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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Who will win the US Presidential polls?

The political slugfest is already underway for what some might consider to be the most important election in the world. While the ballots will be cast only on November 8, 2016, the process of potential candidates throwing their hats into the electoral ring has already begun. While some have outright announced their intentions, others have dropped hints or appointed exploratory committees. This is true for both, the Republican and the Democrat, sides of the aisle.

From what I understand of the process is that a bunch of people from each party will present their candidature and defend their case in front of supporters of that party itself. Then depending upon the response the party selects their candidate. These are called primaries and I believe are the best way there is to judge eligibility and a true democratic method. The the selected candidates (one from each opposing party) face off in a long, tiring campaign that culminates at the hustings...and Voila...the President of the United States (POTUS) is elected.

While many names are doing the rounds today, there could be more additions and deletions in the already long list as the days, weeks and months pass. Instead of beating around the bush I wondered if the stars would oblige me with the name of the final winner (in terms of Party) today itself.

I asked two questions and gave the following seeds:

1) Will USA have a Democrat party candidate as President after the 2016 elections? Seed: 94

2) Will USA have a Republican party candidate as President after the 2016 elections? Seed: 50

Lets look at each set of the charts one-by-one. The chart and significators for Q1 are as follows:

As per traditional KP Rules:
If the 6th cuspal sublord signifies 6th and 11th house without signifying 5th and 12th house, then victory is assured. But if the 7th cuspal sublord is a significator of 5th and 12th without signifying 6th and 11th, then the opponent will win.

In the chart above, the 6th cuspal sublord is Jupiter. Jupiter is signifying 12th by occupation and 5th by ownership. It is also signifying the 11th through the ownership of its star lord. On the face of it, its 12th (defeat) house signification is stronger than the 11th (winning) house signification.

Lets, look at it from the 7th house (opponents) perspective. The 7th house sublord is Venus. It is signifying 12th house by the occupation of its star lord. It is signifying the 5th house through the ownership of its star lord. It is signifying the 11th by its own occupation. So 7th sub lord is also signifying a victory house of opponent (12th) at a higher level than the victory house for democrats (11th).

Based on KP, the answer is tilting towards a democrat loss.

Let us look at Nadi methodology as well:

Since the presidential elections are on November 8, 2016 and results perhaps soon there after, we need to look at the relevant DBA then. The DBA applicable is RA-KE-MO. Moon antara starts on 7th November 2016 and ends on 8th December 2016. Fair to assume that polls and counting will start and end within this date range. It is interesting to note that MO features in the DBA of a prashna kundali that is dealing with a government.

As per Nadi, 2 6 10 11 significations in the DBA of the polls will signify victory. If 6 8 12 is signified, then defeat.

Rahu is signifying 2 10 11 at the Planet and Sub level.
Ketu signifies 6 at star level and 8 12 at planet level. But it is also signifying 2 10 11 at the sub level.
Moon is also signifying 2 10 11 at star and sub levels.
The 6th CSL is Jupiter. Jupiter is signifying 2 10 11 at sub level.

This is quite in contrast to the answer given by Krishnamurti Paddhati.

Let us leave this here for now and examine  Q2. The chart and significators are as follows:

The 6th cuspal sublord is Rahu. Rahu is signifying 1 2 no planets for defeat, but no planets for victory either. The 7th cuspal sublord (opponents) is Mercury. Mercury is signifying 1 2 4 12. Thus 7th cuspal sublord is indicating victory for the opponent ie democrats.

Lets look at Nadi methodology now. The relevant DBA is RA-KE-SA. Saturn antara runs from 15th September 2016 to 13th November 2016.

Rahu is signifying a solitary positive house '2' at the star level, but vyaya shtan 12 (house of loss) once each at planet, star and sub level. Notably, Rahu is also the 6th CSL.

Ketu is signifying 2 and 10 at planet level but 5 8 at star level and 12 at sub level. Its is also signifying 7 at planet level. Thus two negative combinations are present 5 8 12 and 7 8 12. 5 8 12 is indicative of a financial or a sex scandal and 7 8 12 is indicating gain and victory to the opponent.

Saturn is signifying 5 8 at planet and star level, it also has 2 10 positive houses at sub level. But I don't think these are enough to over rule the negatives of the dasha and bhukti.

Thus will KP gave mixed results for victory for Democrats, it was very clear in indicating loss for the Republicans. Also, Nadi was clear on both fronts, it gave a clear victory to the Democrats and a clear defeat to the Republicans.

I am not going into candidate status now, maybe I will examine democrat candidates when their primaries are finalised.

But for now the prediction is clear: After the 2016 elections, a candidate from the Democrat Party will be the President of the United States of America.

Not intended to hurt sentiments or break a law. Simply testing my astrological skills. Let me know if this is a violation of any law.


  1. Lots of ppl saying this could be a landslide. but the ambiguity in charts above suggests it will be a closer race than people expect. with the dems winning.

  2. Clearly i got this wrong. Travelling currently will analyse where I went wrong and post when i get a chance.