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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Research: Job change or Role change?

This is a question that comes up several times in my study of astrology. Let me first address it in terms of Nadi astrology.

As per Nadi astrology, the combination of job change is 5 9. 5 is 12th from 6th (prime house of service) and 12th from 10th (prime house of status). So a person changes his job when separative planets (Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn) appear in DBA and DBA planets have combination of 5 9. Nadi also says that someone with a lot of 5 9s will always be in the mood to shift jobs.

Now look at these significators below from someone I know:

Apart from Sun, Mars and Jupiter, every planet signifies 5 9. Surely such a person must be a corporate job hopper isnt it? But the reality is no, she isnt. In fact in her career of 8 years she has changed just one company. She used to work in Company X which she left on 11th August 2008 and joined her current company Y, where she is till present.

This goes squarely against what a Nadi astrologer would expect. But on closer enquiry, I realised that within the same company, in the last 7 years this lady has shifted 6 roles. So roughly a change each year. So clearly 5 9s have worked but not to change her employer, but only her role within the company. How to distinguish between this change in job vs. change in role now is the question.

Krishnamurti Paddhati says (as per Shahasane), a native leaves a job if the Dasha or Bhukti lord is a planet that is either posited in the 6th cusp or the 10th cusp or owns the 6th cusp or the 10th cusp AND is in the star of a planet that is either posited in the 5th cusp or the 9th cusp or owns the 5th cusp or the 9th cusp.

Now this is the chart of the lady above:

The planets in and owning 6th/10th house and their starlords are given below:
Ma -> Ma
Ve, Sa, Me, Su, Mo -> Sa

So Mars and Saturn are the key planets we need to see. Neither planet is owns 5th house or 9th house or is an occupant of 5th house or 9th house. 

Thus despite the high number of 5 9 Nadi combinations, the native has not changed jobs but roles. 5 9s have operated in a different way.

But by this logic, the native should not have changed ANY job. So how did the change happen in Aug 2008. Let us see the DBA in operation then, it was Me-Ra-Mo.

Starlords of the above DBA planets are Saturn, Venus, Saturn.

As seen earlier, Saturn is neither owner of, not occupant of 5th or 9th cusp. But Venus, owns both 5th and 9th cusps and thus, Rahu becomes a planet that can cause a change in job. But Rahu has no connection with the 6th or the 10th house. Then what happened? Hence I add my own modification of this rule, that NOT JUST THE PLANETS IN THE 10th OR 6th OR LORDS THEREOF ARE TO BE CONSIDERED, BUT THE DBA PLANETS TOO MUST BE CHECKED FOR A CONNECT TO 5 and/or 9, AS STATED IN KP. 

In addition that transits must be checked for the event to actually happen. Afterall the lady did not shift jobs in every Antara or bhutki of Rahu.

The transit chart as of the date of her leaving job was as follows:

As can be seen, Nadi transit conditions are being clearly satisfied. Three planets (Me, Ve, Sa) which signify 5 9 are conjunct in a house AND the Antara lord (Mo) is the star owned by Rahu which is another 5 9 signifying planet.  

A way to test this would be to check when Rahu will figure in next in the native's DBA. Currently she is running the DBA of Ke-Mo-Mo. Ke-Mo-Ra will begin on 6th November 2015 and last till 8th December 2015.

Interestingly on 6th November itself, Mo Ve, Ra, ie 3 planets with the 5 9 combination are transiting the 5th house in the transit chart. On 8th November Venus and Rahu are conjunct within a degree in Virgo and also the Transit Mercury is conjunct with Natal Ketu both planets allowing event to happen). 

So overall based on the new rule the native should shift jobs in the Rahu Antara this time between 6th November and 8 December 2015.

So we surmise the following:
1) Nadi 5 9s only suggest a change in role and not necessarily a change in job
2) A change in job will occur only when KP rule is satisfied. While KP rule is restricted to occupants and owners of the 6th /10th house, my modification is that we need to also run the test for DBA planets as well.
3) Final fructification of event will depend on transit rules getting satisfied.


  1. Just a quick update. The native had consulted me on a property related matter. Investigating it, I was required to rectify the birth time by about 4 and a half minutes earlier than reported. The new birth time suggests that the Rahu Antara will begin on 24-25 Nov to 26-27th Dec 2015. So the change of job, if my theory holds true is indicated in this period. This is about 2 weeks ahead from the current range.

  2. You are a ardent follower of Nadi system I suppose. Your attempt to amalgamate KP with Nadi is really appreciable. However I will advise you to go through SIX KP readers written by Prof. Krishnamurthi himself, understand the principles clearly before using them. As far as Mr. Shahasane's books are concerned, in my opinion (no criticism intended), it is not the KP as advised by Prof. Krishnamurti -- the inventor of KP. Choice is yours.

  3. Interesting to note that the native reported to me that she did get an offer from a company abroad during that time and they even sent her an offer letter in the period I had mentioned, but she was not agreeable to the salary and negotiations eventually failed about 2-3 weeks back. So is my theory wrong? Or is there really something called as "free will". Only She knows!

  4. Mr. Sahasane's rule is for job change for betterment or leaving job for unfortunate reasons. Or are both of them same? Moreover, the rule also says that the said connections should be with Dasa or Bhukti lords. Can we take this to antara lord too. If we do so, then indirectly, we are accepting the logic that antara lord is acting beyond the format set up by Dasa or Bhukti lord. With regard to change in job vs change in role, how do we categorize the same role with same Group of companies, but the employment shifts to another company within the same group? My sense is that astrology being so ancient science did not differentiate these fine things. My sense is that whether it is change in role or change in company within the same Group or actual change in company, they should all be classified as "Change" as mandated by 5th or 9th cusps.

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