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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Nadi Vs. KP: Marriage quality

Another post in the series of how looking at just planet level significations offer only a one dimensional view. First have a look at the chart and the Nadi significators below:

Since a pure nadi practitioner completely ignores cuspal sublord, how will be interpret this person's marriage?

Ketu has full combination of marriage, overall very positive.
Venus has full combination of marriage, so positive.
Sun has 2 11, 5 11, 2 11 and a single 6. So very positive for marriage.
Moon has 1 6 10, but countered by a much stronger full combo of 2 7 11.
Mars hsa 2 7 11, TWICE! Super strong for marriage.
Rahu has 2 7 11, strong for marriage.
Jupiter is also positive for marriage, esp under the Nadi 'points' system.
Saturn is also very strong for marriage. 
Mercury is also very strong for marriage with the full 2 7 11 combo at the strongest level.

So a Nadi practitioner would say that this the the chart of a real life example of a 'Hum Aapke Hai Kaun' couple, always lovey-dovey etc.

Now the reality. The husband and wife have extremely strained relations. There are weeks when the couple do not speak to each other at all, not a single word. Fights are frequent and the the couple now lives separate for large periods of time.

How will a 'pure' Nadi practitioner explain it? By saying
1) The birth time is wrong OR
2) This is one of those 20% charts we do not understand. (That number is actually 50%)

But see how beautifully K.P. explains it. Not due to any reason other than the fact that it takes a look at the cuspal sublords:

The prime cusp for marriage is the 7th. The 7th CSL is Jupiter. Jupiter is in Purvaphalguni, which is a nakshatra owned by Venus. So the significations are as follows:

Ju 11, 3 6; Ve 8, 1 3

So Jupiter is signifying a pro marriage house 11 at the planet level. But it signifies a negative marriage house '1' at the powerful star level. It also signifies the 8th house of disappointments, delays, insults at the star level. Using Nadi method of combinations we can see that the combination of 1 6 8 is being more strongly signified by the 7th cuspal sublord than the marriage positive 11th cusp.

Nadi practitioners will point out that the sublord of Jupiter, ie Sun is signifying 2 11, so the planet is marriage positive. But reality is something different!

Like KP says the sublord and its starlord only divert the results of the planet and star lord. So the results of  1 3 6 8 11 will be only diverted by Sun and its starlord Saturn. Sun cannot ADD to the houses.

Let me demonstrate this in this example itself. What does 7th CSL signify apart from wife? It signifies a business. The native is a business man. So by its 11th signification the 7th CSL is saying native will gain. But gain from what? That answer is from Sun-Sat.

The significations of Sun-Sat are: 2 4 5 11

So  the native will gain from one of these house. In reality the native is in a construction business so the combination of 4 11 is being made. 

Native has some interest in an sort of 'entertainment park', that is where the combination of 5 11 might come in.

The combination of of 8 11 means the native must be making money that is unearned? i.e. either from his inlaws or maybe making money in 'black'. Because when the malefic 8th house gives also, there is a sting attached to the gains. 

3 5 11 means that the native is close to his siblings, which is also the case.

2 11 means that the native will stay with his family, which is also the case. Perhaps this is the reason why actual divorce has not happened. Otherwise the combination necessary for divorce is there, ie. 7th CSL is connected to Me or Ju (is Ju itself) and signifies the 3rd house.

But 7th CSL is not signifying the a good marriage, but an inimical one. In fact not just marriage, even business partnerships are not good for the person. As KP rule is clear, if 7th CSL is signifying 5 or 11, then the native gets a partner. But if the 7th CSL signifies either 6 or 12 then the partnership does not last. If the 7th CSL signifies 5, 8 or 12 then partnerships are not recommended for the native. So this is all being observed in real life. 

This is why, while Nadi provides a great platform to make quick judgements in cases, especially prashna, its policy of completely ignoring the cuspal sublords is incredibly wrong. Both KP and Nadi have its own strengths and it makes sense for a student to learn both and not get caught in his own hubris. 

The idea of jyotisha is to help a native. Remember, most of those who approach an astrologer are those who have exhausted all other options. It is the astrologers job, nay duty, to guide them to the best of his abilities. Whether he uses parashari, or Nadi or KP or even just verbal counselling, he/ she should not forget his prime duty. Sadly many cases are such that we may have to counsel them to accept their fate, such as it is, but be honest about it.

Imagine if this native had come to me and I had counselled him you have a great marriage! What a cruel joke it would have been on him. Not only would he have hated me, but would have also hated the science of Jyotisha. It is looking at the cuspal sublord that saved me and this science from this embarrassment.

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  1. But cuspal sublord changes very fast with passage of few minutes. How to identify the correct cuspal sublord?