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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Iran nuclear agreement

I read on a news site this morning that the Iran agreement deadline has been fixed for July 7, 2015. This is a long awaited agreement that would achieve the goal of some world powers of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Anyway, I was curious which way the balance would tilt come July 7, and asked: Will the Iran agreement be signed in July 2015. The seed I gave is 189.

The chart and significators are below:

As per KP, since 3rd cusp denotes agreements, if the 3rd cusp sublord is a significator of 3 or 11 the agreement will be a success. In this case, the 3rd CSL is Venus. Venus is not in the star of a retrograde planet. But. Venus is signifying neither 3 nor 11. Thus KP indicates that the agreement will not be signed.

Interestingly Venus is the sublord of not only the 3rd cusp  but also the 9th cusp (which is the 3rd cusp for the opposite party). As such the agreement will be not signed due to objections from both sides is what I feel.

As per Nadi, the ongoing DBA is KE-VE-ME.

Ketu is signifying 3 11 of some strength. The 3 is in the planet while 11 is at sub level. This is positive for agreement.

Venus is however signifying 3 and 12 in the sub and 6 in the nakshatra. This is negative for the agreement.

Mercury is does not have any positive or negative combination for the agreement, per se.

However, Venus is the 3rd cusp as well as 11th cusp sublord and since it signifies the 3 6 12 combination the DBA lords cannot offer a positive result despite being 50-50.

The agreement with Iran will fall through, and will not be signed. Atleast in the month of July 2015.

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  1. The deal has signed but there are a lot of issues with it. There are a lot of oppositions happening right now. For example, The Republican party is trying to defeat the nuclear deal in a congressional vote.