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Thursday, 21 April 2016

A sad one, I hope I am wrong

I have been receiving whatsapp messages and forwards from several different people talking about a young lady who has gone missing. After several back and forths, I got the confirmation from a school friend that the girl is indeed missing and it was not a sham forward. I felt the urge to check when she would return and cast the following chart:

The Nadi significators are as follows:

The first thing I noticed in the chart is that the Dasha lord Mars is conjunct with Saturn which is a natural significator of death. Remember, in Nadi, only sign level conjunctions are considered unlike KP with two planets have to be within 3-5 degrees of each other to be considered conjunct. The Bhukti lord Mercury is aspected by the malefic Rahu. Rahu is also a significator of sudden events.

Worried, I looked at the Asc sublord. Again, it is Saturn. Saturn is the only graha that administers death. My heart sank.

Look at Saturn's significations: 1,2, 11; 4, 6, 9; 3 8

2 is a maraka house, since Asc is in a chara rashi, the 11th is a badhaka house, even the 4th house is the house of 'the end' and we also have 3 9 houses (not returning home) prominently displayed. This is clearly not a good situation.

I then turned by eye towards the Nadi significators, and any regular reader of my blog can see that 2 combinations are standing out: 1 4 8 12 and 2 3 8 12.

1 4 8 12 stands for accident and 2 3 8 12 stands for kidnapping or confinement (whether this is jail, a private locale or an hospital I do not know).

The Asc's cuspal sublord Saturn is placed in a Sthira Rashi, so we know that the person is not moving ie she is in a house or a place not in a car or train etc.

Saturn is placed in the 3rd house, that suggests that she has not gone too far, maybe in the same city or neighbourhood. Saturn is placed in Scorpio, which is natural significator of gutters or slaughterhouses or dirty, underground places or redlight areas etc. Scorpio is also a watery sign, so probably close to or in water, mostly dirty water. Saturn itself is a significator of dark, cold, lonely places etc. So that is the sort of place the native may be found.

Notably, Neptune has not aspected Saturn in anyway, so if one were to look at the right place, the person will be found quite easily.

Readers will wonder why I have not rotated the chart by the 9th house since the person is not known to me (as I had done in this case). The reason is that in Nadi such a rotation is not asked for as in KP. But let us rotate the chart and see if we get a different result. The chart and significators are as follows:

Despite rotation, we see that DBA (Ma-Me-Ma) has 4 6 8 12/ 7 12 and 7 8 12. In fact 7 8 12 combination is 5-6 planets, and as in the earlier linked case, I have to say the outcome is is not good.

I pray to the Almighty that just as I get a few wrong here and there, may this one also be a wrong prediction and the girl return hale and hearty to her family soon.

While the Whatsapp message is pretty widely circulated, I will not give the identity of the girl here unless the actual fate (good or bad) is known. I do not want her parent's random net searches to dishearten them.

May Bhairavi give her family the strength to bear whatever happens.

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  1. Preliminary information suggests that the girl is safe and is returning home. I am happy to be wrong on this one. But given the magnitude of this mistake, it is of concern to me, and will investigate this mistake further. Will await final confirmation of the girl's safety first.