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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Applying research 2

This is another example on the same: Change of Job or Change of role question. This is the horscope and Nadi sigs of an old friend whose contract with a company is about to come to an end in December 2015 (exact date I don't know), when he will be running DBA of Ma-Ra-Ju:

Now this is a tough horoscope for a employee, see the number of 5 8 12s and 6 8 12s. But this has not caused him to lose his job and he too has been with the same company for about ten years though projects within the company have changed.

Now this example differs from the previous ones due  to the fact that the past horoscope had 5 9 combinations only, other than that the horoscope was quite good for career. But this one was 5 8 12 and 6 8 12s, some of the worst combinations possible from a career point of view.

So this is a test to check is my modified rule will hold. Will 5 8 12 translate to loss of job or will it translate to change in project, maybe to a one that pays less or in a disagreeable position or location, but no 'loss of job'.

Lets look at occupants and owners of 6 and 10 and their starlords. And we will also look at the relevant DBA lords:

Ve -> Su
Me -> Me
Ma -> Ve
Ra -> Ke
Ju -> Ve

Owners of 5th and 9th are Mars and Sun. Occupants of 5th are none and of 9th are Saturn.

Therefore ONLY Venus (since its starlord is Sun) if in DBA can cause change or loss of job (and that too if the transits support), that is the theory.

Since the contract is ending in the DBA of Ma-Ra-Ju there is unlikely to be a job loss for the person and will mostly only face a transfer. In fact Bhukti lord Rahu is natural karaka for foreign travel (he is already abroad so this may mean another country) and it signifies 3 9 12 (travel abroad) and 3 5 (change in residence). The 5 8 12 and 6 8 12 may mean tough work, office politics and a bad boss, NOT A JOB LOSS IN DECEMBER.

The period the native needs to be careful is during the Venus Antara which is from 4th June to 5th Aug 2016, especially since Saturn is retrograde then and the native is running Sade Sati. 

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