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Thursday, 14 April 2016

A one dimensional study gives only a one dimensional answer

I saw an interesting horoscope yesterday that highlights what I ALWAYS say w.r.t. the need to use both Krishnamurti and Nadi principals in conjunction with each other for a better reading of the chart.

Look at the Nadi significators for this horoscope I mention (I will put the chart up later):

We know as per Nadi principals, that following combinations are good for education: 4 9 11/ 5 11/ 4 11/ 2 4 5 9 (borderline).

Now look at the above chart and think if this native will have any academic achievements at all. None, right?! In fact I cannot see a single planet that is good for education. At best I can see a few 3 11 or 2 11s which means the native could have maybe done a basic commerce graduation (not CA or MBA or even MCOM) or maybe a journalism degree (3 11), both qualifications that are not at all intellectually taxing.

Lets see what we can deduce now. Here is the chart:

As per Shahsane (Page 263 phaladesh khanda), if the 4th CSL is either Me or Ju or in star of Me or Ju and signifies 4 or 9 or 11 then the general education status of the native is good.

If the 4th CSL signifies 4 and/or 11, it shows completion of general education. If the 9th CSL, signifies 4 or 11, it indicates completion of advanced or PhD-like levels of education.

Now lets take another look at the chart. 4th CSL is Mercury (in star or Sun) and signifies 11th cusp through ownership. So basic level of education is assured.

9th CSL is Mars (star: Sun) which signifies 4th house through ownership. So again high levels of education are assured. Thus even through the traditional Nadi combinations do not exist in this chart, we can say that the native will study till advanced levels.

Now see how, in the light of this new information (ie. good education) the colour of horoscope changes. Five planets have got the 5 8 12/ 7 8 12 combination. If good education was not indicated, then career wise this would have gone towards creativity (there are some 3s and 2s around) and character wise it would have gone to scandalous, aggressive character.

But now when we know that education levels are likely to be good, this same 5 8 12 and 7 8 12 will be utilised towards that. We know from Nadi principals that 5 8 12 and 7 8 12 combinations are repeated in the chart of a Gynecologist's horoscope.

The native is indeed studying in medical school to be a Gynecologist. By using Nadi alone, we would have dismissed her as a academic failure.

Now lets see how Nadi helps. The quick  diagnosis of her career as a Gynec, was possible through Nadi. See how the process would have been in Krishnamurti:

4th CSL is Mercury. Significations:

Mercury 1 2 11, Su 1

Relevant Dashas for education and career period:

Ju: 5 8 12; Sa 5 6 7
Ve: 3 10 12; Me 11 12
Mo: 2 12
Sa: 5 6 7; Ve 3 10 12

Jupiter 5 8 12; Sa 5 6 7
Saturn 5 6 7; Ve 3 10 12

These three dasha will cover a period up to year 2046.

At the first glance we can see two planets occupy a majority space above, Saturn and Venus. Among houses, the following are the most represented: 12, 5, 7.

Saturn is the planet of lower classs work, it represents history, old things, things to be used after death, abortions, family planning centres, autopsies, secrecy, cold products etc

Venus is prime karaka for sexual pleasure so concerns itself with sexual organs, also with the womb, uterus, urinary tract etc.

The 5th house has to do with child birth, the 7th with lower stomach, urinary tract, internal sexual organs. The 12th has to do with secret places, forbidden knowledge, surgeries , foreign places, death, jail, hospital etc.

Now I would have to combine my knowledge of these common houses and common planets to deduce what would be the right profession for the native. But using Nadi combinations that answer became evident very quickly.

Interestingly, I feel that the native may deal more with abortions rather than births. This is because of the prevalence of 7 8 12 in the horoscope and also the fact that the native will enter Saturn Dasha after ten years. Saturn is the natural significator of death. Even when you look at the current Dasha lord Jupiter, it fully signifies 7 8 12 and also is itself in the star of Saturn.

This study was to show the reader why it is necessary to approach a horoscope from multiple sides to get close to a correct answer. Ignoring vital elements of stellar prognosis is to our own peril.

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