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Saturday, 17 October 2015

My new astrology website!

Hello folks,

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that I could consider setting up an consultancy portal if I got an encouraging response. While the response was good, my other interests kept me from setting up the operations.

I am now pleased to announce the launch of where you can contact me to get my take on your birth or prashna chart.

The website name is made up of two words, "Bhairavi" and "Uvacha". Hindu philosophy sees God as One but capable of assuming and being approached in many forms. Bhairavi is the Devi or the divine feminine. It is one my chosen forms of approaching divinity and I offer all my predictions at Her feet. The Sanskrit word "Uvacha" roughly translates to "Says" or "Said". 

So please do visit to ask me your questions on your chart or simply to take a look around the website. Suggestions welcome. All suggestions, questions etc should be directed to the contact information given on that website itself and not here.

I appreciate everyone for visiting this site and encouraging me to continue on my astrological journey that has today lead to my new website. I continue to read and learn and hope that your questions and charts take me deeper into this occult art of astrology.

While this portal will continue for my hobby predictions and interesting cases, any consultations etc will happen through BhairaviUvacha.

Thank you.