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Friday, 15 April 2016

Will SRK's movie FAN make more than Rs 100 crore?

This Q was prompted by a similar Q solved by a astrology student known to me. First time I am solving a Q like this, so it will be interesting to see the outcome.

So I asked this Q and cast the following chart and Nadi significators:

The ongoing DBA is Me-Me-Ke

Even a simple glance at the Nadi significators above can tell you the situation of Me. It has 12 in the Planet, 6 in Star and 8 in Sub. Since the 6th cusp is a naturally negative house, the 8 in sub and 12 in planet will be linked through the 6th in star to form a full combination of 6 8 12.

Ketu too has a 6 8 12 combination with 6 in Sub, 8 in Star and 8 12 in Planet. There is a 10 11 as well, which being at Planet level will not be able to help much. At best the movie can get a good opening, and after Ketu Antara ends it flops.

After Ketu Antara ends there is Venus Antara which is negative with 6 12 and a solitary 11 at the Planet level which cannot help much.

But let us also see the cuspal situation. When you have to see the response for a medium like advertisement or writing etc, then we have to see the 9th cuspal sublord. 9th cusp is the 3rd to the 7th cusp of the opposite party.

In this case the 9th CSL is Mars, Mars is posited in Saturn's star which is retrograde. Given that another planet (Ketu) is also posited in the star of a retrograde planet (Ju), I decided to ignore this situation. If Mars was the ONLY planet in the retrograde star then I would have concluded that this movie will flop in the first week itself!

Anyway the rule is that the 9th CSL if it signifies the 3rd cusp then the response is good.

Mars signifies the following:
7 12; Sa 7 10 11

So Mars is not signifying thhe 3rd house at all. Again supporting the Nadi conclusion that this movie will not make Rs 100 crores (as this was the Prashna).

I guess the 'Intolerance' has spread to the Cosmos as well :)


  1. Note this is India box office related Q only.

  2. Do we consider aspects here ?

    Jups 7th aspect on Ketu
    Mars 4th aspect on Ketu

    There are 2 house significations for venus at star/sub level
    Will money come in ?

  3. Yes, we have indeed considered the aspects while calculating the significations of Ketu.