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Monday, 11 May 2015

When will I change my Job?

An old friend is feeling a little plateaued in her current job and not excited to get to work. She asked me for my amateur view on when she can get another job. Since such specific questions are best answered by Prashna, I asked her for a number between 1 and 249. '97', she texted me.

The following is the chart that was cast and the significators:

The chart casting time was 2:43 on 11/May/2015. The ruling planets at this time are:
Asc sign lord: Sun
Moon star lord: Mars
Moon sign lord: Saturn (in the star of a retrograde planet)
Day lord: Moon

She is currently running the DBA of Mars-Rahu-Venus. The combination and timing of job change is is 5 9 and it must occur when one of the DBA planets is a separative. As Rahu is a separative, the second condition is clearly fulfilled.

However, when I got down to analysing her prashna horoscope, what is suggested was something else.

The Dasha lord Mars is signifying a higher middle class combination of 2 11 at the Sub level. It also has 9 which is 12th to the 10th making it slightly negative to the career. On the whole, the Dasha is neutral to positive for her career. The absence of 5 9 combination here does not indicate change.

The Bhukti lord is Rahu. Rahu signifies 1 2 9 11, 6 12 and 5 8 12 at Planet, Nakshatra and Sub level. 5 9 combination exists here thus supporting some change, however, it is the 5 8 12 combination at the Sub level that is worrying me. 5 is the 11th house to the 7th (opposition), 8th is the 2nd house to the 7th  and 12th is the 6th to the 7th. So for her opposers this is a period of desire fulfillment, gain and victory over her.

This 5 8 12 combination is a very bad combination for one's career. It signifies suspensions, dismissals, scandals, insults, and loss of money. The Bhukti lord also does not have the mitigating combination of 10 11 to arrest any problems. A lone 11 at the Planet level will not have the strength to take on 5 8 12 at the Sub level.

The Antara lord, Venus, also has 5 8 12 at the sub level indicating stress in her career. It does however have 2 10 11 scattered at the planet and nakshatra level, which suggests that thus far she has been able to cope somehow with what is happening at work. But it is a losing battle.

The cuspal sublord of the 6th house (primary house of employment) is Saturn that also does not have any powerful job combinations.

The prashna chart suggests that she is facing severe troubles at work, which might exacerbate in the last week of May 2015 to mid July. I think the native is poised for some setbacks and may perhaps see some break in service too. My advise to her was to start putting feelers out for new opportunities. Seeing her natal chart I see possibilities for getting a new job. For now, she needs to guard against putting herself into any sensitive position work-wise.

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