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Thursday, 25 June 2015

When will I get married - Horary based.

Talked to someone last night who despite a slightly advanced age (by Indian standards) was not able to get married. He gave me his birth horoscope, but I was not sure about its authenticity due to the following reasons:
1) One of the conditions stipulated by Shri Andrew Dutta in his 'Rule of Origin' method was not being met, and
2) Though the native is a successful medical professional, majority of the planets did not signify the intelligence combinations of 4 9 11 or 4 11 or 5 11.

Since the question was specific "When will I get married?", I decided to go  the horary way and asked him to give me a number between 1 and 249. He whatsapped: 27.

The chart and significators are as follows:

Houses favouring marriage: 2 7 11
Houses opposing marriage: 1 6 10

Planets favouring marriage: Ma, Su, Ju, Ve, Ra
Planets opposing marriage: Sa, Ke, Me, Mo

The cuspal sublord of the 7th house (prime house of marriage) is Mercury. Me signifies 1 at planet level and 6 10 in the sub level. It also signifies 2 at planet level and 11 at sub level. Since it does indicate some of the favourable houses, the native does have a chance to get married.

The ongoing Dasha is of Moon. Moon quite emphatically denies marriage by the 6 10 at the sub level. So marriage cannot happen in this dasha. Mo Dasha ends on November 9, 2019.

The next Dasha is of Mars. Ma is supporting marriage through the 2 7 signified at both the planet and star level and supporting house of 5 at the sub level. Marriage is possible here. The first Bhukti is also of Mars as if the first Antara within this Bhukti.

Since one planet cannot offer much, we have to look for the Antara of a different planet. The next Antara is of Rahu, after that is Jupiter. We can ignore the transits of Sa, Ke, Me and Mo as these planets are negating marriage more forcefully than allowing it.

We are now looking at Antara's where the transit conditions are satisfied. The two sets of transit conditions are:

Any three planets, whether or not from the DBA, that allow the event should:
1) occupy the relevant houses ( 2 or 7 or 11) OR
2) aspect the relevant houses OR
3) aspect each other OR
4) conjoin in one house OR
5) transit over their natal positions

AND to further pinpoint the event:
a) a transiting planet signifying event transits over the natal degree of a planet signifying event OR
b) two planets signifying event conjoin in one sign within a degree OR
c) any planet signifying event passes over cuspal degree of relevant houses OR
d) Moon conjoins 3 planets signifying event * OR
e) the antar lord in in a star owned by a favourable planet for the event

*Moon should be a signifying house too. In this case it is not, so we can ignore this condition.

The above conditions are satisfied during:

1) February 23, 2020 to March 21, 2020: Mars and Jupiter occupy VII AND Venus in XI
    - March 12: Antara lord Venus goes into a favourable Star (ie star owned by Venus)
    - March 20: Jupiter and Mars are less than 1 degree apart
    - March 21: Transit Rahu is less than 1 degree away from Natal Sun


2) June 19, 2020 to July 1, 2020: Mars 8th As. -> II, Ra 5th As. -> II, Ju 7th As. -> XI
    - 20/21 June: Sun less than 1 degree from Rahu
    - 24th June: Transit Sun less than 1 degree from natal Sun

Charts below:

So I guess marriage is some ways out for the native. But it is on the cards. Hope God gives him, whatever is best for him!

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