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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Agony aunt

I got a call from a lady who had a marriage query on behalf of her nephew. Her nephew has been divorced once and recently negotiations for another proposal broke down inexplicably after the girl called it off, out of the blue.

The birth chart and significators is as follows:

The houses that promote marriage are 2, 7, 11 and the houses that oppose are 1, 6, 10.  Now let us evaluate the strength of the planets on this basis.

Right off the bat, we can see that Mars which signifies 6 through occupation and 1,6 through sign ownership occupies a somewhat important position in the horoscope. It acts as a marriage 'deny-er' at a nakshatra level for Mercury, Saturn and Ketu. So while these 'grahas' allow marriage at the planet and the sub level, they are weak in offering the event, thanks to the denial at the nakshatra level.

Jupiter and Mars, outright deny marriage. Lets look at the one by one:

Mars signifies 1,6 at planet level, a weak ancillary house 9 at star level and again denial at sub level.

Jupiter signifies positive house 2 and ancillary house 5 at the planet level. However, there is denial houses 1 6 at the star level and no meaningful support  from the sublord Moon.

So the most powerful planets for marriage are: Rahu, Moon, Sun, Venus (in descending order of strength). These are followed by Mercury, Saturn and Ketu, who don't deny and are but weak positives.

The native was running his Venus Dasha at birth, followed by the Sun's Dasha which ended on April 10, 1998. The native would be around 24 years of age then. Had he gotten married at that time, he would not only have benefited from the Sub's Dasha but also from Moon's dasha for the next ten years which is very powerful for supporting marriage. However, the native was not married then.

While I do not have the details of the native's first marriage, I am guessing it would have been in the Moon's dasha thanks to its strength and the separation/ divorce would have happened sometime in the Mars Dasha which commenced on April 10, 2008 and lasted till April 10, 2015. I have asked the native to give me the dates and will cross-verify with this timeline.

Anyway, the native' frustration at not getting his life partner is understandable, because he has not consulted with a stellar astrologer before this. Mars does not offer marriage at all. So he was not destined to get married for the last seven years. While this is little consolation to someone who has been waiting fruitlessly for a companion, it is better than learning that marriage is not possible at all, isn't it? In fact, I say to him, that you have given your best performance at work, but the bonus will be given on the decided date, the company (and indeed the galaxy) is not going to rearrange its schedule just so you get yours before time. But the bonus is promised, take heart in that.

The native is currently running Rahu's Dasha, Bhukti and Antara. Rahu is the most powerful planet in his horoscope to offer marriage and thus he should be in a good time. However, he may not be experiencing it as such as the girl he was courting has just said no. There is a very straightforward explanation to that. One planet cannot offer anything. There have to be atleast two planets to offer and event. Since Rahu is the only planet in the DBA, it is not furtiful. In fact this is known as 'Chidra dasha' which implies that no important event takes place in this period.

So what should the native do? Wait it out! The Rahu antara ends on September 5, 2015. There after Jupiter starts. As we have seen earlier, Jupiter is one of two planets that is outright denying marriage, hence we have to let this Antara go. Jupiter will end on January 15, 2016. After this, Saturn Dasha starts and will go on till June 19, 2016. Saturn is a weak significator of marriage. but with a powerful Rahu as the Dasha and Bhukti lord, I have little doubt that he will meet his life partner in this period. We can try and look at transits to figure out when:

On March 7, 2016 3 planets signifying the event Ketu, Sun and Mercury conjoin in the 10th house Aquarius sign. In fact on this date, the transit Sun is conjunct with the natal sun satisfying the subtle conditions of timing of event. The three planets conjunct condition continues till 18-19th March.

So, my prediction is that his marriage will be decided between March 1, 2016 to March 19, 2016 (special emphasis on 7th to 11th of March).

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