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Monday, 29 June 2015

Change in job

A friend asked me whether any change in job was slated for her. The below is the chart and significators followed by my analysis:

The cusp combination that promotes a change in job is 5 9. The 5th house is 12th from the 6th (prime house of employment) signifying a break from work. Similarly, the 9th is 12th from 10th which suggests leaving present status. The native also needs a separative planet (Sun/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu) as one of the DBA planets. The native is currently running the dasha of Saturn.

A cursory glance will tell us that the native has quite a few 5 9s in ther chart. The following planets show the job change combination:

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu

Only three planets: Saturn, Venus and Sun do not show the full combination but support change by signifying 9.

True to what the chart says, this person has changed jobs 6 times in the last 10 years or so, and is now looking for number 7. Its amazing how accurate the art is.

Anyway, native is in Dasha of Saturn, which supports change. The Bhukti is of Mercury which signifies 5 9  at star level, strongly suggesting job change and Antara is of Jupiter which is also signifying 5 9 at planet level.

The event (ie change in job) will fructify during favourable transits. The transit rules are as follows:

Nadi transit rules:

Any three of the planets which signify the relevant houses (may or may not be the same as DBA), should either:

1) Conjoin in one house OR

2) mutually aspect each other OR

3) transit the significator houses OR

4) aspect the significator houses OR

5) transit over their natal positions (one planet signifying event may transit its own natal position or even another planets natal position if that planet is also signifying the event)

To further pinpoint, the event will take place on the day when:

a) A transiting planet signifying the relevant houses should transit exactly over the natal degree of 
any planet that also signifies the event OR

b) two planets signifying the event are less than 1 degree apart in a sign OR

c) any planet signifying the event transits exactly over the cuspal degree of the relevant house in the transit chart OR

d) Moon conjoins with any three planets that also signifying the event in a sign. This condition can only be applied If Moon is a signifying planet, not otherwise. OR

e) The Antara lord is transiting in a nakshatra/star/constellation of a planet that signifies the event

On 21st July 2015, transit Mercury is transiting over the natal Mercury, transit Jupiter is transiting over the natal Jupiter and transit Rahu is transiting over natal Mars. In fact the transit Mercury is conjunct with natal Mercury within one degree on this date. This satisfies the condition 5-a.

The period conducive for job change continues till end of September 2015 and then a couple weeks. This period comes under the antara of Jupiter (which is conjunct with separative Saturn in the natal chart) and under the Antara of Saturn. 

Another sensitive point is August 5-7, 2015 when Mars 8th aspects 5th house an Mercury and Jupiter 7th aspect the 5th house. The Antara lord Jupiter is in star owned by favourable Ketu.

There may be more sensitive points, but it is clear that in the 2-2.5 months starting July 21, 2015, the native will most definitely shift jobs.


  1. Going through some of my old predictions I realised i missed putting one point here. The native is running Bhukti and Antara of Mercury and Jupiter antara. Mercury and Jupiter are two planets that are able to give not just work change due to 5 9 combination but also addition of income. So the same person if he is in service take another part time job. If he is in business he may start another business. Since the native in this case is in service it is possible that instead of job change an additional job may happen.

  2. The native has just received a job offer today from a large firm from her industry itself. lets see!

  3. The native has just received a job offer today from a large firm from her industry itself. lets see!

  4. The former letter of the offer, detailing the salary, position etc was sent to the native on the 22nd July, only after the relevant period started. Nothing happens before the stars allow it seems!

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