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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Will my child get selected in team?

This was a question that was passed on to me by another jyotish who wanted my view on in. There are actually two questions, asked by a mother about her second son. He was trying out for a training camp by a cricket association in Mumbai and also for their under 14 cricket team. These Qs were via prashna kundlis and I have rotated both charts by the 7th house to represent the 2nd son.


DBA is Mo-Sa-Ma. Moon has 5 12 (which is 6 11 for the opposition), so Moon is negative. Saturn has 7 12 so negative again. Mars has 6 12 but that is beaten by 10 11, so Mars is positive. But as per my experience, a chain must be complete. Since Dasha itself is weak, the chain is broken and I predicted that the child will not get selected in the under 14 team.


In this chart as well the DBA is of Mo-Sa-Ma. Moon signifies 6 8, Sat has 6 8 but beaten by 10 11. Mars has 6 8. It has 10 11 but both are not joined and hence should be seen separately. Again the chain is broken and the chart gives a negative answer.

The child will not get selected for the coaching class either,

Sad news, but then I believe failures teach us more than success and I hope these roadblocks propel the child to grow even stronger.


  1. Got news today from the other jyotish that indeed the child had failed to qualify for both options.

  2. Hi Arthur,

    Could you let me know where I can get the shahsahane sir's books.