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Saturday, 30 May 2015

2002 Footie World cup rigged?

Ms. Jessica Adams is a very experienced astrologer and has been very kind and encouraging to me in our few interactions. She had made a few predictions regarding FIFA, some of which events are unfolding even as I type this.

Today in a tweet to me, she mentioned about the rumour that has been going around for long that the 2002 world cup was rigged. I wondered if the stars would confirm the veracity of the rumour.

I asked the question, "There is a rumour that the 2002 world cup was rigged, is this true?" and gave the seed '114'. The following chart and significators were cast:

As per Nadi rules, if the news/ rumour is true then DBA signifies 3 11, on the other hand if the news is just a rumour then DBA planets signify 3 6 8 12.

The relevant DBA is RA-VE-MA. Rahu is also the 3rd cuspal sub lord.

Rahu signifies 1 9 10 in planet and sub, and 2 11 in star. So Rahu neither confirms nor denies the rumour.

Bhukti lord Venus signifies 3 in sub and 11 in star.

Antara lord Mars signifies 3 at planet and 11 in star.

At no point do the DBA lords signify 3 6 8 12 which would have dismissed the rumour as false.

So based on my limited knowledge of Nadi is does appear that there is something more to the rumours of the 2002 world cup being rigged. This appears to support Ms. Adams experienced view.

Notably, I had made a prediction about 2022 world cup, perhaps the above result will come about as a fall out of that?

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