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Monday, 4 April 2016

Marriage date (long one!)

I examined this question at  7:46PM in Pune on April 4, 2016, when the ruling planets were as follows:

Asc sign lord Venus, Moon star Rahu, Moon sign Saturn, Day lord Moon.  

Since the question pertains to marriage, the main cusp is the 7th and the 7th CSL is Mars. Since Mars does not appear in the primary RPs, we need to rectify the birth time.

Currently 7th cusp falls at 5 degrees, 10 minutes and 52 secs in the Leo sign, that makes Su-Ke-Ma the planets governing the cusp. Mars is the bit we need to correct. Mars is preceded by Moon and succeeded by Rahu. Both Mo and Ra are part of our RPs. But I select Rahu as Rahu is a higher ranked RP than Moon, and rectify the time to 00:52. The new chart is as follows:

The significations of Rahu are as follows:

House: 3,
Conjunct (<4 deg): Nil
Aspected by: Nil
Star lord (Venus): 2,4 9
Sign lord (Mars): 4, 3 10; Star of Mars (Moon): 4, 6
Aspects 5th to 7th cusp and 9th to 11th cusp

Through its star lord, Rahu is signifying the 2nd house, which is part of the marriage house group (2/7/11). So marriage is possible for this chart. Notably. Rahu also aspects favourable houses 7 and 11.

The current Dasha is of Jupiter. Jupiter signifies the following houses:

Ju: 12, 2 11; Mo: 4, 6

Notably, Jupiter is a stronger significator of a marriage negating house 6th than it is of marriage positive houses 2 and 11. But be that as it may, it is still signifying positive houses for marriage so marriage is possible in this dasha which runs till Oct 7, 2031.

No Shahasane ji says that when the dasha lord is a strong significator of negating houses or is signifying only supporting houses of an event (in this case 2 and 11 are supporting houses of the main marriage house 7th), then we have to select an bhukti whose lord is a strong significator of MAIN house of the event (7th in this case).

The main house in this case is the 7th house. 7th house is empty. The house lord is Sun. Sun is untenanted. Therefore Sun becomes the sole lord of the 7th house. However, there is an exception to this rule as per Shahasane ji. When a planet is becoming a sole lord of an cusp due to the cusp being empty and the house lord being untenanted, then we have to consider those planets which fall in the SUB of this house lord (i.e. not just the star).

By this logic, planets Mas and Jupiter will also become Karyesh of the 7th house. And that too more powerful significators than Sun itself. So primary significators of the 7th house will be Mars, Jupiter and Sun.

Now that we know Jupiter is also a significator of the main house (7th), we can consider the ongoing Bhukti (of Jupiter itself) for fixing of marriage. This Bhukti will go on till November 24, 2017. 

Notably, for selecting the Dasha and Bhukti, we have to check the sublord. The sublord of Jupiter is Sun, which we have seen earlier to be a significator of a marriage positive house (7th). 

Currently, the antara of Saturn is going on. Saturn signifies 2 and 11 through it star Jupiter. However, Saturn falls in the sub of Mars. Mars is a significator of the 7th house as seen earlier (under the special rule), As such it is entirely possible for marriage to be fixed in this period.

This period will go on till May 21, 2016, there is a chance in this period, but I feel that since the ASC of the native is in a sthira rashi, and also Saturn appears in the RPs, I should let the first positive period lapse and take the second period.

After May 21, the antara moves to  Mercury. Significations are as follows:

Me: 3 5 8; Ve: 2 4 9. The Sub of Me is Moon. Moon signifies:
Mo: 4,6; Sa*: 9 1 12 (* Since Moon is in its own Star, have taken its Sub, as its star lord)

The sub has not marriage positive houses, as such Mercury antara will not offer marriage.

The next antara is of Ketu. The significations are as follows:

House: 9,
Conjunct (<4 deg): Nil
Aspected by Me: 3, 5 8; Ve: 2, 4 9
Star lord (Jupiter): 12, 2 11
Sign lord (Venus): 2, 4 9; Star of Venus (Me): 3, 5 8
Aspects 5th to 1st cusp and 9th to 5th cusp

So Ketu signifies 2 and 11 which are needed for marriage. Ketu is in the sub of Mercury. Me's star is Venus which signifies the 2nd house by occupation. As such, Ketu Antara is positive for marriage.

This period runs from Sept 9 2016 to Oct 24 2016. However, the transits are a little tricky. The DBA lords ie Jupiter and Ketu (slow moving planets) move into favourable subs (Jupiter and Sun respectively) only on 16th October.

Of this period 16th October to 24th October, the Sun passes through favourable Sign-Star compbo of Venus-Rahu ONLY on 24th October. So this is cutting it quite close, but it is possible fo marriage to be fixed around the end of October. 

The Antara after this is of Venus, which is in the sub of Moon, so will not allow marriage. After this is Antara of Sun which signifies the 7th house and also is in the sub of Mercury which signfies the 2nd house through its star lord. So the next possible period is March 3 2017 to April 11, 2017.

This is also a promising period, with DBA lords Ju and Su in the sub and star of Saturn and Rahu respectively (both Saturn and Rahu are allowing marriage). 

On 3rd March itself Sun is passing through the sign star combination of Sa-Ra, both planets that occur in the Ruling Planets and also offer marriage. After 3rd March, the Sun moves into Sa-Ju, again Sa and Ju are marriage positive planets and in fact Jupiter is both D and B.So over all the entire month of March 2017 is a positive time for marriage to be fixed.

So the periods I shall tell the native are:
1) October 2016 OR
2) March 2017

Interestingly the Q is asked why marriage has been delayed so much. There is little point in looking at this now, but out of academic interest I shall attempt to answer the Q.

First thing I see in this chart is a mutual aspect between Saturn and Moon. Of the gazillion gazillion 'yogas' between planets prescribed by traditional astrologers, Shri KSK has recognised just one (to my knowledge) that is Punarphoo yoga. 

As per shri Raichur, punarphoo yoga basically means: "Punarphoo is the phenomenon  of "SAT and MOON being connected to each other .in any way”

The impact of this yoga is: “Whenever Saturn has got any connection what-so-even with Moon, there will be some obstacle or impediment, not only during negotiation but also at the time of fixation and even at the time of celebration of the marriage. This connection between Moon and Saturn causes delay, though ultimately both of them do much more good with a better partner.” (as per 6th reader of KSK)

This could be the reason for this inexplicable delay in the marriage getting fixed.

Now I shall also offer a stellar explanation:

Lets say the parents started looking out for a match for the native when native was 25 years old. That is around the year 2010.

That means native would have been in Venus Bhukti till 2012. Venus is in the sub of Moon, which as we have seen earlier does not allow marriage through its significations.

The was the bhukti of Sun (May 2012 to March 2013), followed by bhukti of moon (March 2013 to September 2014), followed by bhukti of Mars (which ended in October 2015).

So the seemingly long period in which marriage could have been fixed is not that long at all. Of the Bhuktis: Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars. Marriage was anyway not possible in Venus and Moon, and it is conceivable that favourable transits did get fixed in the bhukti of Sun and Mars. 

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