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Thursday, 15 October 2015

How will dynasty's day in court be?

Today the so-called matriarch and the prince of the dynasty that erstwhile ruled India are to begin trial in an Indian court for a large scale scam known as the National Herald scam. All legal tricks are in play to delay the court date and even get a different judge. I was curious to see how the day in court would go for the dynasty. Of course one cannot expect a judgement today or even in the next year given the pace of justice in India (in public perception atleast), but one can check how the day will go for the defendants, positively or negatively. 

I cast the following chart:

The primary house of litigation is the 6th house. The 6th CSL is Saturn. Saturn is placed in its own star.

As per Nadi rules, litigation will happen only when RA/KE/SA are in DBA. The ongoing DBA is Ju-Sa-Ke, so this condition is satisfied.

Jupiter signifies 8 12, Saturn 6 12 and Ketu 6 8 12 the complete combination of litigation. As such this day will not be a clear win for the dynasty. However, it wont be a clear loss either, as there are stray 11's in each of the DBA planets. So I think the day in court will be quite negative for dynasty but they will get some key relief, it could come in the form of another delay in the court date or an exemption from personal appearance or both. 

But on balance it will not be a victorious day for the dynasty.

If we look at it from KP, the 6th CSL is Saturn. Saturn is placed in its own star so as per Shahsane, we will take the sublord as the star lord, so the pair becomes Sa-Ve. Ve is placed in 12th house and owns 3 and 10. Saturn is placed in 3rd house and owns 6 and 7. So Saturn is a strong significator of the 12th house but also of the 6th and 10th house. So again  a sort of balanced day but tending towards the negative for the dynasty as Sa is a stronger significator of the 12th (Vyay Sthan) than the 6th (victory over opponent sthan)

Lets see what happens in a few hours.

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