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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Lost my job, when will I get the next one?!

Someone I know was recently a victim of office politics and lost his job. He was understandably curious on what the future held for him and with a housing loan to pay off it was necessary to get a job asap.

I decided to examine his birth horoscope:

The native is currently in the DBA of Sa-Ve-Ra till 24/11/2015. After that, the antara of Ju will start and go on till 26/4/2016. After that is Saturn which will go on till 26-10-2016.

I looked at the KP significators

Houses pro-employment are 2 6 10 11 and houses opposed are 1 5 9 
Houses 8 12 show that expected happiness will not come through any event, even this ie job.

The ongoing Dasha is of Saturn. Saturn is a strong significator of the 11th and 2nd house through occupation and ownership of its starlord. Saturn is posited in the star and Sub of Venus. Venus also signifies 2 6 and 10 houses. However Venus is a stronger significator of the 12th house. So while job is not denied, there will be some problems in the job and the native should gear up to face these issues.

The ongoing Bhukti is of Venus. As seen earlier Venus signifies both positive and negative houses. Venus is in Ketu's star and Rahu's sub. Both Rahu and Ketu signify at least one of the required houses of  2 6 10 11 so again the Bhukti will not deny the job.

The ongoing antara is of Rahu, Rahu signifies 2 6 11. Rahu is in Jupiters star and Venus' sub. Both planets signify the relevant house grouping.

So Sa-Ve-Ra is a good time for the native to get a job. For pinpointing the date we need to look at the transit. Basically a transit when a planet passes through the Sign-Star combination of Saturn-Venus. However such a combination does not exist. Neither does the combination of Venus-Saturn. 

So I looked at the ruling planets at the time of judgement which is 10:40AM, Pune, on 3rd Oct 2015: Mars, Mars, Venus, Saturn.

Majority of the planets are fast moving ones, so I am guessing that the job situation should be sorted out soon. 

Now among these ruling planets I have to choose a sign which has the star of the Dasha lord (Saturn) in it. Mars has Saturn owned star in the Scorpio sign. 

Since Jupiter (the next antara) is not positive for the job, I have to look for transits in this antara itself (ie. Rahu). From 19th November to 24th November, Mercury transits the Mars-Saturn combination and the native should get a job during this period.

Combining the results with a horary study I did, (details not given here for paucity of time), I gave the following period for getting the job back: 19th November to 16th December 2015.

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