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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Is the milk safe for consumption?

This was a problem I faced today, well honestly since last couple days. The milk that we usually get has had a funky taste, almost a 'chemical' taste if you will. Every time I poured myself a cup, I found myself struggling to finish more than half. What is worse is that is skewed the taste of my coffee and tea!

Anyway, taste is the least bothering thing to me, I am now wondering if the milk is safe to drink, from a health point of view. I decided to ask the stars to help me out!

I asked if the milk is safe to drink and gave the seed 28. Charts and significators follow:

The ongoing DBA is KE-JU-KE. Since this is a health related matter, if 1 5 9 10 11 should be signified if the milk is safe to drink. If not it will be 6 8 12

Ke signifies 8 at planet level, 6 at star level and 12 at sub level. There are stray 11, 10 and 1 too, but the full combination of ill health being there suggests its better not to drink the milk!

Another interesting observation is that the 5th house is the primary house of health (12th from the 6th which is the primary house for disease). The sublord of the 5th is a retrograde Mercury. Retrograde planets give an adverse result as per KP horary.

I promptly called the milkman and asked him to replace the product!

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