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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Marriage woes

Another marriage post. I know, I know there seems to be a tilt towards marriage posts here, but that cannot be helped. Almost 70%-80% of the queries I come across are marriage related. Either: a) marriage is not happening or b) Marriage has happened but couple do not get along.

I do think it is the reflection of the times we live in where we have confused brashness for independence and rigidity for identity.

Anyway, here is the chart:

The native is a good looking, educated girl from a well regarded family. But unfortunately marriage is not happening, and a concerned relative showed me the horoscope.

I took up examination of the horoscope yesterday at 10:30AM. The ruling planets at that time were:
Asc Sign lord: Mercury
Moon Star lord: Mars
Moon Sign Lord: Mercury
Day lord: Mars

So basically only Mars and Mercury feature in the RPs.

Since the Q relates to marriage, the 7th cuspal sublord (CSL) becomes important and we need to verify if it has been correctly recorded.

The 7th CSL is Mars. Mars finds place in the Ruling Planets. So I know that the time of birth as recorded is largely correct.

Mars is posited in the 10th house and owns 2 and 7. So of the 2 7 11 combination needed for marriage, two cusps are being represented by the 7th CSL. So marriage is promised to the native. At least at this level, I was satisfied.

However, a promise does not mean much unless it is actually delivered to the native. The job of this 'delivery' is in the hands of the Dasha, Bhukti and Antara (DBA) lords. So unless we have a favourable DBA, the event, though promised, will not come to pass.

The ongoing Dasha is of Rahu. The significations are:
House: 6
Aspected by Mars: 10, 2 7 ; Ketu 12 (Ketu's full significations given below)
Conjunct with Nil
Star lord Saturn: 2 4 5
Sign lord Jupiter: 7 3 6; Ke 12

Ketus full significations:
House: 12
Aspected by Nil
Conjunct with Nil
Star lord Sun: 10 11
Sign lord Mercury: 10 9 12; Rahu 6

So we can see that the Dasha lord is signifying both positive and negative (1 6 10 12) houses for marriage. However, the 'tilt' of the Dasha lord is towards the negative with such negative houses being signified at the stronger Star level. But because positive houses are there, we can say that marriage is possible in this Dasha.

However, as per Shahasane jis rule: we must not look for such a Bhukti which is a strong significator of the primary 7th house of marriage. So lets look at which planets signify the 7th house:
House lord: Mars
Planets in star of house lord: Nil
Occupants: Jupiter and Moon
Planets in star of occupants: Nil

So only three planets signify 7th house, Jupiter, Moon and Mars.

Now I see an interesting thing. In the ongoing Dasha, the Bhukti of Jupiter has already passed with the marriage not having culminated. As such, I cannot consider all the three planets that signify the 7th house for marriage possibility.

Shahasane ji advises us (Page 195 of KP Jyotish Ved) that in such cases choose that Bhukti whose lord appears in the Ruling planets. The only planet common between the 7th house significators andd the RP's (seen earlier) is Mars!

The Mars Bhukti is from 11th Jan 2027 to 30th Jan 2028, a good 11-12 years away from today.

In any case marriage in Rahu Dasha is difficult as Rahu is in the sub of Venus. The significations of Venus are: 1 8 10; Me: 9, 10, 12. So not only does Rahu's sublord not signify a marriage positive house, it also signifies marriage negative houses. As such marriage in Rahu dasha till Jan 2028 is not possible.

I stopped seeing the chart here and advised the relative to wait for marriage at this point without frustration and with a silent prayer to myself hoping that I was wrong.

PS: Another interesting thing that the relative mentioned later that I think fit to mention here for my study is this: that the girl would like to get married through a 'love marriage' and not an arranged marriage.

Readers of my blog would know that in the natal chart, the chances of a love marriage exist only of the 7th CSL signifies the 5th house. Here the 7th CSL is Mars and Mars is posited in the star of Ketu.

The following are then the significations: 2 7 10; 6 9 10 11 12

So the 5th house is not signified. As such, chances of love marriage are very less for the girl. But the situation is such, that the girl will likely reject many good matches for reasons such as this.

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