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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Will I lose my job after corporate reorganization?

This question comes to me from a gentleman whose employer is an MNC and is seeing some corporate re-org. His Q to me was if he would lose his job due to the same,. The period for this re-org was between July 1 2016 to Sept 30, 2017. He gave a seed of 99 and  I proceeded to cast a chart as follows:

Moon signifies the houses 11, 5, 8, 12, which corroborate the question that the native is asking, I.e. loss of job by means of retrenchment.

KP says that if the 10th cuspal sublord signifies the houses 3/5/9 then loss of job is possible if the Dasha lord also signifies one of the 3/5/9 houses.

The 10th CSL is Venus, which is itself posited in the 5th house and signifies the 3rd house by sign ownership. 

The ongoing dasha is of Jupiter. Jupiter signifies 5th cusp by ownership and is in the star of Venus which signifies 3,5 as stated above. 

Thus loss of job is clearly indicated.

To find out the timing, I decided to use Nadi methodology. The Nadi significators are as follows:

2 6 10 11 houses are positive for job. Job loss occurs due to combination of 5 8 12/ 6 8 12. Combinations 5 8 and 6 8 are also job negative.

A cursory glance to the significators suggests that barring Saturn, Sun and Venus, all planets are negative for job. Their negativity in a roughly descending order of strength is as follows:

Mo, Ma, Ra, Me, Ke, Ju

The current Dasha lord is Jupiter and Bhukti lord is Mercury. Notably, these planets also appear as the Ruling planets at the time of judging the chart:

Asc signlord: Mars (in star of a retrograde Jupiter, hence ignored)
Moon star: Ju
Moon sign: Me
Day lord: Ve (Venus does not offer job loss, hence ignored)

So job loss is possible in current DB of Ju-Me which runs till April 2017.

Regular blog readers may wonder why I have taken Ju even though it is retrograde. The reason is that it is in the star and sub of direct planets. Jupiter being retrograde means it is only postponing the event till it goes direct. Jupiter goes direct sometime in May 2016. Since the native has already clarified that the even can only occur after July 1, 2016, Jupiter's current retrograde status does not matter much to us.

I have found 3 key periods using Nadi transits for the event to happen:

27/ July to 11/ Aug when Jupiter, Rahu and Mercury are conjunct in one sign, within this the key dates are 5/Aug to 9/ August.

20/ Aug to 10/ Sept when Saturn aspects 6th cusp and Me/Ju aspect 8th, within this the key dates are 20th Aug to 26th August.

18/ Sept to 30/ Oct when Jupiter aspects 8th, Mars aspects 12th and Saturn aspects 6th, within this the key dates are 11. Oct to 20/ Oct.

May Bhairavi give the native whatever is best for him!

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