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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Will Sonia Gandhi's leave petition in SC be successful tomorrow?

As per some news I read on Twitter, the erstwhile ruling dynasty that is currently embroiled in the National Herald case has filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court and it is due for hearing tomorrow.

I asked a Q: Will the special leave petition filed by the family be successful? and chose the number 209 as the seed. The chart was cast at 20:47:54, Pune on 11th Feb 2016.

I am unable to upload the chart and the Nadi significators at this point (technology!) hence have given the chart details.

Assuming that the SLP is in the form of N.O.C. from the court, the 3rd CSL should signify the 11th cusp to be successful. The 3rd CSL is Mercury. Mercury is posited in the nakshatra (star) of Sun. Mercury is placed in the 12th house and owns the 5th and 8th. Sun is placed in the 12th house and owns the 7th house. As such Mercury signifies: 12, 5 8; 12, 7. Thus the 11th cusp is NOT signified and thus if the SLP were in the nature of a 'permission', it is clear that it will NOT be successful.

If the SLP is to be considered in the nature of a contest, then our attention shifts to the 6th CSL. The 6th CSL is Rahu. The following are its significations:

Posited: 7
Conjunct (Ju): 7, 2 11; Su: 7, 12
Aspect (Sa): 10, 1 12; Me: 5, 8, 12
Starlord (Su): 7, 12
Sign lord (Su): 7, 12; Ma: 9, 3 10

So while the 6th CSL does indeed signify the 11th cusp, it is clear that the 8th and 12th cusps are more strongly signified. This suggests an insult and loss instead of a victory. Interestingly the 11th CSL is also Rahu. It should be remembered that Rahu is a natural malefic. So again even if we consider the SLP as a contest, it will not be successful for the family.

I decided to verify this using Nadi methodology. The relevant DBA is Sa-Ve-Ju, the significators are as follows:

Sa 1 10 12; 5 8 12; 4 9 11

Ve 4 9 11;  7 12; 3 9 10

Ju: 2 7 11; 7 12; 2 6

At the outset itself we can see that the Dasha lord Saturn is extremely negative for the family with 8 12 in the star level and 12 at the planet level. Solitary 11 in the Sub level wont be able to do much. Notably the 9th house is a maraka for the 10th house of reputation.

The Bhukti lord is neutral. It has 10 and 11 but they are separated by the 12th signification at the star level. Again there are 9s signified.

The Antara lord is negative due to the 6 12 combination.

So as per Nadi as well we can see that the petition will not be successful.

What struck me as interesting was the Saturn that appeared in the Ruling Planets at the time of judgement (Moon Star lord). In my limited experience, Saturn appearing in the RPs suggests that the judgement will be delayed. So it is quite possible that the matter may be taken up later than as currently scheduled. But the outcome will be a failure of the family.

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