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Friday, 29 May 2015

FIFA Presidential elections

FIFA Presidential elections will be held later today I believe and there are two contenders for the top post:

1) Sepp Blatter; and
2) Prince Hussein

I asked the question and took the following seeds:
157 for Sepp Blatter and 163 for Prince Hussein

The following are the charts and significators for Sepp Blatter:

The 6th CSL is Sun. Sun signifies the 6th cusp through its own occupation and the 11th cusp through the occupation of its starlord Moon. It is not signifying either 5 or 12 at all (the are victory houses for the opponent). It is a very strong indication for the victory for the Incumbent Sepp.

The 7th CSL is Jupiter (7th cusp represents the opponent). Jupiter is in the star of Mercury. Mercury is retrograde and as per KP horary rules the result will not come through for the opponent. Page 146 of the 6th Reader clearly says "Planets in direct motion if deposited in the constellation of a retrograde planet, one cannot have success".

Thus Sepp's chart is very strong for victory for him.

Lets look at it with the Nadi methodology.

The 6th CSL is Mercury. it signifies 11 in Planet and star, which is positive for victory. It does not indicate the defeat combination of 6 8 12. It does show a scattered 7 8 12 which indicates perhaps a tough campaign.

The current DBA is MO-SU-ME.

Moon signifies 6 10 11, Sun is signifying 6 10 11 as well. We have already seen Mercury's significations. So It appears that Mr. Sepp's chart is indicating victory for him.

Let us corroborate this result with Prince Hussein. The chart and significators are as follows:

The 6th CSL  is Mercury. Mercury is retrograde. I understand from a paper by Shri Andrew Dutta that, "...regarding horary, Shri KSK gave a set of golden rules. They are:
1) The most important house cusp sub lord should itself not be retrograde at the time of judgement.
2) The sub lord should not occupy a star whose lord is retrograde at the time of judgement
3) The main house cuspal sub lord should be related with the other houses pertaining to the question

Finally, rules 1, 2, 3 should be simultaneously satisfied to denote a positive answer. If any one of the Rules 1,2,3 is not satisfied, it shows  negative result for the query. Results will not fructify"

As such, the main house of victory is itself impaired for Prince Hussein, and victory seems tough.

Let us look at Nadi rules:

The 6th CSL is Mercury. As can be seen above significators, ME signifies 6 8 12 quite clearly indicating defeat.

Since the DBA lords cannot grant what the main cuspal sublord has denied, it would corroborate that Prince Hussein will not win this vote, as per my astrological understanding.


  1. Dear Mr. Arthur Dent,

    Congrats on your correct prediction regarding to the result of FIFA's elections.

    Mr. Blatter just took the world by surprise when he announced that he would resign as FIFA president only a few days after his victory. I wonder if this somehow showed when you cast the charts?

  2. This would probably show up on his birth chart. Since this chart's existence was solely for one question alone, I doubt it would show the resignation with clarity. I could of course 'retrofit' the chart to reality, by pointing out the 5 9 combinations I see in the chart, but that would not be strictly correct. I also am principally against such post mortem astrology, which neither gives information of use to readers nor knowledge to the astrologer :)

    I hope you continue to enjoy my posts, do keep reading and commenting! Thank you.