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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Missing child

Another one where  I wish I am wrong.

I saw a FB post shared about a young child who left her house in a huff 2-3 days  back and has since been missing.

I cast a horary for her return with the seed 8 and then rotated the chart to make the 9th cusp as ASC since I do not know the person.

The combination of returning home is 2 4 11. The ongoing DBA is of ME-ME-SA. None of the DBA lords are signifying 2 4 11. In fact Mercury is signifying 7 8 12, which is not a positive combination.

The Ascendant sub lord is Rahu. Rahu is also signifying 7 8 12 as well. This does not bode well for the child to return home.

If one looks at KP rules as well, the sublords of all the return houses 2, 4  and 11 are either retrograde themselves or posited in a constellation owned by a retrograde planet. This usually indicates an adverse result.

Page 160 of Reader 6 says (I paraphrase), "If the sublord of the third cusp is posited in the is in the constellation of the planet who is the significator of 3 and 11, on the day the moon transits that 1) position of the zodiac (sign, star and sub) which is governed by the significators of 3rd cusp, 2) 3rd cusp from the relative about whom the question is asked and the 11th cusp (from asc), the querist will receive the letter.."

The 3rd cusp is in Sun's sub. Sun is posited in Moon's star. Moon signifies 12 6 8 9, it does not signify 11 or 3. As such I am not hopeful of any intimation coming through.

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  1. Sad to learn this morning that the girl has passed away. In synch with the 7 8 12s in the horary. I started out with the intention of finding out the date of return, but ended up with an adverse answer that I couldnt put in full. Hope God gives her loved ones the strength to bear this loss.