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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Will the land bill ever become law?

The Hon'ble PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi, is struggling with getting a land acquisition bill passed in both houses of the parliament. The proposed bill (that is currently in ordinance form) will make it easier for the government to acquire land at fair prices from farmers to put up national developmental and infrastructure facilities. However, the ruling coalition (NDA) does not have a majority in the upper house of India's parliament and as such even if it gets the bill through the lower house will not be able to pass the law in the upper house due to push back from a united opposition.

I asked a question: Will the current land bill ever become law ie. be passed in both houses? Seed: 232. The following are the significators and chart:

I decided to look at third house (since it deals with an agreement being arrived at on a written law), the 6th house (victory over opposition), and 11th house (gains).

KP rules:
The 3rd CSL is Mercury, Mercury is retrograde. This will not give positive results.

The 6th CSL is Venus. Venus signifies 5th house of gain to opposition and 8th house of difficulty. It is not signifying any of the victory houses of 6 or 11. So 6th CSL will not help in passing law.

The 11th CSL is Jupiter. Jupiter is posited in a constellation owned by Mercury, which is retrograde. So even 11th CSL suggests adverse result.

Nadi rules:


Rahu is not signifying any positive houses of 2 6 10 11, but is signifying 5 8 in star. 5th is 11th to 7th and 8th is the house of difficulty for native.

Sun is marginally positive with 10 in the Sub, but it also signifies 1 5 there. Also 5 8 in star.

Jupiter is similar to Sun's significations.

It appears that the land bill, atleast in the current form, can never be passed. Perhaps it is advisable for Narendra Modi to invest his political elsewhere.

This is one of the few times when I hope I am wrong.


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