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Friday, 18 September 2015

My Inheritance?

Someone I know was worried that his inheritance was in danger of misappropriated. To be clear, it had in fact already been misappropriated and the ancestral property sold without his permission being taken into account of his rightful share been given to him. His question was: Will I get my share of the property sales value? The seed given was 149.

The following chart and significators were cast:

The primary house for inheritance is the 8th house. The 8th CSL is Mercury. Mercury is itself retrograde but thankfully not posited in the star of another retrograde planet. This suggests that the matter will not resolve till at least Mercury becomes direct (10th Oct 2015).

8th CSL is Mercury is signifying 8 11 and  8 12 it is not denying the receipt of compensation share from inheritance. 

Since property is already sold the compensation being looked for is likely monetary. So the houses in concern 2 8 11. 2 - wealth, 8 - inheritance and 11 - gain.

Looking at the Nadi significators we can see that all of the planets are fairly positive signifying 8 11. The Dasha lord is Jupiter, while Jupiter does not signify 8 11, it does signify 2 at the planet level (weak). It does have a 12 at the sub and star levels but a single 12 does not hamper the matter. Only a 6 8 12 would deny the matter. So Dasha lord is neutral.

The Bhukti lord is Venus. Again Venus is signifying both 8 11 and 8 12. So its neutral to slightly negative (since 11 is at star level but 12 is at sub level). 

So we need a strong Antara to really resolve the matter. Current Antara is Venus it self. So tough.The next Antara is Sun. Sun is an extremely strong planet to give the native his desired result. This is from 15th Feb 2016 to 4th April 2016. Sun shows 11 at planet and star level and 8 11 at sub level with absolutely no negative houses signified.

Another thing I noticed is that the character of Mercury is to give in smaller quantities. This coupled with the neutral nature of Dasha lord and 8 12 in the bhukti lord, suggests that the native may be getting an amount that is lower than his expectations. Mercury may result in even that amount coming in through installments. 

So I suggested that the best time to bring about the compensation amount related discussions is during the Antara of Sun itself. Since Sun is so positive that it might reduce the gap between actual receipt and expectations. The initial broaching of topic can happen earlier of course. 

Another thing that one can notice is the presence of 5 or 9 or 5 and 9 in almost every planet. This suggests that the final settlement will happen only through negotiations and out of court. While the native may pursue a court case if he wishes to pressurise his unscrupulous relatives, the final settlement will happen only through negotiations.

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