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Thursday, 4 June 2015

What time will electricity be restored?

Pune is notorious for its frequent power cuts. I took advantage of one such to try and predict when the power would be restored using ruling planets. Note this has NEVER worked for me. I have tried predicting when I would receive a call or when someone would come home, but it has never worked for me. Quite frustrating I might add.

Well, power went around 8-8.15 PM odd I think. I decided to look at this question at 8.56PM when the ruling planets were:

Asc sign lord: Jupiter
Moon star: Venus
Moon sign and Day lord: Jupiter.

Ketu is deposited in Pisces and thus represents Jupiter, so will be included in RPs too.

I tried this with KP system, because I have read a case study for something like this exactly.

The broad logic is that the time if query's Ascendant's Star-Sign-Sub must be noted and then the Asc must be moved to that point where these three planets (sign, star, sub of Asc) are common with the RPs.

Page 114 of RP & KP states that three such points must be discovered. If the Asc is in a movable sign, take the first point, if the Asc is in a dual sign take the 2nd point and if it is in a fixed sign then take the 3rd point.

Since my asc law in Sagittarius, it is a dual sign and I will take the 2nd point.

The current Asc is itself is power should be restored immediately, which it was not.

The Ve sub ended at 20:57:14, power was not restored. The next sub is of Sun, which is not in RPs, then is Moon, again not from RPs, this is followed by Mars and then by Rahu, again not in RPs,

Finally Jupiter Sub starts at 21:16:47 and continues till 21:23:00...this is when the Ju-Ve-Ju will operate and during this period power will be restored.

I honestly did not know how to narrow down this further, but came to this range.

The power was finally restored at 21:19 (I did not note the seconds), when either the Ju-Ve-Ju-Me or Ju-Ve-Je-Ke was operating. I am just thrilled with getting a range correct!

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