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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Applying research

Let me try to apply the research from the previous post to a real life case. Someone who has been in service with the same company for decades is facing possible retrenchment on Jan 1, 2016 and asked me for my astrological opinion.

Basically there is a slight chance that the person may be transferred but if there is no requirement elsewhere then the company will retrench. So I had to check if the transfer will come through or there will be loss of job.

Here is the chart and Kp and Nadi significators below:

Note that five planets have a straight 5 9 combination and the balance 4 planets have either a 5 or a 9 combination. Yet, this person stuck to a single employer for decades, not just years! How?

Lets look at the 6th and 10th houses, their occupants, lords and -> their star lords
Su -> Ra
Ju -> Sa

Neither Rahu nor Saturn own or occupy the 5th or the 9th house. Hence the 5 9s will translate into change or projects or roles instead of change of employers. This I confirmed with the native who did admit to many, many changes of roles.

Now to answer the persons question, will he be fired on 1 Jan 2016 or will he be transferred. We need to look at the DBA prevailing on that date, it is: Mo-Su-Ve. Now lets look at their starlords:

Mo - > Me
Su -> Ra
Ve -> Me

Neither Me not Ra occupy or own the 5th or the 9th house. Additionally, Moon's dasha ends on 6th Jan 2016 after which Mars Dasha starts. Mars is even more positive for career than Moon. So the chances of this person being unemployed are very low. Even if he loses his job, he might find another one in the very next month, ie. February.

If however, my modification of KP's rule and my integration of KP with Nadi is correct, then the gentleman will not lose his job at all. In fact the prevalence of 5 9, 3 5, 3 9, 9 12 suggest that there is a change of residence that is likely to happen (3 5), a change of project (5 9) and transfer to another country (3 9 12). The presence of a separative planet (Sun) in the DBA suggests that the transfer will likely be to a far away place.

Lets see what happens. 

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