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Friday, 22 May 2015

Will Mr. X cease being the CM of a state before a year is up?

I know someone who follows politics quite passionately. Seeing the ugly developments in a state of India, he asked if the CM of that state would cease being the CM before a year is through.

I reframed the question as follows:

Will the X person (name withheld for obvious reasons, but we can refer to him as Yugpurush) cease being the CM (Chief Minister) before May 22, 2016?

The seed that was given was 184. The chart and significators are as follows:

In cases where the querent wishes for a person to go away from a post, when 1,5,6,9,10,11 appears in the DBA the result is according to the wishes of the native. If however 6,8,12 appears then the result is against the wishes of the native.

The ongoing DBA is of JU-SU-MA. Jupiter signifies 1 5 6 10 11, Sun 5 9 10 and Mars 5 9 10. There is 8 12 combination in Mars at star and planet levels, hence less powerful compared to the 5 9 10 signification which is at SUB level.

It appears that Yug purush will not be the CM beyond May 22, 2016.

While not strictly the purview of the question, I wanted to check if the approximate date of his ouster can be predicted using the options theory.

The date ranges for options I chose were as follows:
1) Upto 22.6.15 2) Upto 22.7.15 3) Upto 22.8.15 4) Upto 22.9.15 5) Upto 22.10.15 6) Upto 22.11.15 7) Upto 22.12.15 8) Upto 22.1.16 9) Upto 22.2.16 10) upto 22.3.16 11) Upto 22.4.16 12) Upto 22.5.16

The ruling planets at the time of judgement are:
Ascendant star lord: Mercury
Moon star lord: Jupiter
Moon sign lord: Mercury
Day lord: Venus

Jupiter is in the star of Mercury, Mercury is retrograde and hence Jupiter will be ignored.

Mercury owns rashis 3 and 6, Venus owns 2 and 7. The numerical value of the ruling planets will be: 3+6+3+6+2+7 = 27

Since number of options is more than nine, we will not reduce the numerical value further, but leave it at 27.

Let us subtract the options number from 27: 27-12= 15. 15 is still larger than the options number. Let us subtract the options number once more. 15-12=3. The third option is the correct one.

Yugpurush will cease to be the CM of his state between July 22, 2016 to August 22, 2016.

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