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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Marriage prediction

A friend living abroad and keen to get married wanted to know when the marriage would be fixed. I decided to work out the date as below:

The chart is below:

The above are the KP significators taken using Shri Hasbe's method outlined in his book Vedh Nakshatracha on page 57.

The first two lines in each planet signify which of which houses the planets will give results (planets will give results of only the strongly significated houses. The next two lines show how the results would be favourable or non favourable.

The current Dasha is of Venus. Venus will primarily deliver the results of the 11th house (2 7 11 are favourable houses for marriage, 1 6 10 oppose). 11th house is gain. Gain of what? We need to look at strong houses of the next two lines.They are 1 2 5 and 7. While 1 opposes marriage both 2 and 7 are favourable and 5th is also a corroborative house indicating love and children. So Venus is very positive for marriage.

On the other hand look at Rahu. Rahu will not offer any results related to marriage as it is a strong karara for the 12th house, which at the margin is negative for marriage.

In the same way I derived that the following planets are positive for marriage: Mo Ma Ju Ve Sa Ke

Now to look at transits. I am going to do a bit of an experiment. I will use Nadi transits in conjunction with KP significations. Lets see how this works out!

The native is currently in DBA of Ve-Mo-Ve till 10th Dec 2015. As we saw earlier this is a favourable period.

Interestingly, a  good period for marriage for the native has already begun on Aug 17, 2015 as per Nadi transits:

As of 17th Aug, Saturn, Mars and Venus aspects the 2nd house.

On 2nd Sept transiting Venus and Mars come within 1 degree of each other in the cancer sign. This is a key date for her.

As of 13th Sept, Venus and Mars were aspecting the 2nd house, Ketu was aspecting the 11th house and Saturn as aspecting the 2nd house. Venus and Mars are posited in the 7th house.

On 28th Sept, Venus, Mars and Jupiter transit the 7th house in the transit chart. On Oct 1, the three planets, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are conjoined in the same house (Leo) while in the 7th sign.

On 9th/ 10th Oct, the transiting moon conjoins with these three planets.

On 16-22 October, Mars and Jupiter are less than 1 degree apart or thereabouts.

Overall, from today's date (6th Oct 2015) to November 2, 2015, is a very good time for her marriage to be fixed. I await the invite!


  1. The natives marriage has been fixed, but my transits were off. She met the man she is going to get married in November, but marriage was finally decided on 14th Feb. So I was off by 2 months or so. Fair enough, it was an experiment in transits. We live and learn :)