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Thursday, 28 April 2016

When will I change my job?

An old client asked me this Q today. The chart and significators are as follows:

First thing to check in a Prashna chart if whether Moon reflects the query.  Since the cusps 5 and 9 are responsible for a change in job, we need to check if Moon is a significator of the same. Moon is in the star of Venus, Venus is posited in the 5th house. Moreover, the 9th cusp falls in the Cancer sign owned by Moon. As such, Moon is reflecting the query and we can go ahead to analyse this chart.

As we can see, all planets signify 5 9 combination in full, but for Saturn and Sun which have just the 5th house represented. So overall a very powerful chart for job change.

Currently the DBA of Ve-Ma-Ra is on. To change a job, as per Nadi principals, it is necessary for a separative planet to be present in the DBA. Even planets that are aspected or conjunct with Separative planets can cause job change. So in this case, almost all planets can allow job change.

Now to check transit conditions:

A) Any three planets that signify the event should:
1) Conjoin in one house OR
2) Aspect each other OR
3) Transit the significator houses OR
4) Aspect the significator houses OR
5) Transit over their natal positions

B) After one of the 'A' conditions are fulfilled, the one of the below conditions should also be fulfilled:
1) A transit planet signifying the event should transit over the natal degree of any planet that also signifies the event OR
2) Two planets signifying the event transit in a sign come closer than 1 degree OR
3) Any planet signifying event comes within 1 degree of the cusp of significator houses OR
4) Moon (if it signifies event), conjoins with THREE other planets signifying an event

Of the above I usually discount the A5 condition when checking prashna charts as the chart for transit and prashna are identical.

It is interesting to note that as on the date of casting this chart itself, condition A3 is getting fulfilled with Venus and Sun in the 5th cusp and Jupiter and Rahu in the 9th cusp.

The condition B4 gets satisfied on 5th and 6th of May. Interestingly due to Mercury turning retrograde, the condition B2 gets satisfied on 9th May, 13th May, 14th May.

So one can safely say that May 1st to May 15th 2016 is a favorable time for the native to change jobs.

Notably during this period the Sun too is passing through the sign-star combination of Mars-Venus, both planets that appear in the Ruling planets at the time of judgement. Also, since all planets are positive for job change the DBA lords will necessarily always be in favourable stars and subs.

Notably, just because the Asc is in Scorpio, a sthira Rashi, I decided to examine the next Antara of Jupiter, to get an alternative set of dates for job change. Jupiter also appears in the Ruling Planets further increasing its importance in my eyes. Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu and aspected by Saturn, and thus takes on the separative properties of these planets and can thus effect change of job. Jupiter Antara runs from 29th June to 13 November 2016.

During Jupiter Antara the conditions are satisfied from July 24th to August 24th 2016.

Therefore the two date ranges I can give to the native for job change is 
1) May 1 to May 15 2016 
2) July 24 to August 24 2016

Another question that is generally asked along with this question is, whether the change will be a good change for me career-wise (money, work etc). It is a general rule that if the combinations for job change are accompanied by the combination for wealth 2 6 10 11, then the change is good. If however the combination for job change is accompanied by 6 8 12/ 5 8 12 then the change is for the worse.

Any regular reader of my blog can scan the Nadi significators and he/ she will will see 5 12 and 6 12 scattered throughout the screen. There is a 11 also, but an 11 alone cannot mitigate the problems caused by 5 12 and 6 12. As such the job change will likely not yield the result that the native wants it to.

It should be a learning point that I have earlier analysed the native's natal chart and advised that current period is one of turmoil and stress professionally and have also suggested some remedies. Since that is the destiny of the native at this time, changing of jobs will not allow an escape from it. That result from natal is also beautifully reflected here in the horary chart.

In the natal chart, the 10th CSL is Jupiter and Jupiter is in Rahu's star. Jupiter is posited in Kumbha and Rahu in Vrishchika, which are BOTH Fixed signs. Such people should NEVER leave one job without having an iron clad offer on another one.

Also, the native has his Moon in Sagittarius and such people are currently under the sade-saati influence of Saturn. As such, times will be difficult. But a more important observation here is that during the period that Saturn will remain retrograde (March 25th to August 13 2016), the native is likely to get false/ misleading offers. So he should not jump ship unless he has a iron clad offer in hand and examine each offer in this period well. This advice will stand true for all periods when Saturn is retrograde while the native is running his 7.5 cycle of Saturn.

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