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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A question on Conspiracy theory!

This was such a way out there question that I must admit I thought twice, maybe thrice before putting it out here. And I will be ok to remove it if someone has an issue with this. But it was so interesting, that I could not resist.

To all those who may be offended can I please say that the following text is all a work of imagination, and any resemblance to reality or any accusation here is merely a coincidence and not meant to hurt or harm. And of course, this entire post is hypothetical.

Someone I know is a conspiracy theory buff. He asked a question today about a disease that is predominantly sexually transmitted and has claimed millions of lives across the world, esp in Africa and Asia. While medicines can keep the disease causing germ in control, it can never be cured and the patient does face certain amount of social stigma for life.

Now the question asked was: There is a rumour that the said disease has a known cure or vaccination but this cure is not allowed to be made public by large companies. Is this rumour true?

The number given was 84 and the chart and significators are as follows:

KP dealt with rumour verification through horary in its 6th Reader, page 171-172. It says, "One has to judge the third house for any information or correspondence or communication or report.

We have to find out the sub lord of the third cusp; note in which constellation the sub lord is deposited. If the lord of the constellation in which the sub lord is deposited happens to be Saturn then the report is false. But if Mars then it is mischievous and false. If it is Jupiter then its true; and if the lord happens to be any planet that is connected with Saturn in any manner then the report is false; but connected with Jupiter, the report is correct. This is the way to find out whether a rumour is believable or not."

Lets look at our chart. The third cuspal sublord is Venus. Venus is deposited in a constellation owned by Jupiter. What does that tell us...the rumour is true.

Looking at Nadi significations. The current DBA is VE-RA-JU. Venus is also the 3rd CSL.

 If 3 11, 3 6 11, 3 10 11 is signified in the DBA then the rumour is true. If 3 6 8 12 is signified then the rumour is false.

Venus clearly signifies 3 10 11 at Planet level. The 5 8 12 at star and sub level indicates to a scandal but not to the rumour being false (that would have to be 3 6 8 12 remember?).

Rahu doesnt signify positive or negative combinations and neither does Jupiter.

But based on Venus, one would have to conclude that Nadi agrees with KP.

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