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Friday, 12 February 2016

Jail for a prominent politician?

There is a prominent case going on currently regarding the alleged fraudulent misappropriation of land belonging to a newspaper by the members of a prominent political party. While the case if being fought at many levels, I was surprised when an aunt asked me today if the most prominent among the accused would go to jail, whether in this case or any other. I asked her for a seed and calculated the chart below:

KP gives us three rules in the 6th Reader to apply if a person is going to go jail:
1) 12th CSL has to be Rahu
2) Rahu has to be in the star of a direct planet
3) Rahu has to signify 2/3/8/12

As can be seen from the chart above, Rahu is indeed the 12th CSL. Rahu is in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra which is owned by the Sun. The Sun is never retrograde. So the first two conditions are satisfied. Now let us look at the significations of Rahu:

Posited: 12
Conjunct with Jupiter: 12, 4 8; Sun: 5 12
Aspected by Saturn: 3, 5, 6; Mer: 4, 1, 10
Starlord Sun: 5 12
Sign lord Sun: 5 12, 2 3 8

As we can see Rahu signifies the entire combination of 2 3 8 12 and as such we can say that all the three conditions have been satisfied. 

But when?

Current Dasha is of Mercury. Its significations are: 4, 1, 10; Sun: 5, 12. Me's sublord is Saturn which strongly signifies the 3rd house. So of the required houses, Me is signifying 12 and its sublord is confirming with 3rd. So event can happen in Mercury. 

Interestingly, in cases of doubtful planets I prefer looking at the Ruling planets to check if the relevant D/B/A lord appears among them. At the time of studying the chart, the following were the RPs:

Asc sign lord: Sun; Moon star: Mer; Moon sign: Ju; Day lord: Venus

So now it is confirmed that this event can happen in the current Dasha. However the current Dasha runs till April 2025, so we need to pinpoint this further.

The current Bhukti lord is Moon. Moon signifies 7, 11; Mer 1,4, 10. So Moon is actually signifying houses that would keep the person out of jail. So one should not be surprised if the accused won small victories in this Bhukti. But alas all good things must come to an end and the bhukti will end on Sept 30, 2016.

After this the next dasha is of Mars. Mars signifies 2 3 8; Ju 12, 4 7. Mars is in the sub of Ketu. The significations of Ketu are as follows:

Position: 6; 
No conjunctions
Aspected by Jupiter 12, 4 8; Sun: 5 12
Starlord Jupiter 12 4 8
Signlord Saturn: 3, 5, 6; Mer: 4, 1, 10

So Mars is also supportive of jail time at all three levels. So this event can come to pass in its Bhukti which will run from 1st Oct 2016 to 28 Sept 2017.

The first three antaras in this bhukti are of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. All these are in the RPs and are strong significators of the relevant house(s) 2 3 8 12. So event can happen before 1st Feb 2017.

Now I will look for Sun's transit through the sign/ star combination of RP's. 

Sun passes through Me Ma: 10th Oct 2016 to 17 Oct 2016
Through Ve-Ma: 18th Oct to 23 Oct 2016
Through Ve-Ju: 6th Nov to 16th Nov 2016
Through Ma-Ju: 17th Nov to 19th Nov 2016
Through Ma-Me: 2nd Dec to 15th Dec 2016
Through Ju-ve and Ju-Su: 28th Dec 2016 to 13th Jan 2017.

After this Sun moves into Saturn signs (Sa not part of RPs) and emerges only after the relevant Antara's are over. So we can broadly say that the jail sentence will be pronounced between 10th Oct 2016 and 13th Jan 2017.

I think the chances of it being in December or Jan 2017 actually are quite high, especially around Jan 7, 2017.

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