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Sunday, 14 February 2016

When will my son get a divorce?

The question is asked by a mother wrt her first child, hence the chart is rotated to make the 5th house the ascendant.

Another esteemed astrologer has analysed this horoscope earlier and given a date of April 2017 for the divorce to materialise. The proceedings have been going on for 18 months now and no end is apparent, hence the Q. The date as predicted by my friend makes sense as it falls in the Bhukti and Antara of Mars.

The 9th house falls in Mars ruled Aries. The 9th cusp is empty and the house lord Mars has no planets in either its own stars or subs. This makes Mars a very strong significator of the 9th house. As per Shahasane, in case the divorce is already in a court, then the decision will come in the DBA of a significator of the 9th house. As such, I am confident that my friend has sound logic in coming up with this date.

While I defer to his opinion, I am putting this case study here as an academic study as I have a different take on the issue.

First I checked if legal separation is indicated in the chart. For this to happen, the 7th CSL must have some connection to either Ju/Me and signify the 3rd cusp.

The 7th CSL is Venus, Venus is in Mercury's sub. Venus is in 12th house and owns 10th and the 3rd house, thus there is the 'possibility' of legal separation indicated in the horoscope. However, it is interesting that its starlord Me signifies 12, 2 and 11, which are cusps that supportive of the divorce not happening.

In addition the ongoing dasha if of Ketu. Ketu's significators are as follows:
Position: 7
Aspected (Me): 1, 2 11; Mo: 8 12
Conjunct with nothing
Star lord (Sa): 3, 6 7
Sign (Ju): 12, 5 8; Ke: 7

Avid readers of my blog will see why I have a difficult time seeing a divorce happening in the currently predicted time frame. Neither the 7th CSL nor the current Dasha (runs till June 2021) screams divorce at me, despite the matter being in the court.

I agree that the 8 12s in the dasha show that the couple has separated and there are fights, but there are enough 2 7 11s signified by the dasha lord and even by the 7th CSL.

So it may well happen that the divorce goes through on the date as predicted by my friend, but I would not have predicted it happening for another 5-6 years atleast.

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