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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Where is my mobile phone?!

This question came from a lady who uses a mobile phone as her primary home phone number. She seemed to have misplaced  and despite several hours of frantic search was unable to  locate the same and thus the question was asked with the seed 91. I cast the following chart:

First order of business was to check if the mobile would be found at all. For this we have to check that the 11th CSL is in the star of a direct planet and signifies the cusp that represents the object that is being searched for. 

I took the 3rd cusp for the mobile phone was due to its primary purpose as a communication device and information storage system. Had it been gold or cash etc, I would have taken the 2nd house, had it been a car or household furniture, I would have taken the 4th house.

11th CSL is Jupiter, posited in the star of a direct Venus which owns the 3rd cusp. So I am confident that the item will be recovered. This ties in with the native's belief that the mobile phone is merely lost and not stolen. 

Regular readers of the blog would wonder why I did not say that the mobile would not be found till May 2015 when the 11th CSL Jupiter becomes direct, from the current retrograde status. The reason is simple. Ju appears as the star lord for 2 planets and the sub lord for another one. It is also the sublord of 3cusps. As such its retrograde status is not as special as it would have been had only 1 planet/ cusp been affected and thus I ignored the same.

Now to figure out where the mobile phone is. For this purpose we will need to look at the cuspal sublord of the primary house of the object that is lost, so we will look at the 3rd CSL, Rahu.

Rahu is posited in Leo sign and the first house. Leo is a sthira rashi, so it tells me that the mobile phone is not so mobile currently, ie. it is in one place and not moving.

Leo is a fire-y sign and the first house represents the native primary personality. The Sun, which rules Leo, also seen as the giver of life and thus the karaka for food or medicines in general. Interestingly, the 1st house also suggests a door in the case of a house. So I put together, food+heat and arrived at kitchen as the possible location of the lost mobile phone. The 1st house suggests that the phone might be near doorway of the kitchen perhaps.

Another interesting thing was that Neptune, the plant of guile and secrets, aspects 3rd CSL Rahu by its 7th 'drushti'. So that tells me that the mobile phone is under something or hidden. That is to say, she wont walk into the kitchen and see it lying around somewhere, something needs to be opened, something needs to be lifted for the mobile to be found.

The  'lost' mobile phone was found the same evening inside a cupboard near the doorway of the kitchen. Interestingly the phone was hidden in the folds of a napkin (Neptune) so was not easily visible to the eye!


  1. Very simply put and i liked the usage of neptune part.

  2. Namaskar
    My DOB is 19 may 1970 time 7.10 am chandigarh punjab india and weaeing blue sappire and yellow sapphire . so kindly make some pridiction for me so that i can use your knowlage