and 8 out of the three negative houses Shri KSK identified (above), one can conclude that it is not advisable to bribe the official as he would take the money and not do the work anyway.

The blog author is of the opinion that bribes should not be given in any case, whatever would have been the result astrologically. 

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