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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Will I pass the exam?

Someone close to me appeared for an exam today for a certification she needed. The question asked was the same as the title of the post and the number given was 89. Chart cast is as follows:

The ongoing DBA is MO-VE-JU.

Moon is in Moon star and Venus Sub. Moon thus signifies, 2, 12; 2, 12; 12, 10, 3

Venus is in Mercury star and Mars Sub. Venus thus signifies, 12, 10, 3; 2, 10, 11; 11, 9, 4

Jupiter is in Mercury star and Jupiter Sub. It thus signifies, 12, 8, 5; 2, 10, 11; 5, 8, 12

Mo is signifying 3, 10 and 2 which are positive houses for education. Venus is even more positive by signifying 2,3,4,9,10,11 while Mercury signifies 2 10 11 and also negative 5 8 12.

If this was a competitive exam where only a few could pass, this would have not been an ideal combination. As there are no limits (to my knowledge) as to how many students can get through, this should be enough to pass. However, 8 12 suggests that there may be difficulties, I do not foresee this student failing. Best of luck!

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  1. The student in question got results today and has cleared the examination as predicted by me. Kudos to hard work put in by the native.