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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A royal marriage

Prince Harry, or rather Henry Charles Albert David, born 15th September 1984 is widely considered the most eligible bachelor in all of the United Kingdom. While some of his party pictures may have shocked a few, for others he seems to be a nice guy leading a normal life for his age and culture. Having served in the armed forces for his country and well known for his charity efforts, his personal life may have sparked curiosity amongst a few.

I decided to figure out when would his marriage be decided or even perhaps solemnized. After all he is now thirty years old and his brother got married when he was about 29-30 and his father around 32-33, so it about that time in the royal family!

So on a whim I decided to ask the stars on what they have decided for Prince Harry and they answered. I have taken his chart details from:

The chart constructed along with the Nadi significators is as follows:

As can be gauged from the significators table, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn are rejecting marriage outright. From the remaining this is the descending order of significators in terms of strength to allow marriage:


Harry is currently running the Dasha of Rahu (till December 2024), so this is a conducive time for him to get married. Of the Bhuktis, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn are already over. He is currently in the Bhukti of Mercury (upto June 2017).

Now let us look at the Antaras. Mercury Antara is over, he is currently  in Ketu Antara which is till 9th June 2015. Ketu rejects marriage as we have seen earlier. So marriage is difficult till June 2015.

The next antara is Venus. This period runs from 10th June 2015 to 11th November 2015. Techincally, the fixing of marriage is possible here, but we need to look at transits to confirm this. I look at Sun transits. Sun needs to transit either a Mercury sign - Rahu Sub or a Rahu sign - Mercury Sub. Since no sign exists for Rahu, we may consider its occupancy owner as its representative. Rahu is occupant of Taurus, a Venus owned sign. There exists no Ve-Me sign star combination. So we can ignore this and look only for the Sun transiting through a Mercury sign and Rahu sub. So is the transit Sun passing through either a Me-Ra sign-star combination during the period 10th June 2015 to 11th November 2015? Yes, it is passing through Gemini (Me) - Ra during the period 21st June to 5th July 2015.

Let us look at Nadi rules to confirm that this is the period. Nadi rules of transit say that:
Any three planets (not necessarily from the DBA) that allow the event should either:
1) conjoin in one house and one sign
2) aspect each other
3) transit significator houses (2 7 11 in this case)
4) aspect the significator houses
5) transit over their natal positions

Unfortunately, none of the Nadi conditions are getting satisfied during this period. There is only one day when 3 planets are aspecting the 11th house. That day is 5th July. But on that date none of the following pinpoint conditions are getting satisfied:

a) Transiting planet signifying event transits over the exact degree of a signifying planet in the natal chart, OR

b) Two planets signifying events transit a sign and are conjunct within one degree, OR

c) Any one planet signifying the event transits exactly over the cuspal degree of a significator house,OR

d) Moon conjoins with three planets signifying event (assuming Moon is also a signifying planet), OR

e) The transit of the Antara lord is in a star owned by a favourable planet.

As can be seen from the transit chart, none of the above conditions are getting satisfied. In fact, the Antara lord, Venus, is actually in the star of Ketu, which is one of the three planets denying the event.

Thus even though the DBA is favourable, we have to reject this set of days, as transits are not allowing the event (fixing of marriage).

The we look at the next antara of Sun, whose period is 12th November 2015 to 28th December 2015. Sun is allowing marriage and so we can examine it further for transit. Is the Sun passing through Me-Ra sign-star combination during this period? The answer is NO!

Now we look at the next antara that of Moon, which runs from 29th December 2015 to 15th March 2016. Is the Sun passing through the Me-Ra combination during this period? The answer is NO!

The next antara is of Mars, which runs from 16th March 2016 to 18th May 2016. Is the Sun passing through the Me-Ra combination during this period? The answer is NO!

The next antara is of Rahu, which runs from 9th May 2016 to 25th September 2016. Is the sun passing through the Me-Ra combination during this period? It is! During the period, 21st June to 4th July 2016.

On these dates, the transit conditions 3 and e are getting satisfied.
3: Sun and Venus have 7th aspect on XI, Rahu has 9th aspect on II, Mars has 7th aspect on II. In fact on 4th July, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Venus have 7th aspect on XI, Mars has 7th on II and Rahu has 9th on II as well.

e: The antara lord, Rahu, is posited in the star of Venus, a favourable planet.

The transit chart is:

The marriage is most likely to be fixed at this time (21st June 2016 to 5th July 2016)...phew! 

So...will I get a royal invite? :)

While not strictly the purview of this post, the presence of Rahu twice in the DBA and Mercury indicates that the girl may be from a different social status than the Prince (ie perhaps not of same nationality or from regal blood or something like that), Mercury suggests that she will be quite younger than him. Like I said, I havent studied this in detail, but just based on the event offering planets.

Hope God gives him, whatever is best for him.


  1. It is interesting to note that Prince William's marriage was fixed in November 2010 when he was running the DBA of SA-KE-SA, Saturn fixes marriage with someone from a so-called lower class. It is not surprising then that the Prince married what many of his orthodox friends may consider to be a 'commoner'. Rahu is similar to Saturn and may perhaps have the similar result for Harry, the younger brother.

  2. but the question remains, when and where will he meet his future bride?

  3. Interestingly, I hear news that the Prince might be getting married to Meghan Markle. Meghan satisfies all the conditions I have mentioned in the post (commoner, very different social status, different nationality and also a divorcee I hear). One thing I got wrong is that she is older than him than younger (will also be chalked up to being different than the norm as predicted). Also they met in May 2016 I hear. This is really close to the time period I had predicted for marriage getting 'fixed'. Indeed if Harry does get married to Meghan I can say that my prediction has come true! I am sure both of them knew in the period I had predicted above that they would be marrying each other. That is marriage fixing, the divine event. Everything else, the caterers, the wedding venue, etc is a human event depending on convenience of guests, weather, costs etc. If it does go through, I hope they are happy together!