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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Will I be wealthy?

The third question was "How wealthy will I be?" I assume what he meant to ask was "if he will be wealthy"?

The chart and significators are given below:

The combination to earn a lot of money is 2 6/7 10 11. Currently the native is in Moon Dasha which will end on 29-10-2020. Then Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus and Sun will follow.

MO and Mars signifies 2 11, Rahu signifies no special combination of wealth, Jupiter signifies 6 10 11, Saturn signifies 2 6 11, Mercury signifies 2 7 10 11, Ketu signifies 2 7 10 11, Venus signifies 6 10 11, and Sun signifies 6 10 11. So by and large the native's dasha's will give him wealth as per his present expectations. He should only be careful during the Rahu dasha from 2027 to 2045 which has no clear combination of wealth. Notably, I dont expect it to be too bad for him as the Bhuktis and Antars will have more favourable planets. But it would make sense for him to exercise caution.

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