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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Career quest!

An acquaintance of mine got in touch with me the other day for an astrological consultation. He is an independent businessman in the IT industry for the last two years approximately. He has tried various partnerships etc but nothing seems to 'click'. There are of course the related worries and financial issues.

Before we discuss his case, let me put the chart here and the Nadi significators. As I said earlier that I will not be using the KPStarOne software due to its calculation mistakes. So I have generated the chart from another free astrology software and computed the significations manually. Its been sometime since I have done that, so please feel free to point out any errors you may notice. I am afraid this is how its going to be till I can afford a paid software.

We see good education combinations in Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, so 6 out of 9 planets. However, in Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Ketu, we also see the 3 6 8 combination that suggests the native was not interested in formal studies.

Now I know that the native has an engineering degree, but I feel that he was not one of the toppers in his class. He may have ducked a few subjects at some point (though not a year) and usually left studies to the end. Given the prevalence of '8', it is supportive of the reality that he did engineering.

Coming to his career, the combinations 2 6 10 11 is good for service and 2 7 10 11 is good for business. The combination of 5 8 12 is worst for career (whether service or business) followed by 6 8 12. The combination of 5 8 or 6 8 or 8 12 are also bad and no positive prediction can be made unless they are countered by 10 11.

Lets now look at each planet individually:

Sun has no positive or negative significations, one can say it is neutral to career. We can even call it slightly positive given 7 and 10 are signified.

Moon has 10 11 but also 5 8 and 6 8 of equal strength. So while the negative signification has been countered, Moon will not give rewards to the native in proportion the efforts put in.

Mars signified 6 8 but the 10 11 is of much higher strength and will help the native further his career.

Mercury is like Sun, slightly positive to neutral.

Jupiter is like Moon, 10 11 counters 5 8, so native will gain, just not in the same proportion of the work he puts in.

Venus, is neutral.

Saturn is a very positive planet for the career. Has 6 10 in planet, supported by 7 in star and 2 6 7 11 in the sub. No negative combinations exist.

Rahu is also very positive, slightly less than Saturn since positive combinations are in planet instead of star or sub.

Ketu is like Jupiter and Moon. Slightly positive.

So to sum up, Saturn is the most positive planet, followed by Rahu and then by Mars. Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Ketu, Mercury and Sun are neutral to positive.

As one can easily notice, the native has 7th cusp signified in every planet. So its ok for him to be in business. He has 6th cusp signified with it in many cases, which not only hints at the job he held earlier, but also that his business will be service providing in nature (Thank you RP for that insight).

Now the native has been seeing some tough times so far, since his business started. Let us see that astrologically.

Native was in Moon dasha till Jan 16, 2015. Within this dasha, the last two bhuktis were for Venus and Sun. So MO-VE and MO-SU were operational when his business started. MO and VE are both neutral to career. So at the beginning he may not have felt too discomforted. Venus Bhukti ended on 17th July 2014 and Sun started. While Sun is also neutral to career on his own, combined with Moon significations, it forms a scattered 5 8 12 and 6 8 12 combination. This would have been a very tough period. There is full possibility of the native having faces disappointments, loss of business, insults etc in Sun's bhukti which ran from 18th July 2014 to 16th Jan 2015. While I will come to this later, Moon also signifies 3 6 8, which suggests that the native will be susceptible to being cheated or getting defrauded etc.

Mars is a fairly positive planet for the career. Mars dasha began on Jan 17, 2015. The first bhukti is of Mars itself. One planet cannot offer much, while I feel that Mars bhukti was better than the native's previous experiences, his better period has started just now. On 15th June 2015, Rahu bhukti has started. As seen earlier, Rahu is a positive planet for business. This will run till 1st July 2016 and will largely be a good period.

The intermittent periods of planets like Jupiter, Sun, Ketu Moon etc will cause some slowdowns, but it will not impact the 'status' of the native, which is being set by a positive Mars.

Mars Dasha will end on 15th Jan 2022. After this the even more positive dasha of Rahu will start, which will go on till Jan 2040. This will be like Mars, only just better. There will be periodic slowdowns when neutral planets bhukti's interrupt, but overall the native's career will be on a rising trajectory.

Thereafter, the dasha of Jupiter for 16 years will begin in Jan 2040. This will largely be a slow period. I have appended a table of the various dashas and bhuktis for the native at the end of this narrative.

Uranus in the 2nd house of wealth creates sudden changes. It is best that the native doesn't squander his wealth or use it in risky ventures but makes judicious investments.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Ketu have a 3 6 8 combination which renders the native susceptible to fraud. While no clear indications of "no partnership" are there, it is best if the native reads before signing, verifies before accepting and uses multiple sources to vet information.

The 2nd house has a malefic Rahu. While Rahu (thankfully) does not signify negative houses, his presence in the 2nd house suggests bad habits or addiction to either alcohol or cigarettes or bad food habits etc. It will be best if the native tries to control his urges in this direction to prevent loss to health.

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