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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The CM's affidavit- genuine or not?

A controversy a day seems to be the mantra with Indian media in targeting the government over the Lalit Modi issue. A new story broke out today, you can read about it here. There is little point in going over the details when the document in question (an affidavit purportedly by Vasundhara Raje helping Lalit Modi's case) is not even signed. The media is denying 'ownership' of the document due to its non-signed nature but that does not seem to stop them from outraging on the issue.

An important issue to note that I will not be using KPStarone software for charts. While it has a great interface the fact is that not enough programming rigor seems to have gone into it and it is throwing up random errors. This was brought to my notice twice by Shri Kanak Bosmia. So I will be using another software till I can accumulate enough money to buy a new software.

The rules for checking the genuineness of documents remains the same in KP. 3rd CSL is Saturn. Saturn is in its own star. This suggests that the document is not genuine

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